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Les Mills Body Combat DVD Schedule

Les Mills Body Combat DVD Schedule

Hey guys, it’s Dave Ward here with the and I am gonna be talking about Les Mills
Combat today. Specifically, I’m gonna be talking about schedules
that come with Combat. So, if you either have the program already or maybe you’re just thinking about picking
it up I wanna give you some ideas of how you can
pick the schedule that’s gonna work the best for you. So, there are three schedules. I’m gonna talk about the last schedule first, which is the ultimate Worrier Hybrid calendar. This schedule, you really have a choice, if you get the Ultimate Worrier pack, okay? So, there’s some extra workouts that come
with the extra… with the Ultimate Worrier pack that you’re not gonna get if you buy the base
pack. So, obviously, if you don’t get the workout, this really isn’t a schedule for you to consider. So, that’s the first thing you noticed. The other two schedules, we have the Combat Worrier and what’s called a Supreme Worrier Workout. They’re really pretty similar in all respects, basically, couple of minor changes. The major difference between the two is that
the Combat Worrier, which is the easier of the two has an extra
rest day. Other than that they’re pretty much the same. There’s a couple of little tweaks here and
there but for the most part they are the same. It’s gonna be the same progression of workouts, to sort of ramp you up to get ready… to do all this stuff. The supreme Worrier is gonna be a little more
intense, because it has an extra day added to it whereas, the Combat Worrier has a day of rest. Now, most people are gonna jump straight to
that Supreme Worrier workout and I think that if you’ve done another program
from Beach Body like Les Mills Pump or Insanity or you’re somebody who likes to work out six
days a week you’re already in condition to do that, I think that’s fine I don’t think that this is the type of workout
that’s really gonna overwhelm people. However, something to think about really quickly, and this is sort of one of the consideration
I have when I’m looking at fitness programs and how I’m gonna make them work for me, is I like to do a lot of other stuff. For me, fitness is about function; I like to ride my bike, I like to surf, I’m gonna do a couple of Tryathalons next
year, get back into that a little bit. So, I need some flexibility with my workouts. So, a six-day workout schedule for me is really
thought. Because I’ve got to think, ‘ Okay, well, if I’m working out six days
a week, when am I gonna go ride my bike?’ Okay? So, that’s when a schedule like this
Combat Worrier really appeals to me and Les Mills Pump was the same way because you have rest days that are built
in, so you got two rest days. Well, I wanna work out 6 days a week cause I happen to be kind of a fitness junky. But, what I can do on my rest day is use that day to go ride my bike. Or surf or do whatever other workouts that
I like to do, whatever other workouts you like to do. So, that’s something to take into consideration, just because it says rest here on the schedule doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a rest day. Now, if you’re new to this whole thing, I would suggest that you do that schedule and that you take the extra rest day. Gives you flexibility too, if you’re somebody who’s really busy is another
way. You know, you have a rest day and let’s say talk to a lot of nurses or students you know, and they have like crazy days, where you know you may have a day where you’ve
gotta 13-14 hour work shift scheduled and you look at the schedule and it says Combat
60 on it. That’s gonna be a tough workout for you to
get in when you’re working 14 hours a day and just acknowledge that and move to rest day. So, you got two rest days to build in, juggle them around a little bit on those days
that you have off that’s a great day to do your Combat 60 workout. Okay. So, that’s … just a little bit about
the schedule… I think for most people if you’re used to
doing Beach Body programs you know, like Insanity or something like that and you really wanna kill it do this workout, the Supreme Worrier one. One rest day, you can still juggle rest day of course, but one rest day, this is gonna really maximize your results
using that base package. Okay, really quickly on the Hybrid Ultimate
Worrier plan. This is really cool, I like this for a couple of reasons. One of the workouts that comes with the Ultimate
Worrier pack is the Inner Worrier Strength and Stretch; I think is what it’s called. And I think it’s basically a 22-minute stretching
routine. It adds that in 2 days a week basically. So, for 2 days a week you’re gonna spend this
extra 20 minutes… It’s not like a yoga that I would say, it’s not like just a sort of ex-stretch just
a really easy there is… it’s pretty physical, I mean I did the workout, and it was a good little workout but focusing on flexibility, mobility, strength, I think all that stuff is really good. It’s gonna make you more effective when you
do these workouts. If you’ve done any of the workouts, you know in particular, with the kicks and things like that you need to have hip mobility and hip flexibility in order to, you know really get your leg high and kinda jump around and do the things you need to do and for most of us we spend our day, sitting in a chair, typing on a computer that becomes really tough. So… you know, that’s one thing that I think
is great that add in that Inner Worrier. Also, adds in one of my favorite new workouts, which is Core Attack. Core Attack 20 minute core workout, very difficult, very difficult a fun little workout though that definitely
attacks the mid section and kind goes to work on that area. You’re also gonna do some core work as part
of your base combat workout just at the end of them just like
the Les Mills Pump did. But, you get to add that into the schedule, which I really really dig. So, there’s my breakdown of the schedules and kinda giving you some thoughts about which one might be the best for you. If you want some more advice about this or really you have questions about combat or nutrition plan or any of that stuff please do not hesitate to email me, my email address is [email protected] And also, we have a challenge group that has started for people who are doing
combat. You can find that by going to the there will be a little message on the screen
here in just a second that talks about that. That’s a Facebook group where we have just a bunch of people doing
combat. They’re starting at all different places with
it, so you can jump in at any time and you’ll probably find a couple of people
who are starting around the same time. We’re gonna have a big group starting on January
7th of 2013 just as the big first group. But, if you’re in before then, there’s a bunch of people who are already
in there now who have started and if you’re in there after then, we will continue to add people to that group, so that you’ll get the most out of your Combat
program. Alright guys! That’s it for now, I hope you’re having a great day and stay with Fight.

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6 thoughts on “Les Mills Body Combat DVD Schedule

  1. Good points. I didn't realize there was more than one "pack," so I was disappointed when I saw empty slots in the DVD pack (back 2). I pre-ordered and it's just arrived at my location in Afghanistan. I'm going to start it next week. For the 6 day, I was planning on "2 a days", meaning, I'll run 5 miles early in the day, and then do the Combat workout in the evening.

  2. That's a good way to keep yourself occupied for sure! The extra workouts are: Core Attack (20 mins abs); Stretch & Strength (20 mins); Upper Body Blow Out (25 mins); and Lower Body Lean Out (30 mins). So, running isn't going to fully replicate those workouts, but it will give you the extra cardio if you really want to lean out. Keep in mind you'll need to EAT if your goal is not to lean out.

  3. How many minutes are the pump workouts? Im press for time everyday, i tend to workout at home in the early mornings, i need something effective but quick, T25 was awesome- so r the workouts no more than 30 or 45 minutes?

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