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KIMBO SLICE RIP: A Legendary Fighter Dies at 42

KIMBO SLICE RIP: A Legendary Fighter Dies at 42

It’s been a very exciting week here at London
Real Studios because I’ve been preparing for a man who I’ve been wanting to interview now,
for ever. And that is Mr. Kimbo Slice a mix martial arts fighter, internet sensation who
was schedule to fight here in London at Bellator in the middle of July. But I got an email
this morning that told me that Kimbo had passed last night. And all of my heart felt simpathy
to his family, to his friends and it’s just very hard to know that I was you know… Just
a few days form meeting this man and I just wanted to find out what was the story behind
this man that I watched so many millions of times on Youtube. That it was really a sensation
when Mixed Martial Arts was really not developed and not evolved. And it was so anticipated
to watch him come here to London and have a rematch with a good friend of mine Mr. James
the Colossus Thompson who he originally fough, I think it was back in 2007 in an organization
called EliteXC, and that fight was stopped short in many people’s minds because of an
exploding coliflower ear. From James Thompson.

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64 thoughts on “KIMBO SLICE RIP: A Legendary Fighter Dies at 42

  1. First time I seen him in the videos on youtube . I was amazed at how crazy fun underground it was. The Scott Gannon fight was fucking insane. Loved ya KImbo you are the shit.

  2. Our native son to Miami. From the yards of 27 Ave. You got some fame, made some money and got your family out the hood. A cool Miami dude.. Atvthe end the last round is yours brom You made it. 💯.. Miami loves u back brethren. 5000 G.

  3. "When mixed martial arts was not developed and not really evolved" what the hell are you talking about?

  4. he better not had be smoking crack or anything but good weed, talking about the cause of death was heart failure

  5. very very sad. kimbo was awesome man he would throw hands with anyone. dudes need to learn from kimbo. use fists instead of guns if u must settle things with violence at least stand and fight like the man u are

  6. he should have been on mega doses of vitamin c and lysine training put the body under a great deal of stress antioxidnats repairs arteries and heart tissue .. gorlillas can't make vitamin c so they die of heart attacks just like humans. when feed high doses of vitamin c they don't get heart attacks .. not saying this was the case. but you just never know r.i.p kimbo slice to young man smh

  7. At first I thought it was a hoax until now… Only 42 years old.. I didn't know much about him nor his personal life.. I hope his soul may rest in peace.

  8. jesus please, im from miami and i always heard about this guy in his neighborhood. he aint no saint. but he was young.

  9. not legendary not even close he got his ass beat by real fighters , he got famous for being a hood bully , shame he's died and rip and all that but legendary… really? not a chance.

  10. I wish this interview happened. Still remember first seeing his now viral videos, every kid was calling themselves Kimbo Slice. A legend, an MMA and bare knuckle cult icon

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