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Leicester City 0-4 Liverpool | Superb Trent strike helps rout Leicester | Highlights

Leicester City 0-4 Liverpool | Superb Trent strike helps rout Leicester | Highlights

And it’s Alexander-Arnold! That’s on by Salah, and Mane arrived well. Keita, helps it towards Mohamed Salah, who runs away and goes very, very wide. Liverpool still have men forward. Salah went for goal. Oh, that’s dodgy from Ndidi,
and it’s Henderson. It just goes wide. Alexander-Arnold. Dangerous-looking ball, header down! Absolutely brilliant. Here they come again, Evans has lost it! Saved by the goalkeeper. Robertson’s won it back, Firmino’s there! Away by Ricardo Pereira,
Firmino’s flick, Salah! It’s not gone in, that’s astonishing! And immediately gets himself
into the penalty area. They’re appealing for handball in there. James Milner hasn’t had a touch yet. And as first touches go… it’s a pretty good one. That’s Firmino, and here’s Milner. And on to Alexander-Arnold… And there’s the ball, is this three? Oh, it is. This has been some display
by Liverpool Football Club. Alexander-Arnold outside. Oh, my word! You can’t even put
into words how good that was.

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100 thoughts on “Leicester City 0-4 Liverpool | Superb Trent strike helps rout Leicester | Highlights

  1. I still remember those apologise tweet, my future captain, those old days. You were never looked back since those moments, even when one after one waves of critics flooding your life.

  2. Mana youtuber pemula ? Suara nya mana ? Bantu support dong dan subsribe channel saya sampai bisa live streaming aja. Mohon bantuan nya ya.

  3. Who's watching this without shoes on?

    I'm on the road to 150 subscribers, Any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Ah yes Great Leicester city! After pulling off the greatest feat in winning championship, if they only stayed united and committed for a second time instead of showing greed!

  5. why all the highlights cant have more length than 1.50? i feel that this video is too short to have 4 goals and some extra chances

  6. Salah is the best player, but not everyday
    Mane is the best player, but not everyday
    Firmino is the best player, everyday

    Jurgen Klopp~

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  8. EPL: The best offence or the worst deffence league? , why a good team could be humiliated by the other good team by 4 goals margin? 🤷‍♂️ anyone please explain

  9. On what we saw from the little highlights all I can truly say is Lucky Leicester it could a been much worse for you

  10. I'm a brazilian fan at liverpool and my dream is have Money do travel to englang and watch a liverpool match ( sorry ir i wrote wrong , i'm still learning english)

  11. The fact Liverpool plays so well is because all of the players are genuinely passionate about playing together and winning together. Can't say that about most top clubs.

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