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LISA fanboy reacts to(Lizkook moment MMA) without getting any jealous [NAH I almost passed out]

LISA fanboy reacts to(Lizkook moment MMA) without getting any jealous [NAH I almost passed out]

(super jealous TT) I’m going to do plastic surgery I’m going to do plastic surgery !!!! I wanna become JUNGKOOK!!! Hey yo!! what’s up you guys!!! I am ZEAN!!! I’m back again!!! today I’m going to react a video makes me very headache and not willing to watch OMG but a lot of fans is asking me to react to this video the video name is all LIZKOOK moment MMA 2018 BLACKPINK LISA and BTS JUNKOOK Their moments(LOL I wrote his name so small cause I stingy) this title makes me so angry and anger super jealous as well OMG!! this video has been a year but I still haven’t watched it yet because I don’t want this video to affect my emotion but too many fans asked me to react to it this time do you know that? fans are NO.1 to me, Fans are the most important, so I have to do that for you guys Because I didn’t pay attention to BTS all the way so I don’t even know who’s the JUNGKOOK is he handsome? is he nice in person?? why everyone says that he belongs to LISA, LISA belongs to him okay! before I start kindly help me hit the red subscribe button to subscribe my YouTube channel and follow my INSTAGRAM thank you very much!! OKAY! Not much nonsense, I will start right away!! Cause this is a pretty long video 3,2,1 here we go wow he is fking handsome!! no wonder LISA likes him TT, but is that true?? when their first interaction which one is JUNGKOOK? OHH this one this one is okay to me haha look at the JUNGKOOK JUNGKOOK eyes are wide open when he first time look at my BIAS LISA if that is me, I WILL DO THE SAME TO HER (because you’re super pervert uncle) my eyes will open wider than him (I’m starting a little jealous) just now the description says that JUNGKOOK act cool hoping nobody noticed after he looked at her wow!! ya, he looks like finding someone, he is acting cool and searching for my LISA!!!!! HE IS SEARCHING FOR MY LISA!!!!! Is he really fall in love with her?? I have to say something! when boys doing this action must be looking at girl!!! I know best because I do it everytime !!!! LMAO (PERVERT UNCLE) LISA don’t!! ya, she doesn’t look at him! JUNGKOOK keep looking at her!!!!! (so jealous) why? Why other members can watch the show so seriously, but JUNGKOOK can’t he just keeps looking at her! why???? the second eye contact how many eye contact they have????? okay LISA is talking with JENNIE but JUNGKOOK keeps looking at her!!! (what’s wrong with him??!! ) don’t keep on looking at my wife I tell you!! LOL(ok not wife just bias TT) what??? LISA also looks at him?? I’m super hot right now~~~ LISA(I’m speechless) I seem like understand something because LISA is feeling weird …like a pair of pervert eyes keep looking at her (Self-persuasion ) that’s why she turned around and see (Self-persuasion ) Then accidentally looked at him (Self-persuasion) so, the problem is in JUNGKOOK(Self-persuasion) what??!! Is he picking up something? or talking with them??? no! he’s not picking up something OMG!! what’s he talking about to them Do they know each other??? he is really talked with them like passing some messages who knows the hell they are saying please tell me in comment she is smiling !!!! (when LISA saw him appeared on the big screen) (super jealous!!! TT) now is the turn LISA appear on the big screen LOL this song is fking annoy me it makes me feel touched who’s song is this? omg the Fart you’re laughing at~~~ LOL I feel like I’m an idiot sitting here, see my BIAS been looking by someone and see their interaction the point is, they keep looking at each other then I can’t do anything to stop them Holy moly!! how many eyes contact they did in one day???? ( i feel like wanna give up this video LOL) wow this is so obviously!! super jealous!! TT Why you looked at him??? I’m begging you don’t look at him anymore TT okay!! that is fine here you guys see carefully, the group behind them are looking at handsome JUNGKOOK too(self-persuasion again) not only LISA okayyyy(self-persuasion again) yahhh this LISA!! (I almost gonna go in and stop her! ) just now the angle is showing that she REALLY keeps looking at JUNGKOOK LISA likes him too?? what’s the problem behind them?? ohh JUNGKOOK is sitting there! (LISA is searching JUNGKOOK) OKAY~~ (I’M GOING CRAZY SOON) this is not a coincidence, she deliberately looked at him the person who made this video is very free LOL he/she still made a “closer and slower” version He/she REALLY desire to make JUNGKOOK and LISA together OKAY!! DON’T REPLAY IT AGAIN!!! THE FIFTH EYE CONTACT! still how many left??? I’m so tired to watch it LOL why LISA keep looking at that area???(because of JUNGKOOK?) okay~~ maybe LISA likes him but no proof that they are in a relationship! you don’t keep on telling me they’re together okayy??? LOL no proven (I want to stop them so bad!!!!) LISA don’t!!! OMG!!! HOW MANY TIMES YOU WANT TO REPLAY???? LMAO WHO MADE THIS VIDEO??? OMG!! (I fell like wanna give up) he/she just desires to make them together am I right?? I’m going to do plastic surgery! I’m going to do plastic surgery!!!! I wanna become JUNGKOOK!!!! copying LISA NO!!! THIS IS A COINCIDENCE! HAHAHAHA THIS SONG AGAIN!!!!! I hate this part of the song!!! LOL why keep using this song???? this part is too sweet!! (This song has always touched me to bless them) do you know that?? I’m so angry and jealous of these I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to hear~~LOL (fall in love~~~) (already stuck in my head F) this song so catchy! let me know who’s song is this comment below wow he knows to dance this keep on replay replay replay~~~~ this is fine to me because the whole world is dancing this song too What I can’t accept the most is that they are always looking at each other they just haven’t kissed yet LOL I’m sweating a lot watching it I’m super hot right now OKAY OKAY!! DON’T REPLAY AGAIN!!!!! LMAO I can’t stand it anymore! just skip it!!! hahahahahaa sorry~~ how come still here????? LOL okay let’s see LISA how to react when JUNGKOOK on the big screen which one is JUNGKOOK? HAHAHA LISA DIDN’T LOOK AT HIM!!! DID SHE?? I saw her look to another side but him she looked at the big screen when JUNGKOOK on there she is not seeing another side! she deliberately to watch the big screen for clearly JUNGKOOK stop the yeah yeah yeah!!! why?? Why is LISA looking at a different location than others? other girl groups look there but LISA looks here is the big screen there?? OMG LISA! Don’t be tempted, okay? I headache right now (hope you enjoy this video) I’M NOT!! I’M TOTALLY NOT!!!! NO~~ OKAY~~ Are you guys happy now???LOL I unexpectedly can finish watching this video so what’s the conclusion are they in a relationship?? if not, please don’t keep commenting that I cannot watch LISA because only JUNGKOOK can watch LISA they are not in a relation, so I’m gonna watch all LISA videos okay~~ I really don’t know how one day if she had a boyfriend, what would I do? Maybe they are interesting to each other But they are not together I don’t believe they have together! I DON’T BELIEVE THAT!!!! If you can prove that they really are together send me the video link!!! I want to watch it!!! I’m SO FKING JEALOUS ,HOW COME HE CAN SO HANDSOME!!! OKAY I might be a bit angry too over but whatever, that’s what you wanted to see how I honestly react to this video unexpectedly can finish watching this video okay I’m going to end this video hope you guys enjoy this video if you have something interesting blackpink video wants me to react can share the link below the comment I will reply to all the message as long as I notice it finally, kindly help me to LIKE/SHARE/COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!!!! SEE YOU ON MY NEXT VIDEO!!! SEE YA!!!!

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100 thoughts on “LISA fanboy reacts to(Lizkook moment MMA) without getting any jealous [NAH I almost passed out]

  1. This is what you guys wanted me to react to!!! LOL hope you enjoy it ^^ PLEASE watch until the end cause a lot of fun behind the video too LOL

    BLINK!! Kindly give me a BIG THUMBS UP & SHARE this video💕💕
    THANKS A LOT!!!!!

  2. @Zean. Even they love each other but however they can not be together right now. you know why ? because the world of Lisa is not for her only one. She is belong to every fans in this world that fucking crazy to her. That make her everything now. If she have a boyfriend, it will affect to her career a lot. Because all fans will broken heart and that is not YG need it to happen. For this moment I think she will not do so. So love keep in heart Lisa really know that point. I feel pity on her too much now but however, Lisa this way that you come across is just fucking like this. You get one and you'll loss one. So don't be sad. You sacrifice your life for all human being. I hope one day you will get a happiness for yourself. I love you so and hope you'r happy. Even I will pain to see you belong to someone but that is life. We are loving only one and you are only one that everybody love, it's not your false. No one being false. That is LIFE.

  3. Have u met Lisa in real,if you meet her you will more in love with her she is beautiful cute innocent unbelievable human

  4. This song is jongkook's song😂 Euphoria… And you are flow with the music inside😂 funny fanboy😁👍👍

  5. Actually …..I hate Lizkook so much….Don't mad at me….Not every blink/army loves it…..Don't mad at me please….😊😊

  6. please react to Lizkook moment gda 2019, in channel nara Lisa. Many people says Jungkook n Lisa meet and talk in the backstage. There are rumors saying one of the staff saw them. And there are also those who say that Jungkook wants to meet Lisa backstage but is prohibited by Lisa's staff or manager, because at that time BLACKPINK went backstage and Jungkook saw it then followed BLACKPINK going to backstage, and the most suspicious thing was when Jungkook go to backstage RM quickly told Jimin to follow Jungkook as if he was afraid something might happen there. But that's what people say, I don't know that too

  7. Quiet, the Liskook is not real, they are moments that the fans exaggerate and misinterpret.

  8. I'm laugh so hard when you said stop the "yeah yeah yeah" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💜💜💜 you said "hope you enjoy this video" and i answer i more than excited while watching this video.. like it's make my day good🤣🤣 lov it. Your reaction to them. Sorry to comment again for a second time😂 just tryna say what i forget to say before. Lol😂 succes for you bro 👍💪🤣🤣🤣🤩

  9. The song is “EUPHORIA” by Jungkook himself. They look super cute together. And you are pretty funny, love you.

  10. LISA doesn't like him nor JUNKOOK likes her it's just a ship from armies and blinks. So don't worry LOL

  11. Lizkook Forever and best!! Thank you I am Lizkook Shipper and I am very Happy for your reactions!! Please again again make Lizkook reactions!! I will watch videos!! Thank you🙏🙏🙏 My Lizkook heart 💜💜

  12. Please make also the reaction of jungkook being jealous to Lisa . So that you have your revenge 😈😌😅😅✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  13. 我不懂做莫我一直在笑😂
    Yorr jungkook帅爆
    那个是jungkook 的歌😂很好听是不是😂
    这个歌是euphoria jungkook的歌然后 lisa is jungkook euphoria.

  14. I am actually jealous too coz jungkook is my bias and I think lisa is not the type of girl that jungkook likes, his ideal girl is IU. 🙁 but you definitely made my day, I actually smiled of your reaction so cute😹💜

  15. try react to boblice (Bobby and lisa) lol i think you're gonna be jealous bcs their interactions are more real back then 😂

  16. 10:20 of course not! Idols can't date and i really hate this rule!😢😢
    PS is Jungkook' s song Euphoria 💮🐰👑🐼

  17. I really love your reactions haha😍💗. Makes me smile and laugh everyday 💕. Subscriber from Philippines 🤗.

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