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Lethal Weapon Season 3 “Seann William Scott” Featurette (HD)

Lethal Weapon Season 3 “Seann William Scott” Featurette (HD)

– “Lethal Weapon” is back, baby. Damon Wayans once again tears
it up as Roger Murtaugh. But check it out–
there’s a new guy in town, and that guy is
Seann William Scott. I’mma dial him up right now. Hey Jess, good to see you. What’s up, Seann? Not much, just chillin’. How are you? I’m great. Now look, you and I share
something in common– we are both new
to Fox this year. I’m really excited
to be on Fox. I’m super excited to
be on “Lethal Weapon.” I love the show. I’ve seen almost every episode
of the first two seasons. Unbelievable. Tell us about your character. I play Wesley Cole, who
is an ex-CIA operative. He’s a lot of fun. I don’t want to give too much
away, because I think it’ll be fun to be surprised when you–
you watch the first episode, but it’s a cool character. Seann, look, I’m a
big Damon Wayans fan. You excited to work with him? I’m super excited
to work with Damon. I started watching Damon
on “In Living Color.” I never would have thought,
watching that show, that I would ever become an actor,
so to be such a big fan of his for so long and
then to get to work with him is pretty special. Yeah! Murtaugh’s back! Who’s Murtaugh? [laughter]

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100 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon Season 3 “Seann William Scott” Featurette (HD)

  1. Ohhh it's Jesss 😁😄😀😁😁😁, Jess with the mess ( am a big fan), and lethal weapon is back 😁😃😄😄, my life can't get any better ( well I hope the new season is as good or maybe better than the other seasons 🙄), I just can't waiiiiiit

  2. In all honesty I don't intend to watch this show for the third season. They have ruined the franchise by killing Riggs off in the first place. There is no Lethal weapon without Riggs and Murtaugh.


    Give this a watch if want to know the whole story

  4. Riggs gone and I reckon I'll pass. Love SWS but to me he'll always be the Stiffmeister and that's not fair but is what it is. No Riggs/Clayne Crawford, no watch. Good luck FOX you're gunna need it.

  5. Pray for the best… prepare for the worst. I really liked this show, but i have a bad feeling. Shows are never the same once they dump a main character.

  6. I am glad that they didn't just act like this is "Riggs Now" and do the classic just replace him and act like we didn't replace a cast member and I am a fan of Sean William Scott's however I can't bring myself to support this I feel like the way they did Clayne Crawford was wrong and i'm not going to support it.

  7. Tempted to join the boycott bandwagon but then I remember when Charlie(Charlie Sheen) left two and a half men and I was about to quit but then Walden(Ashton Kutcher) came on and did just a fantastic job.

  8. You know. I’m not really excited that Clayne is gone, and won’t be showing up in this upcoming season. And really Martin Riggs have a good background story-Broken on the inside but tries his best to hide it with his witty humor. Martin Riggs was a real character that real life people could relate to, specially with his brokenness. Many people loved Riggs because of that main reason and for sure that I relate to him and why I fell in love with the show. To show us that him being broken and can be silly at the same time and hide the sadness is a real thing and many of us are dealing with it. And for sure the “writers” did manage to make that a real big deal. I’m not sure about the next season but I may give it a watch. Although it’s a comedy/action show. The real-ness still have to be in play for shows like this.

  9. I despise that they fired Crawford. I totally was absorbed by his portrayal of Martin Riggs. But honestly the action comedy is the least represented on TV, and that is what drew me to the show. I will be watching, and they will keep a fan if it is fun and the the chemistry is good. They will lose a fan otherwise. Simple.

  10. Scott is a great actor. But no one can replace Crawford !! will not be watching Lethal Weapon since Crawford is gone. He is a wonderful actor and he really made the show great!!.😀

  11. I found Damon Wayans portrayal of Murtaugh to be cartoonish and lacking the character depth that Danny Glover gave it. I watched the show for Riggs. I will watch the first show in the hopes that Riggs gets his happy ending. Or maybe not. That way I can pretend he did. Otherwise I just really can’t stand DW and will probably give it a miss.

  12. Lols wtf were they thinking ???? 😂 let me guess , someone tell mr D the movie was really all about Donald Glover’s character?
    He was the comic relief while Riggs went lethal on fools.
    Sean bro.., run , before it’s “dude where’s my show “
    Bye Felicia

  13. this is terrible. NO RIGGS = NO LETHAL WEAPON. The egos of Damon Wayans and Matt Miller are the reason this show doesn't survive season 3. What a terrible production group. The movies were centered around Riggs, as was the show until production couldn't take him being the center of the show. Congrats FOX, you blew it. You had an ACE and you caved to pressure from Matt Miller and Damon Wayans, two people less relevant today in TV… Damon and Matt go home, leave your egos at the door, tell the public why you fired over HALF of the production crew after season 2… I don't know about the rest of you, but I would rather watch reruns of M.A.S.H. than this terrible show. Why even call it Lethal Weapon at this point?!? Why not just call it the Damon Wayans Show and then plaster Matt Miller's name all over it so we know who should "really" get the credit…. the last time that man had anything relevant was Chuck. Did you honestly think the public wouldn't figure out the B.S. that you are trying to pull or if you just kept spoon-feeding us your version we would just accept it?!? NOPE.

  14. She says DW "tears it up as Roger Murtaugh" but his acting was complete crap. He's no Danny Glover. You can tell by his acting that he didn't give a damn about the character.

  15. How stupid don’t like that fuck head Scott … Producers need to suck it up and bring back Crawford show is going to bomb you guys just ruined your ratings you stupid fucks!!!!!!!

  16. Soon as I heard this news near end of season 2, I was like good job canceling one of good shows like usual. Season 3 probably won't get past mid season finale.

  17. I know the show isn't a show without Clayne, but I'm willing to give it a chance. I was actually under the impression that they were replacing him with Sean William Scott and Sean would be playing the new Riggs not a new character. People would still complain about Sean being the new Riggs anyway, so it's not a win-win regardless.

  18. A few comments on here are saying Clayne assaulted someone. NO HE DIDN'T. WBros were the employer & cba. Damon went to his deadline friend as he was jealous. Clayne stressed due to incompetent staff. Wb didn't care. See youtube video on podcast

  19. I haven’t finished season 2 all the way on Lethal Weapon yet, but I’m excited to see how they take this because I really do like Clayne Crawford in the role of Riggs. But Seann William Scott could be hilarious and great in this. Although I’ll miss the drama Clayne brings with the emotional story telling.

  20. This is so dumb. So why kill riggs just let him leave killing him just ruins the vibe of the show. Are we supposed to act like the whole scene didn't happen.

  21. just cancel this abomination and give DW a pair of heels and a skirt , him and caitlyn can go shopping together and whine about what 'beasts' men are

  22. Nah fuck that, it isn’t lethal weapon without Riggs, and when you fire the perfect guy for it too smh Clayne owned Riggs

  23. F Damon wayans for killing off a character because he was getting bigger than him. Stopped season 3 2 mins in once I saw the foolery that was taken place. This isn't canon its not lethal weapon if u kill off Riggs fools

  24. You know what the first episode was pretty good' but just can't get it out of my head that everytime he mentions riggs i'm like saying to myself' it's because he was getting more attention than you ya prick that you got him fired' kiinda wonder how long it will be before he tries to get rid of S.W.S as damon wayans aint realy as famous as he thinks he is..

  25. Awww, did the TV show hurt your feelings. Lmao. Just finished S3E1 and looks good to me so far. We'll see, at least those of us that didn't run off to the corner to cry in their blankies, how the rest of the season goes.
    Seriously, are you all like 12 years old or something? Lol

  26. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of SWS but how can this be lethal weapon without the main dude Riggs? I don't recall him dying in the movie series..

  27. I hope clayne do new series soon cuz this one suck! Murta should respect the audience and stop till riggs bk otherwise eat ####

  28. Ashton isn't Charlie Sheen.
    Sean isn't Clayton Crawford etc.
    Both had ZERO to do with the stars' downfall. I'm gonna give Stiffler a chance. Look up Ashtin Kutcher butt wax scene. If you don't laugh you're dead.

  29. Hopefully this crap gets cancelled! And then Fox will finally give Richard Donner a budget and get a proper Lethal Weapon 5

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