100 thoughts on “KSI VS AnEsonGib – Boxing Match (Pre Joe Weller Fight)

  1. I really really wanna see ksi win but if he boxes like that there no way he will win come on jj you can do better then that. I wanna see a proper fight between jj and a pro and see jj do well

  2. KSI does NOT deserve that belt…

    Remember kids, if you want something, don't go and get it, because the villain always wins.
    A man who makes fun of depression and gives a weak ass apology after the fight, which might as well have been JJ spitting and pissing on a 8 year old girl with leukemia, will always win…. be a prick if you want to be respected

  3. this is how you know joe KSI fight it was staged. Joe didn’t do shit and just took all the punches barely threw 3 punches.

  4. I knew that joe weller fans would make excuses for him losing.
    They didn’t stage it. It was proof that they trained for 4 months
    and joe even got blood on his face. Just take the L

  5. Omg I’m watching after the ksi and Logan Paul. Not the rematch but I’m looking and ksi in this video and he looks like deji is deji’s first spars with the sidemen 😂

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