100 thoughts on “Largest Superstars in WWE history: WWE List This!

  1. There were twin brothers who wrestled in the 1970s who weighed a combined weight of over 1,400 pounds and then Loch Ness in WCW who was almost 700 pounds. The biggest wrestler ever has to be Happy Humphrey, he tipped the scales at between 800 and 900 pounds.

  2. Andre the Giant wasn't 7'4. He was never 7 feet tall. There are factual articles from the 1970's that have him listed at 6'10. There are pictures of him standing next to Wilt Chamberlain who according to him was down from 7'1 to 7'0 and Wilt was still taller than Andre. Andre also was wearing thick sole cowboy boots compared to Wilt's thin sole shoes.

  3. WWE List This- Superstars who should be in Hall of Fame (but aren't yet)
    •Triple H
    •The Rock
    •John Cena

  4. Next time put your WWE List This in ranking order because according to this list Haystacks Calhoun should be number 1 at 601 pounds.

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