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Kickboxing Stances & Footwork : Kickboxing Movements: Distance

Kickboxing Stances & Footwork : Kickboxing Movements: Distance

I’m John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher’s
Association. Distance is your friend. Distance is your best defense. What do I mean by that?
Think about it. The closer you get to a confrontation the more danger you put yourself into. If
there is a big brawl going down at the local pub and you are at home, that’s a lot of distance,
you’re pretty safe. Makes sense, right? But if you are there you put yourself in a place
where you are closer to problems. Remember what James Coburn said always avoid places
where ego and alcohol are mixed. So keep your distance from those kind of places. How does
this apply in sport martial arts? How does this apply in self defense? Let’s take a look.
Joining me of course from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts is Joe Brignoli. Here we go. Alright
we are going to play a little role here. This is how maybe you’ve seen this before, where
two guys start to get the ego involved, like you know, your mama, you looked at my girlfriend,
start yelling, and they get in each other’s face. Well that’s a huge mistake. Why? Because
if you are close enough to where I can touch him and he can touch me it can get a lot worse
than that. I never want to put myself in this position because somebody can be hey what
do you mean, pow or hey what do you mean, boom or hey what do you mean and smash with
the glass or the bottle or hey what do you mean and punch in the groin so use distance.
If a confrontation is beginning you want to of course initially step back, put enough
distance between the two of you to where he has to step to reach me, that buys me time.
Second I’m going to turn my body to the side to protect my vulnerable targets and I’m going
to go into kind of a passive, this is what I call the Jack Benny defense where I’ve got
my ribs protected, my groin protected, my hands out in front to shield or to strike
but at the same time I’m not looking threatening. This way if he takes a step forward I’ve got
time to keep that distance or if it is really kind of getting hairy I might step and pull
a chair between us or go around a car or a table. So then for him to get me he has got
to actually go around an obstacle to get me and that buys me plenty of time to take off
or to meet him half way. I’m John Graden with Joe Brignoli. Visit me at for
more information. Thank you.

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