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Lethal Weapon 3×12 Promo “The Roger and Me” (HD)

Lethal Weapon 3×12 Promo “The Roger and Me” (HD)

[funk music] This dude ain’t just lethal. He’s super lethal. You just got Rogered. He’s got the name. I can’t wait to
see you in action. He’s got the aim,
and he’s got the game. Need a hand? “Lethal Weapon,”
all-new Tuesday on Fox.

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10 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon 3×12 Promo “The Roger and Me” (HD)

  1. Has there been anymore info about waynes leaving the show? He said he would leave after ep 13 but it was reported that he would stay on another two eps. Anything else since then?

  2. Murtaugh will stay til episode 15 then he will 'retire' and hang with him family while FOX will move lethal weapon to Friday 8pm for last and final season 4.

  3. I hope the show continues after his departure because I feel like it can. And even the wife could step and become an in house lawyer for the police or soemthing

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