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Link Gets A Hand Tattoo

Link Gets A Hand Tattoo

(light techno music) – Welcome to “Let’s Talk About That”, the show about the show. I’m Stevie, and there’s
not really a chair here. I’ve been air-chairing it
the whole time, people. This week’s guests consistently
use their phone flashlights to read their menus in
dimly-lit restaurants. Please welcome Rhett and Link. (applauding) – [Rhett] Okay, buddy. Okay, buddy. Here we go, round and round. Here we go, keep it goin’, keep it goin’. – [Link] Okay, okay. – [Rhett] One more, one more,
just one more, and then stop. There we go, welcome, yeah. – I can do this. – Oh you’re so close to it. – I can do this. I did that. (applauding) – I thought that you
were gonna get tangled in your big pants, but ya made it.
– Didn’t make ya sick, did I? – I don’t feel great. – You guys look so cute together today. – Oh, we’re kinda matchy. – Look at what you did. – Lots of merch happenin’. – Link, today, I’m gonna make one of
your dreams come true. You just don’t know which one. – I usually don’t remember my dreams. – You’ll remember this one. Also, we have an extra round of “Can We Fit This in Our Mouths?” – Can’t get enough of that. – I think those two things
are gonna come together, then. – And we’re going to react
to some “Good Mythical” Hello, Ben. – [Ben] Can I have your gum? – I know how you are, you really, lemme just put it in your drink. – No, it’s really gross. (laughing) – But not too gross to put in the palm of your hand.
– Ben thinks it’s so gross. – That I’m chewing gum on the show. – Yeah, it is pretty nasty. – He’s willing to touch my gum. I would not have believed that Ben would’ve been willing to touch my gum. – Yeah, I mean. – I mean, he’s touched a lot of things. – The phrase, touch my gum. – Touch my gum. – Touch my gum, we’re gonna be reacting to some “Good Mythical
Moms” content, as well. But first, today, we are going to drink. Did you get nervous that I
was making so much eye contact with you and you looked away slightly? – No, I was actually looking for more gum. – Every Starbucks drink that is a pumpkin spice Starbucks drink we are going to taste today. Yes, you’ve been asking for it. No, just kidding. You haven’t been asking for it, but we’re gonna do it, anyway. Come on in! – We’re gonna drink the pumpkin spice Starbucks.
– We’re gonna drink them all. – Menu?
– To completion. – Thank you! Yes. Could you have thought to yourself? That’s not the phrase I wanted to use. Look at all these drinks! – Oh gosh. – You guys don’t look as
excited as I am portraying that I am.
(grunting) – You know, I’m thinking
of the caffeine intake. – Oh yeah, I don’t want to
have trouble going to sleep. – [Link] All right, bring ’em over, let’s do this.
– Which one. – Do you wanna start with, hot or cold? – Let’s work our way to the hot. – Okay. So, I’m gonna go with this
little whipped cream number. I don’t get to indulge in these little whipped
creamies anymore, you know? Old age. – So, what is this? This is a T-L pumpkin frip.
– Oh my god! – I just got it in my eye. – Careful over there!
– It’s okay. – [Stevie] What is it? – It’s a T-L pumpkin frap. – T-L pumpkin. – It’s a pumpkin Fappucino. – Damon, do you know what this is? Is it? – T-I, T-I’s pumpkin. – T-I’s favorite combination
for a Frappuccino. – [Damon] It’s a pumpkin Frappuccino. – Thank you. Mm. Oh my god. – That is dessert in a cup.
– That is so good, I’m crying. – No, it’s just the liquid
that I got in my eye. – [Damon] T-L is the size, tall. – Oh. – No, no, it’s from T-I. T-I endorses this, and that’s fine.
– It’s pretty mild. – Wow. I love it.
– Give me something. – To compare that to. – Well, I don’t understand, really, what this is, cause it looks. Oh, no, no. This one has ice in it. Okay, this was our only
blended one, I believe. – [Link] Okay.
No. Here’s a blended one. This is T-I pumpkin crum-fruh. – It’s just tall. It’s just tall. – What does that mean, Damon? – [Damon] Can you read it again? – Tall pumpkin crum-fruh. – C-R-M-F-R. – That’s Pumpkin Spice Creme Frappuccino – Creme Frappuccino. – What’s different in creme? – Let’s taste. – [Damon] One has creme on it. – They both have creme on it. – There’s no difference in this. – They’re different colors. – There’s no difference in the taste. – This one tastes a little
bit more like Christmas. – The creme Frappuccino
has more creme in it. – It is more creamy. It’s sweeter.
– Mm-hmm, okay. – I actually prefer the non-creme. – Fine, we can do our own rankings. Okay, let’s go creme on top but no blended in the bottom with this one, which is called thick blind? (laughing) – Thick blind cappuccino, Frappuccino. – Pumpkin blended, this is a blended pumpkin.
– No, it’s not blended. – It’s blonde.
– It’s tall. – Tall and blonde. – Blonde pumpkin.
– I’m glad we labeled these. – What is this? It’s an iced latte.
– Tall blonde cappuccino. – [Damon] That’s a blonde
Pumpkin Spice Latte. – [Stevie] Okay. – This is the first one I can discern that there’s coffee in it.
– Oh, coffee. – I like this one.
– Oh, damn, yeah. – Yeah.
– I mean darn it. – I like this one. – That’s way better than
anything else so far. I don’t like the non-coffee drinks. – Maybe anything in the world. – I don’t need just a milkshake. – Yeah.
– Who am I, T-I? (chuckling) – T-I likes it sweet. – Okay, we have two more. This is the one that
looks exactly the same as the one we just had, except for it is thick. (chuckling) Pumpkin latte. This is not with the blonde. (chuckling) – You’re combining tall and
ice and making it thick. – Yes! (chuckling) This is with a regular
blend coffee, right? – [Damon] Correct.
– Is she thick. – Or is she just tall and iced? (chuckling) – No, I have nothin’.
– I don’t know. – You have to get to know her. – I often wondered what’s
the difference between what is the taste of this between an iced.
– Ooh. – Latte and a blended, what? – The blonde roast and the regular roast. – Oh, that’s the only difference? – The regular roast. – Tastes much burnier, and I’m not talking Sanders. – Yeah.
– I’m talking beans. – But blonde’s way better. – [Stevie] Blonde’s way better. – Blonde is the coffee to get if you’re at Starbucks.
– I just made the sound. – Of a wink but I didn’t wink. – And they’re always out of it. – Yeah, cause it’s the
coffee everyone should get. – Oh my god, there is so much sugar. I really don’t even like this one, but I’m gonna go like this cause it’ll look prettier. – The further we go, the more I like it. I like. Except for the last one,
which I didn’t like. – It took a step back. – And the previous one. – This is T-I’s pumpkin curma-mubuh. (chuckling) That’s right, I think it’s a cold brew. – Pumpkin creme cold brew. – [Damon] That is new to 2019. – Oh, wow, look at us! – We already drank this on the internet. I thoroughly enjoyed it. – I mean, I didn’t. – This is, oh, this is really competing with the tall blonde. – [Stevie] You think? – No.
– For some reason. – You know what it is,
is that the whipped cream has the sugar in it,
and then the cold brew doesn’t have any sugar
in it, it tastes like. – You missing the sugar? – I’m missing the sugar. – Missing that sugar.
– That’s in the blonde. – I just don’t drink sweet drinks, and so the less sweet it gets
– Yeah, but if you’re. – the better I like it.
– Gonna make a choice. – But would you ever choose
to drink any of this? – No. I would not.
– I’m choosing it for you. – Actually, I think I would choose the T-L pumpkin crum-bruh. This one.
– Okay. – All right, we have a
choice to make between. – I’m gonna be up all night, which I wanna do! – T-I pumpkin latte.
– Y’all wanna go somewhere! – Y’all wanna stay here and talk! – And.
– You wanna play pencil fight! – Play pencil fight. – We’ll go, okay.
– Yeah, let’s do that. – [Link] Let’s play thumps! – This is the regular T-I pumpkin latte. – I’mma be like that young boy in what’s that movie that we
watched for your birthday? – “Sinister”. – I’mma be like the
young boy in “Sinister”, bent over backwards
shirtless in a cardboard box. Hey, what y’all wanna do? Be like this. This is how he was. – Don’t fall out of your pants. (grunting) – What y’all wanna do! Huh, I can’t sleep! Y’all wanna pencil fight?
(chuckling) Huh? And he was shirtless. So, it was like that. – And the interesting thing
– Yeah, you can’t. is he said all that.
– Take your shirt off. – [Rhett] He said all that. – I would take my shirt off but they stuck a mic to me. – Can I say something?
– And it just looks weird. – [Stevie] Controversial. – Hey, what y’all wanna do! – We’ve been having a lot of dairy. – Hey, Mic, what you wanna do tonight? – Reason, this is the dairiest of all the dairies to me. I taste the dairy. – Whose the dairiest of them all? – Are we done? I didn’t get my hot one.
– No. – Oh, here it is. – Yeah, you did. – While you were over there doing whatever that was.
– You just started doing. – “Sinister” impersonations. Which, by the way, after seeing the movie, that was nothing like it. (laughing) – This is my fave. – Really?
– I like it. – I don’t ever get iced
coffee, cold coffee. No matter how hot it is,
I always get the hot. – Here are the last two. These are the blondes that we are fond of.
– Blonde pumpkin spice latte? – Wait, there is a, this could be a great finale, because if you were being truthful about all these other drinks, this could be. – [Rhett] The best.
– Your very favorite drink. – And what if I was lying
about everything else? – There’s no discernible difference in these two. – No, there is. There is, and I prefer the non-blonde. What if there were four of ’em? (singing) (singing) – I need to give my opinion. Okay? – Stevie, you need to give your opinion. – What’s goin’ on? I can’t sing anymore than that. We’ll get in trouble. – Listen, what I’ve landed
on is just gonna shock you. It is the iced and the
hot version of the blonde. – Yeah, the blonde is superior. – Yeah. (laughing) Link, and for saying that, boy, did I get you just
such a nice surprise. Do you remember on this show ever saying that you wanted
to have something done to yourself? – Well, I’ve thought lots of things, but I usually try to not say it out loud. – We’ll cut to the clip in post. – Kids, Dad’s thinking about
gettin’ his hand tattooed. – Like Hannah? – A lot of, no, like a tattoo. A lot of people get full sleeves, and what if I just got a glove? – You said that you wanted
to get a hand glove tattoo, and you don’t have to wait any longer because I have Captain Dave, who did Josh’s lower-back
tattoo, here right now. Captain Dave, please! (applauding) – Captain Dave! – [Dave] Hi, guys. – What’s up?
– How’re you doin’? – Now. Do you know what’s
goin’ on, cause I don’t. – Only this much. Little bit. – Okay. – You’re getting a hand tattoo. – You got hand tattoos. – Yes I do.
– Yeah. – So, Link, are you ready? (laughing) – I don’t have a design, Cap’n. – We’re sure we can
come up with somethin’. – I’ve been hidin’ a
tattoo machine under here this whole time. (laughing) Super Tips. – All right, all right, I’m with it. We’re gonna Super Tip this thing. – Your heart just slowed
down a little bit, cause you were also thinking I gotta commit to it. If it’s a real hand
tattoo, I’m gonna do it. – Okay.
– Can’t back out! – People have been asking, are you serious about getting a hand tattoo? I’m like, I don’t know if I was, actually. – How satisfying is this? Look at all those colors
lined up in this way. – What’s the pain situation for the back of the hand? Do you call this the back of the hand? – It’s a little bit of a tender spot for most people to get tattooed, yes. – Not as bad as the palm? – The palm would be worse. – That would be so bad. – Lots of nerves in that palm. Oh, wow, you got one? You’ve got a palm tattoo?
– You got a dollar sign. – Dang! Wait guys, before we start this, I’m gonna jump cut with
all this stuff gone. Okay, I feel a lot better. Thank you, very much. All right, we’re back. – I didn’t have anything
specifically in mind. – Really?
– Did you? – No, I thought that,
yeah, we need to think of some things.
– I thought it’d be. – A bunch of cuss words. – Maybe like. Like a leviathan. – A leviathan. – A female leviathan. – What the?
– How do you tell? – A female leviathan? – You have to ask her. (chuckling) – Well, okay, here’s a starting place. – [Link] What are your
feelings, I don’t know. – You need, Link. This needs to come from your heart because it’s gonna go from
your heart to your glove. So, really, you have to
spell something out on your knuckles. – What about lurv? – Lurv? – Yeah, like I lurv ya. (chuckling) You know, it’s like love, but it’s a little happier. It’s a little spicy. – That’s a L-E? – L-U-R-V. – L-U-R-V. – Lurv on this hand, and then for later.
– Oh. – I can put something else on this hand. – We don’t have time for two gloves. – Not now.
– Okay. – Yeah, later. – What’s the other word gonna be? – Hope. (laughing) – No, time, time. (laughing) Lurv time. – Lurv time. (buzzing) You have to be thinking
of your next image. It needs to. – What if it’s waves on an open ocean. – Okay. – [Stevie] On an open ocean. – There’s a wireless mouse floating out there. Cause it’s nature meets technology, but antiquated technology. Like, who uses a mouse anymore, right? – Like ancient old old ocean tech. – Yeah, like a wireless bluetooth infared mouse. I remember when I got
my first one of those and I was like wow, the
fidelity in this thing is just.
– Yeah, right, yeah. – I lurv it. – I lurv it.
– The scroll wheel. – [Stevie] Okay. – I do feel like this
is what it would be like if I was gettin’ a tattoo. I’d be lookin’ away. – Yeah, why aren’t you
makin’ eye contact with him? – I’m trying to feel like
what it would feel like if this was the real thing. – How’re the Super Tips treatin’ ya? – Are you asking him or me? – They’re a little sloshy, but we’ll work with it.
– Yeah. – That’s nice, man. What is that lettering called? Calligraphy? – We call it just a tattoo lettering. – That’s pretty dang good
right there, look at that. – I lurv it. Lurv time! This is what it’s gonna
be like when I’m done. – And you come into the bedroom like that? – Anybody know what time it is? – It’s lurv time! – You open the doors like this? (laughing) – Here, let’s accent
that just a little bit. – The sheets. – You put your hands up
on the edge of the bed. (laughing) Do you know what time it is? (chuckling) – You know what time. You also use phrases from the show. (laughing) – It’s lurv time. – I always wrap things up with thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. If I just got this and I
didn’t do the full hand, just think about how unsuited to me just this would be. – I think, hey, you gotta
start somewhere, man. – I mean, what’s the personality profile of someone who has something spelled here? – A lot of times, that’s
like where you end up when you fully get a full sleeve and you go to the hand,
you go to the knuckles. – You’re starting at the beginning. – You know, it’s also a personal thing. It’s something that means
something strong to you. You know, love, hate, game over. You know?
– Right. – Okay, so what did you say? You would like an ocean
with a mouse on it. – Like a wireless
bluetooth infrared mouse. – Yeah, let’s do this. (buzzing) – I’ve got a little work done on my tush. Got a little work down there. – What you got down there? – Got my wife’s name caressed on my cheek. Stamped. – I’ve got his wife’s name, as well. (chuckling) – He’s got his wife’s. – Oh, that’s right, I
have my wife’s name on my. – On your tuchus. – We got it at the same time. Pull down the cheek. – Whoa, look at that. That’s got the old scroll wheel. – [Link] We did it out
in front of everybody. – [Rhett] That’s a big mouse. – [Link] I don’t even
wanna look at it, yet. – To where is that mouse leading to? – [Link] Google. – Yes. – Into the water. Into the bottom of the ocean. – Yes, it’s time for you to tattoo google. – And what’s at the
bottom of the ocean, Link? A female leviathan? – It needs to be something small. What if there’s just a crown on the mouse? – You’re worshiping the mouse? – Like a bejeweled crown. – What is that representing? Oh, he hates sparklies. This guy hates sparkles. He hates glitter. – Yeah, I don’t want any glitter. – Does anybody ever ask to
have actual computer mouse? – Tattooed?
– Yeah. – No. – [Link] You want one more thing on here? – I thought we were putting, you said you wanted a crown? – Yeah, like you just went
to Burger King or somethin’. – Yeah, and now we go with sponsored. – There it is. Ooh, this hurts. – Am I hurting you? – Yeah, it’s hurts, man. It’s worth it. I’m paying my dues, man! (laughing) Getting that ink hurt! You know what I’m sayin’? Sheddin’ some blood! Showin’ ’em that I’m legit, and that I don’t take no guff. – No guff? – From nobody! Look at me, I got a
tattoo on my hand, man! Keep your distance. These are the types of things
I’m gonna be sayin’ now. Hey, man. – Maybe you should let the tattoo do the talking.
– Look at my hand. – I think we’re starting to
toughen him up a little bit. What do you think? – Don’t give me any guff! – I think if you say it.
– Look at my hand, man. – You’re probably getting a lot of guff. If you request it like him.
(sneezing) – Bless you, now. – Thank you. – Now, the reason why I said my hand is because it’s one of
the few places on my body that’s not covered in hair. – I remember you saying that very well. – [Link] I did say that? – Oh, you said it, yeah. Said it explicitly.
– Can’t remember what I said. – You said it very explicitly. I think we all remember. – [Link] That looks good, man. – Wow!
– Look at that, man. – [Stevie] Look at that. Thank you, Captain Dave.
– We got a mouse with a crown. – [Rhett] In the ocean,
and it’s lurv time. (laughing) – Are we getting a great
shot of this, Morgan? Cause I’m getting a great shot of it. Wow, Link. I think this is perfect.
– In the short amount of time. – You were given, this is pretty incredible.
– This is great. – Thank you so much. This is perfect. – Yeah, you know, I lurv it, see, and then I give you that fist bump, and it’s just like I’m giving you lurv. – Yes you are. (laughing) Yes you are. – Yeah. Come back later, I’ll get the time. – Okay, thanks Dave, and next, we have another Youresoloud clip that the guys are gonna react to. This time, it’s the very
best of “Good Mythical Moms”. – First of all, I wanna acknowledge there are lots of moms
who watch this show. – Hey, moms.
– Hey, moms. – You’re watching right now. We have developed a show
specifically with moms in mind. Here’s a clip. (bright music) – Now, we just love it
when any kind of holiday comes rolling around, because that means we get to fix up a mold, punch, and set up a chili bar. Get all the kids together, dress up, and act like a family, gosh dangit! – That’s right, but in
the frenzy and flourish of all this party prep,
I once again forgot that my middle child was a thing. Unfortunately, our children
are in school, I think. – I’ve been using these to
put some of my dead items from my practice garden in.
– Okay. – And also, I’ve been
puttin’ the little pet fish that Hunter Donovan’s been killing over the past couple of months. – You gotta stop givin’ that boy pets. – I’m tryin’ to teach him empathy. – I think you’re just
teaching him how to kill pets. Look at that. She is a, she’s a ginger. – Now, look at the tail. Under the sea. – Did you give your dog a sedative? Cause she is so cool about it. – I told her it was either this or we’re gonna cut your legs off, (laughing) and attach you to a salmon. (slapping) Please don’t hit your dog so much. – No, cause my dog likes that. That pat, pat, pat. My daughter, Cherish,
has been in dire need of a strong female role model for years, but this past summer,
we finally found one, and it has inspired this amazing costume. It’s Wonder Woman! – Oh my! – Look at that. Look at that, squeeze. (laughing) Are you all right, honey? (laughing) – He’s like Ryan Reynolds. – He is. – Was he giving me the side eye? – I’m not really looking for
a relationship right now. – Oh, I’m not either, what’re
you talking about, boy? – Yeah, I just wanted to be clear. – Get outta here! Don’t be so presumptuous. – Look at him go.
– Thirsty much? – I also have been Henry to
dress up like Colin Firth when we role-play. (laughing) – Loretta, you are being, you’re making me uncomfortable, and your cleavage, too. You’re just inappropriate
across the board. – You’re the one who needs support, (laughing) and you’re showing a lot of leg, I was gonna say somethin’ about it. We don’t, you’re in the choir. I’ve been thinkin’ about these while I seen you up there
singing “How Great Thou Art”. – How great these are? (laughing) I paid good money for these. – Well, you coulda paid to
get ’em highered a little bit. – Well. – That is part of it. – Hey, you’re still here. (laughing) Look at you! – Thank you, Jennifer. But who is this man? – It’s Link. He’s the host of this show. He is a, he is a, He’s a beefcake of a man. (laughing) – Right.
– We can whip up. – A Halloween costume faster than Walter the Piggly Wiggly bag boy
can whip out his phone. – Ooh. Linkita, you’re thinking
about Walter the bag boy. – Be more specific. – He’s only 19. – But he knows where it goes in the bag. (laughing) – But I kinda have a
soft spot for Jake Paul. – Well, go to the doctor. Get him to harden it up. (laughing) He’s mean! – But have you seen his pectorals? Dab on the haters. – It’s his brother that
needs to be restrained. – I’d like restrain both of ’em. (laughing) – Good gracious. My brassiere has got a pool
of sweat underneath it. (grunting) Again, why do you have to moan so much? That makes it weird. Oh god, I’m so hot. I can’t handle it. I’m getting heat flashes. Your jugs are a little
low, but we can fix that. – Well, you’re one to talk. Anyway.
– Can you? – Guys, can I ask you a
question, though, ladies? – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, sure, okay. – What’s this for? – I don’t know, a good time? That is quite a big shovel he’s got. – You’ve got the idea. Hey, hey.
– You know what? – Hello. – You goin’ on a big dig? Got a big dig gonna go on? – Yeah. – Mm-hmm, you got the energy for it? – Yeah, a whole lotta energy, ma’am. – Lotta energy for your what? – My dig? – And how big is your dig? – It’s looks to be about, it’s a decent-size dig. – But you know what? – That’s just a shovel,
you’re not on the dig yet. – But it’s not the size of the shovel, it’s the depth of the seed. Hey, you hang out on the
other side of that clown. – Just wait over here? – No, he has got a big dig to go to. What’s he gonna do with all that energy? – I’ve got a few ideas. Very excited about Loretta and Linkita. – Loretta and Linkita. – They’re very beautiful women. It was difficult to find. We had to narrow it down, but I think we got some winners. (laughing) Wow. – Wow.
– Those ladies. – Those ladies.
– Those ladies are trouble! – Now, you’re hand had it up, and we watched some funny ladies, so now, it’s time to watch Nick Kroll. – Yeah, why not?
(laughing) – So, we shot an extra
round of the game we played when Nick Kroll was here a few weeks ago, and it’s been aging like a fine cheese. – Okay, Nick, we have
one more round prepped in case, I don’t know, in
case somebody choked and died. – Mm-hmm. – Right.
– And we had to retake it. – That makes sense. – So, before us, we have
these white ghost globs of somethin’. – Mm-hmm.
– It’s mozzarella cheese. – Okay.
– What’s our question? – Mozzarella cheese. – [Rhett] Blank can
actually protect your teeth by creating a layer around them which neutralizes the acid in plaque. – Okay. – What would neutralize acid in teeth? Like a pH type situation. – What, you put it on your
teeth and you leave it? I don’t understand. – Okay. I think I got it right. – Okay. – Okay. – Who wants to go first? – I’ll go first. I think it’s the tooth fairy. (laughing) – That is a good point. – Yeah, right, yeah. Double duty from the tooth fairy. – Yeah, we need to get more
value out of her, anyway. – Yeah, exactly, and
it’s like people think of the tooth fairy as
take the discarded teeth, give me money. – Right, but there’s more to it. – Because they’re trying to
keep the teeth in good shape so they stay in the mouth so that the tooth fairy saves money. (laughing) – Exactly. I went with a more scientific answer. Saliva.
– Mm-hmm. – Oh. Gallons and gallons of it. – Yeah, like 240 thousand gallons of it. – Yeah. – Throw in a gallon or two. – I said Link’s Peanut
Butter Peppermint Lip Balm, available at – Is that real?
– Yeah. – It’s real. I sell my own lip balm. – Does it work? Did you make it? Did you go to someone and make it? – We formulated it, yeah.
– Yeah? – And I gave it as an answer just so we can have this conversation. – Right.
– Yeah. – [Stevie] You know what’s crazy is that the answer was little bridges. – Oh! – [Stevie] No, it’s cheese. – [Nick] Cheese can actually
protect your teeth by creating a layer around them which
neutralizes the acid in plaque. – So, who gets the point? – [Stevie] I kind of, oh gosh. I think Link. You had peanut butter. – Because at least it’s food.
– That’s adjacent. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – You know what? We haven’t pushed him.
– Mm mm. – We should really do that.
– Yeah, I think so. – Because you know we can kill this. – Yeah. – We have proven. – We’ve proven time and time again that we can take it.
– We can do this. – We can take it in the mouth. – This lil mouth (laughing) over here, let’s see. – Tell him, man. – This little mouth fella,
let’s see what he’s got. – Little mouth, big beard, compensating. – Here’s the thing, can I shape it a little bit before I put it in? – Shape it as it goes in.
– No. – That’s fine. No, you can’t shape it before, but you can shape it during. – That looks like a Pac-Man ghost. Yeah, there you go.
– Make eye contact. – With the people, because. (laughing) Oh gosh. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. – And if you can’t do it, take it out and I’ll try it. (laughing) – Come on!
– Oh, come on. – Come on, man. Use your cheeks. Go wide with it. Break it, there you go. Pull it apart. This is worse than watching a human birth. – Yeah. Oh, she’s beautiful. – Yeah, come on. – I start choking so bad, man. – Yeah.
– Hits the back. – I have no cheek elasticity. What is it like to live like that? I can’t, I got nothin’. I put it in the side and it just doesn’t give. – Well, if you shave your beard and it was just steel. (laughing) – Yeah, it’s more like Kevlar. – Reinforced, man. – Oh, I gotta.
– Sorry, guys. – Oh, we gotta do our eggshells. – I let everybody down.
– Brace yourself. – Wanna get this. Can I put this in my nose, maybe? – Yeah, sequel. Nick Kroll’s comin’ back. (laughing) All right, so basically,
you’re comin’ back, and it’s gonna be anywhere else. – All nose? – Anywhere else.
– Yeah. – It’s Big Nose, Big Butt is the next one. Question is, can I get it out of my nose and into my mouth? (grunting) (laughing) (laughing) – You almost did that. – Yeah. Well done. – Nick Kroll is a great sport, man. – [Stevie] Talented man. – And if you haven’t seen his video where they showed him animated characters that didn’t
exist, didn’t have voices, and he impromptu, just adlibs these voices. Have you seen the video? It’s an amazing video.
– Sounds like a great video. – Let’s watch it. No, we can’t do that. You go watch that. – Okay, that’s all I have. I mean, you got a hand tattoo out it, so I think it was pretty good. – Yeah, I’m pretty good. – Oh gosh.
– Get ready for the ending. – All right, here we go. Until next LTAT.
– Until next LTAT. – Keep on BYMB.
– Keep on BYMB. (light techno music)

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100 thoughts on “Link Gets A Hand Tattoo

  1. Link, you have Great fashion! Those pants though, maybe an explanation as to why you like them would help me appreciate the style?

  2. I still use a mouse. I can't imagine playing video games, messing with blender or doing art without one.. What exactly would link use to replace a mouse that can cover everything?

  3. I want to shrink myself down and then crawl onto Rhett's head so I can live in his beautiful hair for the rest of my life

  4. 8:27 That kid from Sinister is a badass guitarist! He’s one half of a band called The Lemon Twigs they’re so sick! Y’all should invite them onto the show!

  5. Make my dream come true? Driving backwards in a car with no brakes that I can’t control is the only one I can remember. No thanks.

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