100 thoughts on “KJ Noons vs. Krazy Horse Bennett in Strikeforce

  1. Esse é o tipo do lutador bobo e chato mas, ao mesmo tempo vc gosta ve-lo lutar…criativo e faz a luta interessante…cavalo louco manda bem!

  2. These refs give u 0 seconds to recover kj got caught but was knocked out herb dean jumped on him faster than bennet did dam

  3. I don't know what it is..but KJ Noons makes me wanna punch him in his throat. He just has an annoying face

  4. Haha! Keep it gangsta though.."them leg kicks was hurtin' like a mothafucka!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Funny man 😁😁👍🏼 hope he’s an actor by now and why not there are so many idiots acting in Hollywood I’m sure he can do better than most 😁💪🏼

  6. Luego se ofenden cuando los comparan con un mono, pero estamos de acuerdo que hace las monicacadas como tal, porque no le arrojan unos cacahuates!

  7. "Boom! I faked him! Ohhhhh Sh!t! That was.. Ohhh No! Is he gonna get up?? Is he gonna get up?? .. He doesn't know where he is." 🤟😂👍 Best interview i've ever seen.

  8. He is super high. Could you imagine being super high going into the cage with a dude who's been training since he was 5? Wow.

    Is he dead now? RIP CRAZY HORSE

  9. Un muchacho con solo tres peleas, por muy bueno que sea, no debe apresurarse, enfrentándolo a rivales con mucho más experiencia. La empresa promotora está fallando allí y mucho más los manejadores del joven novato; que se pude malograr por su culpabilidad e irresponsabilidad.

  10. Clean combo, left to the liver, followed by a quick right to the light switch schools Noons. This ain't Muay Thai. Masterful performance by the Horse.

  11. Why ufc never took this fighter?they lost a great chance he coud have been the second best promoter of the company like mcgregor

  12. He did what nick diaz and many others couldn’t. He kod noons. Noons is a spoiled rich boy so glad he got 3 pieces

  13. Funny shit at least 13yrs ago i remember him tryin to buy weed off me at soaring eagle he definitely a hood dude

  14. Bo combat ont voie la puissance mes g l'impression kont c servir de lui et sa fille!!!!et il encore là en 2019 où est il tombé dans l'anonymat ?''',??? si vous pouvez me le dire merci, DMX

  15. 7:15 "surrogate father figure Terry Trouble Cock King of the Cage giving Bennet an embrace…"
    ..as announcer, you should really understand what words you are saying and in what order. Lol

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