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Loyal Ink & 9MAG Have an All-Out Street Brawl | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Loyal Ink & 9MAG Have an All-Out Street Brawl | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

– Hey, Loyal Ink in this bitch. Hey, that’s Loyal Ink
right there, look. – Hey, y’all come over here,
bitch! – Hey, Loyal Ink! – Shut up, shut up, shut up! – [indistinct yelling] – No, let me beat the [bleep]
out this stupid ho! – Now, we didn’t come
looking for drama, but somehow it found us. If this fight
would have ended here, it would have been
just another day with the crew. But nah, [bleep] going down. – Don’t. Don’t start. – What’s up, bitch?
What’s up, bitch? – [indistinct yelling] – Are you [bleep] kidding me? Are you [bleep] kidding me?
Did you hit me? Did you just [bleep] hit me? – Hold on, hold on.
That’s a girl, bro. You tripping. – Junior might have hit Reese. I don’t really [bleep] know, my
[bleep] going crazy right now. – [indistinct yelling] – It’s me, it’s me! – That [bleep] hit me! – Hey come on, come on! – [indistinct yelling] – Stop, stop, stop! – [indistinct yelling] – REESE: Junior [bleep] hit me. Junior [bleep]. Let me go! – [indistinct yelling] – Bitch, shut the [bleep]! – Is that your boyfriend,
all y’all bring it on, bitch! I got you.
– Try again, bitch. – [indistinct yelling] – I try to pull Lily out and I
try to defend her, and then I see this week-ass mother [bleep]
named Junior try to [bleep] start beating on everybody else. And it’s so chaotic. – You don’t know me, bitch! You don’t know me, bitch! – Y’all ain’t [bleep]!
Y’all [bleep]! – That [bleep] hurt a girl! He [bleep] put his hands
on a woman. – Yeah, [bleep] you, asshole. You [bleep]
put your hands on me. – [bleep] Chicago [bleep]. – Talk to me.
Junior, talk to me. – See you in Chicago! See you in Chicago,
you weak-ass bitch! – That [bleep] hit him!
He a stupid mother [bleep]! – Let go!
– Let go of me! – You [bleep] bitch,
[bleep] [bleep] ho! – Let go of me!
– Junior! – Let go of me! – LILY: You’re a ho ass
[bleep]! None of y’all bitches [bleep]! You ain’t [bleep]! You’re ho ass [bleep]. – DON: I don’t
even have words right now. I ain’t come to Jamaica
to [bleep] fight. What the [bleep] is going on? – In the car.
– [bleep] [bleep]! – WOMAN: Alright,
we can’t get in the car. – Watch, Junior.
– Junior! I got it, I got it! Junior, get in the car, bro.
– [bleep]. – [indistinct yelling] – Let me at him.
Let me at him, it’s good. Last time I checked, I thought
this was about me. This is a [bleep]
9Mag vs. Loyal Ink street brawl. Junior tweaking. He tried to ride up
on my brother? No, bro, we don’t
rock like that, bro. – ♪

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100 thoughts on “Loyal Ink & 9MAG Have an All-Out Street Brawl | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. I fucking hate Junior's punk ass but he never touched Reese. Not on this footage anyway.
    Also, Junior's girlfriend got dragged by Lily and that big security dude. That's sad.
    And I didn't see Cobra try to defend Lily at all. Not that she has to, but if you say you did something, don't lie girl.
    … what was this fight about again ?

  2. Man i cant stand when ppl say oh thats a girl.
    But you want to run up like you a man get smack down like a man .😒😒😒Lilly definitely needs her ass whoop . please dont bring her ass back next season.

  3. The gorl with the black
    Hair who was hitting her was the one who did @0:41 jr was just standing there @0:42 then she tweaked on him for nun

  4. It was Ryan who shoved Reese away at the same time Junior was walking past her. Nonetheless it was a shove not a hit.

  5. It was juniors girl that hit her and walked away and junior walked by and so she blamed junior or thought it was him and clearly it shows juniors girl hitting her duh common sense but these people ain’t got it so that’s why it’s like this

  6. Women go looking to fight men and them say he hit a woman, he didn't hit her but wtf you think would happen? If you fighting you fighting take your hit and shut up

  7. Black Ink: 9mag and loyal street brawl.
    Me:Awww man this should be good.
    Black Ink: Screaming and hugging and running.
    Me: lol Vh1 fights

  8. Girls if you don’t want to catch an elbow…..move out the fucking way!! don’t complain when you try insert yourself between 2 men swinging.
    They should let Lily go…all that holding back just makes people more irrational. One day her ass will get beat for all that talk

  9. His gf or whoever that was hit her she just didn't see it so she assumed it was Jr. I didn't see him swing🤷he should've smacked Lily ass for throwing that bottle at him. I thought they all were cool tho ?

  10. You gotta give Don some credit he was trying to stop junior from hitting a women it was so chaotic that he didn't know if junior hit her not and he was trying to prevent it his big ass was about to choke junior little ass out I'm glad lilly got her ass whooped I never liked her I never like her walking around saying the N word like it's cool I don't understand why she still on the show

  11. How do these grown ppl review tapes and continue to act like this. Let do better. And get rid of the girl lying about being hit.

  12. The guy didn't hit the blonde woman she was hit by the black haired woman who walked away. The drunk blonde woman took a few seconds to react to being hit by the time she turned around the only person standing near her or behind her was the innocent man. The blonde woman starts hitting and yelling at the man accusing him of hitting her while shes hitting him he gets upset and lashes out. That is some drunk mistaken identity situation.

  13. a lesson for the blonde woman if you accuse someone of hitting you make sure you see them do it otherwise it could have been someone else and your blaming the wrong person.

  14. I was laughing cause the bodyguard hit her when he was trying to hold back that girl junior didn't even fucking touch her, she needs to sit tf down

  15. Adriana got that one good hit cause lily slipped. Reese was being held by security. Round 2 lily whooped her ass. Junior accidentally hit Reese’s back softly and she thought he hit her. Clearly y’all dumbasses can’t see 🤣

  16. Juniors gf actually hit her BUUUUT , if y’all watch closely before DON gets junior in a choke hold .. he pulls Reece hair . That’s why don snatched him up

  17. 0:35 you see it go down, she grabbed the girls hair and she pooped her from the side around :40. Shawty didn’t want NO smoke so she turns around and blames jr lmao.

  18. Y’all that say, JUNIOR didn’t hit her, y’all congrats because y’all got an A+ Junior did not. It was the female looking like a gypsum dry wall, you read right. Y’all see what alcohol can do to your chemistry. 🤣 And being under the influence 📵 to use the most impressive device. 🙃😂 is hilarious 😆

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