Hey, everyone! I hope y’all are
having a great day and today I’m doing something not book-related.
It’s a little bit different, and I’m going to be doing a Korean beauty/
skincare haul. I recently came back from a three-week trip to South Korea and
something that’s pretty notable about Korean culture, especially as of the past,
like, couple of years or so, is that skincare and beauty is a really big
industry. So during my visit I spent an unjustifiable amount of money on
skincare and beauty products, and I thought I would share them with you guys
today. So I have various products from various stores, and even if it’s from the
same store, I might have purchased them on different trips. Like, I would go to a
Nature Republic like three or four times, but yeah, I think I’ll organize this by
store. That seems like the most logical way to do it. So first, I’m going to start
with Nature Republic, which is probably the store that I frequented the most and
also where I bought the most stuff. So I bought this skincare solution. It’s a
snail solution skincare set. It comes with snail skin booster and snail emulsion.
I think this is one of Nature Republic’s most popular products. I’ve used this before
in, like, smaller versions so I just bought this huge set, because why not? You can never
have too much skincare, as you’ll see is my motto for the rest of this video
because I really really really bought so much stuff. I also bought this pack of
masks and it comes with ten in a packet and this particular one is orange. Korea
has a bunch of sheep masks and the sheet masks come in different–I don’t know what to
call them, like flavors?–and different “flavors,” I guess, do different things for
your skin. They have different purposes. So orange and like other vitamin C kind
of fruit-based sheet masks are going to be brightening, whitening for your skin
So I bought these. Don’t worry–you’ll see many more face masks later in the video. I
also bought this from Nature Republic and it is an oil mist. It’s Argan Essential Oil Hair
Mist and you spray it onto your hair and I think it’s supposed to make it,
like, healthy and silky. That’s what I was looking for. There a bunch of different
hair mists that do different things, like things for, like, damaged hair, whatever
whatever but I just wanted something that was going to
make my hair soft, so I got this. I also have these two cute gel polishes and
I’ve never purchased gel polish before. I don’t know if you, like, apply it normally
like a normal polish. I don’t know if you have to get special nail remover for it, but yeah,
nail polish. I also bought 2 eyeliners. I think they’re the same formula, just
like a different applicator. So this is a felt tip eyeliner and this a brush tip
eyeliner, and I prefer felt tip but I bought this one as well because it was
more expensive and I assumed that it was better quality. But yeah, I love
eyeliner. Eyeliner is like my thing, it is my go-to makeup product so I bought both.
I haven’t tried out the brush tip one, but I have tried out the felt tip one and I
like it a lot. I just think the tip is a little too thick but I still really
enjoy it and I really like the formula. The formula is like one of those
eyeliner formulas where, when you’re in the shower and you, like, rub your eye, the
liner kind of peels off if that makes any sense. If you have tried a lot of
eyeliners, maybe you know what I’m talking about. But I kind of enjoy that
because then it doesn’t smudge everywhere and make me look like a
raccoon when I come out of the shower. The next store that I’m going to
talk about is Banila Co. and I only bought one thing from Banila Co. and that was
this famous product. This is Clean It Zero. It’s a makeup remover. I first heard
about this from watching Jenn Im, who’s clothesencounters, and I bought this in a
set with my older sister and it came with two of these big ones–oh man–and
then one pink small one and one green small one and she took the green one so
I got the pink one. I think pink is original, it’s whatever, I don’t mind.
Next I’m going to talk about to Tonymoly and I bought three more masks from Tonymoly. These are like a little more high-quality ’cause these are like
individual masks. This one’s for blemishes, this one’s a vitamin C
brightening one, and this is another whitening sheet mask. From Tonymoly, I
also bought this lip pencil kind of thing. It’s like one of those pencils but
that is like a lipstick, like you put it all over your lips as a lipstick. And
I really really really like this. It’s on my lips right now. I really like this
color, I really like the formula of it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that
it just rubs away super easily. Like, you drink a sip of water and like
half of your lipstick is on the cup. It has no longevity whatsoever, but I think the
color’s so pretty and I love how creamy it is. I just–I really enjoy this. I wish
I bought more. Next I’m gonna talk about Skinfood. Skinfood is a lot more
skincare based, as you might be able to tell from their name, and less makeup
based. I bought a Black Sugar Honey washoff kind of mask. As you can tell, I have not
used it yet, and I also bought a Black Sugar Scrub, which is an exfoliating
scrub. Again, as you can tell, I have not used it yet, but this is one of their most
popular products, I think, I want to say. I also bought ten sheet masks from
Skinfood. They’re all different “flavors,” if you will. We have blueberry. Tomato. Kale. Green tea. Lemon. Some of these get wild. Caviar. Olive. Snail. Broccoli. And orange. I’m not really sure how they make these sheet
masks from all these things like broccoli and caviar but, you know, I’mma
try it out, so. Next I’m gonna talk about Innisfree and Innisfree, I think,
is one of my favorite of these stores. I just think that they use, you know,
quality ingredients in what they make and it–I don’t know. I just really like Innisfree for some reason. But I got a Green Tea Balancing Skincare set and it
comes with green tea balancing skin and green tea balancing lotion and smaller
versions of those and then also a cream. So I bought this during one trip to
Innisfree. On a separate trip to Innisfree, I went in again and they were doing a
promotion for Green Tea Seed Serum and this apparently is different. It’s not
included in this set, and the lady, like, convinced me to buy it
because she was like, “This is one of our most popular products, and it’s so
good for your skin. You put this on first and then you can go in with your set
items and put those on.” And yeah, the lady was just very adamant on the importance
of this serum and so I purchased it and also the packaging is really cute. From
Innisfree, I also bought this Powerproof Pen Liner. This is another felt tip
eyeliner and this is my favorite of the three eyeliners. I really really like
this and it’s not joking when it says “Powerproof.” Like, it is so resistant. Like,
when I have this on and I wash my face with, like, a cleanser, everything’s gone
except for this eyeliner. It’s still there. I usually erase my makeup,
especially because I wear waterproof mascara, with oil–like with coconut oil.
Coconut oil does a really great job of getting rid of my makeup normally, except
when I put on this eyeliner. For some reason, coconut oil does not remove this so I
actually have to use legit makeup remover to get this off my eyes. But I
really really really really really like this tip and I really like the formula.
It’s very long wearing. Yeah, Powerproof Pen Liner. Innisfree is not joking around.
The next store I wanna talk about is Etude House, which is primarily known for a lot of
makeup. My parents hate my skin. They think my skin is, like, dirty and gross
and they’re like, “You need to cover that up with BB cream and with sunscreen.”
And so at their prodding, t I bought a BB cream from Etude House. And let me tell you, the
thing about buying, like, face makeup–I don’t normally wear face makeup to begin
with, but I was like, “Okay, I guess I’ll buy some now that I’m here,” but the thing
is: No! I cannot buy face makeup in Korea ’cause I am too dark for this dang
country. A lot of stores only have two colors for their face makeup. There’s
like a lighter beige and then like a darker beige. Some stores have three
colors but Etude House by far had the most color selection. And I got their darkest
color, which is called, “Tan,” and guess what! It is still too light for me. I bought
this BB cream and I was so excited because it was like the darkest color I
had seen in this entire country and it was matte and it has SPF 50 sunblock in
it and I was really hyped to use it but after I started using it, my skin got really
bad. Like, it became really rough, really bumpy, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of
this BB cream, because after I’ve stopped using it, my skin went back to normal. So
I’m not really sure what to do with this. I’m like really sad about it.
And so after this, I did not buy any more skin products from Etude House. But I did
get one of their Play 101 pencils and this is color 77. It’s like a really nice
bronzy gold color. And it’s something that you can use as eyeshadow or
eyeliner and I really really enjoy this. It has a really nice creamy consistency
and the color is really pretty. So, you know, Play 101 pencils? Good stuff. BB cream? Not so much. And then finally, during my last
shopping trip to, like, beauty stores, I went Aritaum for the first
time, and Aritaum is a little different than the other stores that I
mentioned because it’s more like an Ulta, more like a Sephora, where it’s like a
bunch of different brands in one store and the products are usually like a
little nicer, like a little more high-end. I bought this Real Ampoule Color
Corrector and it looks like this. It has a brush tip and you click this thing on
the end to distribute the product into the tip, and it erases your dark circles.
And at first I wasn’t sure whether it was very effective or not, but after I
used it for the first time, my mom was like, “Oh my god, did you just use that
product that we just bought? Because it’s really working.” So I guess I’m impressed.
I use this and then I put my normal concealer on top of it, and I feel like
it works great. And I also got a powder pact at Aritaum. This one’s by Mamonde.
They had three shades of this, all variations of beige and I got the
darkest shade, which is 23. It’s called “Sand Beige.” I feel like I don’t even have
to say it at this point but it is too light for me but I still
wear it anyway. It’s not too, too light for me. Like, I don’t look like a ghost when I
wear it. I’ve never really used face makeup before, but I’ve been playing
around with this lately and I really really enjoy it. It provides really nice
coverage and also the finish is so soft. Like after I put this on my face,
sometimes I’ll just brush my cheek and I’m like, “Wow. That is soft powder.” But yeah,
kind of unrelated, I also bought these cat ears in Korea and I find them super
adorable. I wore them out in public and my mom was
like, “Are you not embarrassed?” and I was like, “Mmm. I should be… but I’m not.”
But that concludes this beauty/skincare haul. I bought a lot of stuff, probably
more than I needed to. I bought 3 eyeliners, for example, but honestly, I can never
have too much liquid eyeliner. It is my life. But yeah, thank you so much for watching this
and making it to the end. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Let
me know if you have any experience with Korean beauty products or Korean
skincare products because I had always heard about it but I didn’t really know
anything about it and then I just went into the stores and I went crazy. But
again, thanks so much for watching, I hope y’all have a fantastic day, and happy
reading! Bye! [outro music: “Summer Moments” by Del]

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