Mackenzie Dern on Her Jump to MMA

Mackenzie Dern on Her Jump to MMA

one of the things that my dad always
told me: true warriors aren’t the ones that always wins but the one that always fights. he always says that to me and everyone
he talks to so i take that with me everywhere my dad had an academy when i was born
and then when I was three years old that’s when I started to learn Jiu Jitsu
she pretty much grew up inside of the Academy I used to have a TV set I put the like
out a little meermaid or some movie so she could watch a little bit when she’s a little bored even not doing a class you’re still listening and hearing him
say like “sweep, pass the guard mount… armbar” he really madeJiu Jitsu not be like pressure he was made it so much fun and I think that’s why i never got like
burned out so i always say you know you need to be the best we can be but
without your depression and I mean like my father out you should tell me is important to
compete but if you lose a beach walk no just kidding now I was gonna need to
her hey you know what they have fun and on the image of the club right .
reaction when I wanted to go intimidate it was you – pretty good I don’t want to
see my daughter getting head and I’m daddy’s little girl in us so my whole
life I’ve been my grad student in jiu-jitsu so I’m really surprised like
how he was able to kind of step back and like let me have this team the MMA live you know like you teach me and me and i’ll show you the
world champion you don’t get to be a world champion like pretending she knows
how to work hard this is a new sport but if she brings the same energy and
passion and I made that she brought to jujitsu gonna be a world champion there
– Wow five years ago everybody was not gonna
happen then I kind of one at a lot of things
introduce you and then as at a point like okay we’re gonna do now I want a new challenge then i start to
get like really punch in the great more and for sure there’s a couple times i’m
thinking like me and I really want to do this you know that’s what if the
following sometimes you’re a fighter on the side you know and can’t stop that
always want to go to challenge engine always wanted to push yourself to
the device that the ball when she was in high school volleyball should be
tracking feel everything she did she I was you know exhale showers do well do
good so I really believe if she really you know our folks on there any way I
can achieve you know she can be the top of your weight class we might be a would rather do it for
women’s enemies so incredible I think sure to show that like a woman
can make a living off three me that’s a big thing that wide excited to
try this and that’s all things to run there now and what she was able to show
that people can take us like seriously – is for sure we train hard we died to have to do everything that
the guys do so when I still have like my name you know woman dream soon i like going
to be a mom and I want to like have my house and require two chapter but now 12 years old i think i can give everything to this
new pack this MMA career yeah yeah

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