Latifi: We’re going to show that MMA unites people

What did you have in the bottle? Vitargo and some rehydration How many kilos have you dieted? This time I did quite a gentle diet I’ve prepared for quite a long time But, these last couple of days were pretty though It’s been 3-4 kilos these last couple of days It’s OK, it feels good You are here at the Ericsson Globe The cage is prepared and we have the audience coming here for the weigh ins Tomorrow the crowd will be even crazier How do you feel? I feel great. It’s great to be here and to compete at home I say to everyone: Come tomorrow and support us Bring your Swedish flags and support us All prejudice some people got We’re going to refute them What will you show? We’re going to show that MMA is something that unite People from different backgrounds, cultures, everything That’s what MMA is, it unites people from all over the world From different backgrounds and it’s something fantastic

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