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Li Ka Shing’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Li Ka Shing’s Top 10 Rules For Success

– He’s a Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. – According to Bloomberg, he’s the richest person in Asia. He was listed by Forbes of having a fortune of over $34 billion. – He’s Li Ka Shing, and here are his top
ten rules for success. (speaking in Chinese) (soft classical music) (soft Chinese music) – Thank you so much for watching us. We made this video because Wei Yung asked us to. If you’d like to see someone else to be profiled, please let us know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do. – We’d also like to know which one of Li Ka Shing’s Top Ten Rules meant the most to you. Leave it in the comments below and we’ll join the discussion. – Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe, and we’ll see you soon.

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59 thoughts on “Li Ka Shing’s Top 10 Rules For Success

  1. #8 is the one I'm feeling today! There are plenty of things that we can do to make money. When you look past the money and really see a job, opportunity, or position for what it is, it allows you to make real decisions and do things that are not only financially profitable, they are also emotionally profitable! #BTA132

  2. Here is a short (Well… It started out short anyway…lol) list of folk's I'd like to see a Top 10 list for…(1) Christopher Reeve (Superman). (2) Stan Lee (Marvel). (3) Dr. Martin Luther King. (4) Mahatma Gandhi. (5) Ray Kroc (McDonalds). (6) Art Williams (Primerica – Billionaire). (7) Mary Kay (Mary Kay Cosmetics). (8) Zig Ziglar. (9) Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street). (10) Steven Spielberg. (11) Nick Vujicic (quadriplegic motivational Speaker). (12) Nelson Mandela. (13) Abraham Lincoln. (14) John F. Kennedy. (15) Earl Nightingale. (16) Ray Charles. (17) Shaquille O'Neal. (18) Vince McMahon. (19) George Steinbrenner. (20) Jerry Jones. (21) Shane Koyczan (Spoken Word Poet – Search: Remember How We Forgot). (22) Simon Kowell (American Idol). BONUS:1) Kid President… I love all of your videos!! Thanks!!

  3. I would also like to know about President Obama' s top 10 rules for success. Many thanks with all the best wishes to you for a wonderful year 2016!

  4. Great video!! Strive for improvement was my favourite rule! Can you make a video of Audrey Hepburn?

  5. Great Video! I understood almost 90% of his Cantonese without english subs. I'm glad that you guys didn't voice over his Chinese. Too many other producers do that and I think that detracts from quality. Subtitles are helpful, even I need it every now and then.

  6. Li Ka Shing he represents most Hong Kong peoples' value. Hong Kong people have the same modern society value like the western countries. Hong Kong unfortunately now in the hands of the communism party of China. China is a country so corrupted and uses its civilian as slavery to create wealth to those corrupted government agencies and those corrupted business entities. Hong Kong is now in trapped and in need of help.

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  8. if all the successful and great minds of our generation is willing to share the MRI scan of their brain, i'd really love to see how their brains are different from normal person.

  9. Very nice, Evan, really like Li Kai Shine's Top 10 rules for Success. He is the richest man in Asia for many years, very much ideal role model for business people and many many hard-working people. If it is OK, can you make more of Asian Tycoon 's Top 10 Rules for Success. Asia is rising. Thank you very much.

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  11. Thanks mr. evan Carmichael your videos make a graet impact of the life of many people wush you more success in life keep it up.

  12. Respect to Li Ka Shing. Sounds like a very down to earth, hard working individual with a good vision.
    He bought 20% stake at Chromadex, they make an anti aging supplement that keeps the mind sharp and body young. It's called Tru Niagen, if is starting to take it, must mean something. I am going to give it a try!

  13. Thank you verry much ka shing.sharing this video.I'm still stupid much be learn for wathing video.. I'm marketing in your company fwd live.jkt.ind. thank you verry much.

  14. Don't mean to bash the guy, but he started with some illegal stuff, and was wise enough to change . A Chinese saying, " Do not ask a hero where he came from" I admire the man . He is such an opportunist.

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