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Learn The Jump Rope Boxer and Jog Steps

Learn The Jump Rope Boxer and Jog Steps

Hi everybody! We’re with Shana Brady,
Punk Rope’s director of training. She’s going to demonstrate to you the boxer,
jog, and sprint steps. So starting with the basic bounce as always just to get
everything flowing. Now with the boxer step you want to imagine you’ve got the
gloves on. You’re in the ring. You’ve got your fans cheering for you and you’re
going to alternate lifting one leg then the other but there is a side-to-side
hip motion as well. One foot is planting and the other one is coming
in close to it. It’s like a step and touch.
Now the jog step is a little bit more as though you were jogging on a track or
your favorite route. Shana is turning to the side to give you a better view of this.
The one difference though is that the knees are going to stay in front of the
hips. We do not kick back with the heels. That will make it far too challenging to
keep your rope going. To take this up a notch you’re simply going to increase
your rope speed and also increase the hip flexion so you see those knees
driving a little bit harder and higher. Shana’s got her velocity going here. This is a good one to really burn some
calories and get yourself ready for virtually any sport. So there you have it.
Those are three great options with alternating feet. And thanks for joining
us. We’ll see you again soon.

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51 thoughts on “Learn The Jump Rope Boxer and Jog Steps

  1. @haft2bfit thanks. i just tried doing some. all i could do is the 2 legged jump. got to work at it some more. but its fun once you got in a rythm even with basic jumps. is starting with beaded rope really necessaryor can i jump straight to the pvs type rope?

  2. whenever I do the running in place skip, I trip. I can do the 2 legged skips just fine, though. How can I remedy this problem?

  3. I just started jump roping a few days ago and I really enjoy your videos! I wish there were punk rope classes where I live, but I'm in Europe so I guess I'll have to stick to the videos… 😉
    I still can't get the boxer step right, i always trip, but i'll keep practicing!

  4. @haft2bfit
    I live in Brussels, Belgium. Still practicing, but I've been having some trouble with my left shin, so I'm slowing down a little!

  5. does it work with a normal rope that i had 5 years ago?the height is ok , but i do not noe about the material. its like a kid's rope

  6. I just started and it tires me out within 15 mins. I'm slow too. I suppose its what to expect at the beginning???

  7. Same here… i didn't skip as a boy since i was too clumsy, now i'm older and clumsier, but getting there. After seeing my 6 y/o have fun while skipping I decided to take it up…

  8. I am terrible at skipping? I think I because I do a little hop in between each time I actually jump over the rope. That's what my friends taught me when I was younger but i'm now finding it very hard to skip because I'm soooo slow. Do you have any tips to get out of this habit? Any advice is much appreciated and thanks in advance!

  9. Ok, thanks. Also, this might be a stupid question, but how long have you and her been jump roping??? I've been trying to incorporate some of these variations that you guys do but I can only do them for like 5 seconds before getting tripped up. She makes it look so easy:(

  10. Ok thanks, I'll check out the DVD, I think I'll also buy one of you guys' ropes. I've got one but the ones on your site seem pretty good quality. Thanks for responding!!! Have a nice day!!

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  12. The most important thing is to get the rope so it's not too long. You can tie off knots in the rope near the handle or some ropes allow you to adjust the length at the handle but only a few inches. Once you got that try jumping on your toes. It keeps your rhythm smoother than going flat footed. BREATHE, and pace it with the jump rope. Try slowing down the pace you don't have to go full out. When you start you tend to hop up too high, keep your jumps low. The higher you jump = more tired.

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  14. I was overthinking the Jog Step so much O.o it's like an knee high, sped up version of the boxer step
    thank you so much punkrope

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