Kron Gracie: ‘I Won That Fight’ Against Cub Swanson at UFC Tampa

Kron Gracie I won that fight against Cub
Swanson and you ever see temper he says so as I look back on the fight or
whatever I see that they both with our hands it was very entertaining they was
so tired but one time Swanson threw a punch climb threw a punch every time I
threw a punch Gracie threw a punch it was blood it was
nuts it was blue eyes it was blood gushing from the eye it was all that in
this fight Kron Gracie is not happy with the judges that ruled his fight against
Swanson a 30 to 27 defeat Kron Gracie suffers the first loss of his mixed
martial arts career on Saturday night at UFC Tampa losing a hard fight decision
so much more experienced veteran Cub Swanson just to put the disparity in a
cage term into perspective the defeat puts crime at five wins and 1 loss
Swanson advantages to 26 wins and 11 losses it was never going to be an easy
fight for Gracie but he made it much harder on himself than he had by
contesting the large majority of the fight on the feet so when you do that
you got to make sure you when it’s real close you like oh that’s your team’s
blueprint into like thinking like okay or coming up with a tactic like let’s
put on gather a plan and you need to try to get this guy out I don’t care if it
you know if it calls you to get knocked out you need to knock him out you know
I’m saying so majority of the fight on the feet going toe-to-toe and striking
with Swanson choice to swinging banging in quantico fight of the Night honors
and a $50,000 bonus so at least you got $50,000 bonus but I understand it was
super super duper duper duper close but I understand why Swanson they awarded
slumps in the wind because Swanson was kicking more and stuff like that but
that fight was interesting man I would love to see a part two so but it’s also
custody jutsu Master the fight as where they are three judges scored 30 27 in
the favor of Swanson interestly I know crime doesn’t agree with her decision
and he doesn’t just think he did get his due on a round dude thinks he
straight-up won the fight shortly afterwards he posted an image of the bow
of his Instagram story with the words I wanna fight laid on top so as you guys
can see that right there I wanna fight at this point we’d like to say that
crime didn’t look bad out there at all we respect the good it takes to sit in
the pocket and slug it out would a killer like Cub Swanson and we get that
taking him down is no easy task what crime Gracie didn’t win that fight
he didn’t even went around there’s no controversy in the 30 to 27 times three
score like at all as of the writing you have 15 to 15 media scores on MMA
decisions of Green 32:27 Swanson was the right score which
is pretty impressive in the dark time we finally have something everyone agrees
on car racing didn’t win their fight so you guys comment below and let me know
what you guys think did you think that cron won or do you think Swansea took
that all the way like they like this article says 30 to 27 that’s like
SuperDuper close there’s three points of closeness you know I’m saying so what is
this super call somebody have to do some extreme and I mean extreme so I’ll see
you guys in the next video you

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