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Los Santos Stories IV – Big Smoke`s Mom

Los Santos Stories IV – Big Smoke`s Mom

[Music playing] At last, here. What’s up, mom?! Uhh… honey… you stink! Get some deodorant or something… Excuse me. You got a dead rat down your shirt? You need to listen to me. I’M HUNGRY! Yeah, yeah… Heard a million times. [Preparing food] MOM! HURRY UP! I got no patience for food. A few moments later… DAMN! Look at all this food! [Eating noise nom nom nom] One eternity later… Oh… man… That food filled a hole. Ain’t it the shit?? MAN! That’s some good shit. [Burping] YES, the shit! [Wolf howls] [TV static] [Song] Cock-a-doodle-do-. [TV static] [TV AD] Giver of all life, the mayans worship– [TV static] [Song] Glory hole, where strangers become friends! Glory hole, you don’t need to know names. What the fuck is this shit? You have to take it up to glory hole! No, MOM! I like trains. HEY! Just watch the damn trains! [TV static] Hey! Heeey! Damn! Look at all these trains! I LOVE TRAINS MOM! Oh… That is just… great! I FUCK TRAINS! [boing, boing, boing] HOLY CRAP! Hey! Heey! You’re in trouble now mister. You hold it right there. I’mma break your ASS! OOOOOOOOO!!! [Hit sound] Go get a job asshole! Mom, i’m sorry!

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100 thoughts on “Los Santos Stories IV – Big Smoke`s Mom

  1. WOW! Thank you all for yo insane support !! 👊 Expect 2-3 vids next week !! :)) 👌
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  2. that old granny shit aint my mom i killed her because She said i need to be a vegetarian

  3. love these dialogues..I always wondered about them characters up by Palomino npear Angel hospital where all the redneck cowboys live just outside of San ANDREAS..please do a video with these check shirted countryboys

  4. "Wassup, MOM!" "Ooh, honey, you stank! Get some deodorant or somethin!" "Excuse me?" "You got a dead rat down your shirt?" "You need to listen to me, I'm HUNGRY!"

  5. I can’t get enough of this episode once I started playing sa I decided to take it too far and get fat so I could be big smoke for Halloween but I lose weight very fast and too much so 🤷🏽‍♂️ I actually have pictures of it that I should post on my channel along with a video

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