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Le MMA, échauffement à la claque (part 1) !

Le MMA, échauffement à la claque (part 1) !

Bonjourno a tuti Bonjourno a tuti Bonjourno a tuti
Bonjourno a tuti mama ah no no no Here i am in dax at my mum’s place. This is what is left from the music festival? Voice behind : Olalal he puts confetti on the floor Don’t worry I m gonna clean it up ! I came to my mum’s place today it s gonna be a cool day cause I m gonna try to do a sport called MMA with my brother who he s talking about it to me for months now ! So I m gonna see what it s all about ! I m gonna try, not sure I will like it though !
I m gonna try it and we will see … Then I’m going to see my daughter with my mum at leon which is a little town next to the ocean and is really really nice. Carla my daughter is there seeing the grand parents. we’ll finish the day there with them before to go back to bordeaux Hey la mama !! Hey little cat would you come and support me at the MMA ? Ok I m more about love than fighting but ok let’s try it out, I’m going to give you my honest opinion after that! Ok let’s do it ! let’s do it Are you trying to intimidate me ? I m not trying I am ! Action ! Beauty can be seen in the eyes bro ! Really beautiful, isn’t it ? It feels good to see some beauty in this world no ? Love these pictures !! It feels good to see some beauty in this world no ? I m gonna kill you !! leT’s see ! It s really violent your sport right ? Noo You don’t have an angel face !! World champion bro ! You ll see it s not that aggressive as it seems If you say so First let s warm up the neck ! Ok let s do it
Show me what to do Ahh is that so !! Is that your training !!! I’m starting to be really warm now ! A last one for the road ! now let’s start the real training, put your gloves on Ok the worse is over First brother I will start by breaking your neck Second I will break your balls And finally I will tickle your belly and your ass ! Dancing snake Now you see me , now you don t  .. I m gonna make you cry like a ballet dancer It s a dancer’s sport ! pleaser guys you have to feel the happiness ! Too simple too easy Walking makes me sweat more The best way to avoid getting your ass kicked is to become stronger easy peasy My mom pushes harder than me and my grandma too  ! Boxing it s about moving faster and quicker and attacking stronger than the guy in front if you while enjoying it !!! Record this I’m gonna kill this guy ..
Hit him stronger brother We got what we needed !! You see it wasn’t that hard !! Well honestly I prefer much more the tango Next time I ll come but when I’m 20 years younger ok ! i ll kick your little ass ! Ok and bring your other half brother too;) ok let s move old man this day will keep on going Saturday at 1pm …

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4 thoughts on “Le MMA, échauffement à la claque (part 1) !

  1. J'avoue….fou rires pendant la séance "détente de la nuque"… exceptionnel ce moment hihihi!! Et très belles images d'images (pour les photos)…

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