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Hi I’m Logan Lo! I’m a Pekiti-Tirsia Instructor here in New
York City. And we’re here with Scenic Fights to break
down the fight scenes from John Wick 2. That’s the stare down. Now holding on to the wrist… Yeah That doesn’t make a lot of sense, right? Because you can always twist out and slash
again. and shoving it in like that… that doesn’t make any sense. So more realistically would either be to twist
out and slash or to pull out and stab. And he kinda forced it in, but you can stop
be from forcing it in, right? But you can’t really stop me from pulling
it out an stabbing it in. The other thing is that it’s also a slashing
weapon so here if I wanted to I can slash you, as I did. Woooo That’s creepy. Holy crap. Right? So that’s an artery right there, right? There’s a bunch of attacks I would do first. The best attack would probably be, since it
does have an edge [the knife]. I would probably slash out and stab and then
slash out again. So that would probably make the most sense for me. These kinda big motions, good for movie,
but it wouldn’t really happen. Yeah, what Wick is doing, flicking it out
and bringing it back in, that’s realistic. What he did [John Wick] made a lot of sense. So he’s here and he’s kinda flicking out. Like that’s all the force I need, and that’s a cut. And that’s a BAD cut. Because if I have a sharp knife, and I’m cutting through. I might cut clothing, but after I get to that
clothing, I’m getting to you. If I was going to just fight you, I would
just come out and just shoot this out. If you threw a kick, I’m cutting that. I’m cutting that. I’m cutting you every single time. And I’m cutting you down to your core. I’m going to make mincemeat out of you before
I finally finish you off. Yeah Right That hooking that Common does is also realistic. That’s the main reason why a skilled person
would want to have it in a Ice Pick Grip so that they can capture. So he came in here and he captured Noticed that he could cut while he did this Transferred Used the knife to transfer the wrist to the
other hand Came back and just did a disarmed by
coming off like that. Cut the hand. However, the people that really know what
they are doing they use this as a means to enter and trap. Notice I’m cutting you as I’m capturing here. And then notice now that I’ve now gotten to
your side so I’ve managed to flank you. The only people that really hold a knife in
an ice pick grip are people either that have no idea what their doing or people that REALLY know what they are doing. And the reason why is because people that
don’t know what they are doing, they instinctively know that there’s greater force that’s generated. However, if you can just hold out your hand
with the knife and touch my neck. Just like that. Versus this. You can see that I’m at a natural disadvantage
when it comes to combat, because you can kill me where as I can only wound you here. Okay now this is actually legitimate. If the guy actually can’t get his knife free,
cause Wick has it here, he can like shove it into that person. One thing that I did like was that… notice that it appeared that his blade was horizontal which makes sense because that is something that
we practitioners of Kali are aware of. So for example we have a number 8
and a number 9 stab which if you look at the number 8, it’s a
flat stab, and a number 9 stab it’s a flat stab and the reason why is because we are trying
to get to the rip cage. Ah okay, the slots. Right, exactly! So we’re trying through the slots basically So we’re coming in the 8 and the 9 and the 9 can come anywhere here through the ribs and the 8 can come in anywhere from here into the ribs. But what was interesting what I felt is that
the Common character [Cassian] had the ice pick grip and then Keanu Reeve’s character [John Wick]
reversed it. I don’t know if there is any other way for
me to get out. I mean, I would probably have to go with it. But he actually pinned him against the wall. Right so, he pinned him against the wall. So that does look legitimate. He said something at the end like I stabbed
you in the aorta “The blade is in your aorta”. “You pull it out, you will bleed and you will die” I’m pretty sure he’s going to die either way. I mean, I’m no doctor, but.. Sorry Common! He lied to you. Yeah, I think Common is gone in that one. I thought overall The knife scenes from John Wick 2 were good. They weren’t perfect. And they really can’t be perfect, right? Because in Hollywood, you kinda need these
big, gross motions. And you need these attacks where it looks
like they’re both fighting for something. But realistically, knife work happens really
quickly you don’t have these big gross motions, they’re lots of flicking actions. And any time you see someone stopping a sword
or a knife with force, it usually doesn’t happen because a good guy would just go with
the force and come back some other way. So I would give it [this scene] a B, I say. It’s not perfect but it’s not terrible. It’s better than what I’ve seen. It was good. Hey everyone, thanks so much for watching. If you wanted to find out more about Kali
and Pekiti-Tirsia in general, come by our school it’s one of the oldest Kali schools
in New York City. It’s taught by Agapito Gonzalez. So make sure you subscribe to Scenic Fights. and hope to see you soon!.

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