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  1. 2:20 Yea no they're still not seen as the cool kids.

    Just now Nerds don't give a fuck about "the cool kids"

  2. I love M:TG!! I learned how to play when I was 14-15, and I still enjoy playing M:TG (when I get the chance) even though I'm almost 40. I've only played in 2-3 small local tournaments, way back when I was still a teenager. My big fat non-reg black/red burn deck is so much fun to use when I play against my friends during casual gaming sessions. We play using rules that are relatively relaxed as opposed to tournament rules; it allows for more unpredictable fun to be had.

  3. I'm just watching those people play the game at the beginning and I feel like I'm chewing on tin foil. Please, for the love of god, put some sleeves on your cards, and straighten up your deck.

  4. I only play in a pre release events. There's something special about cracking the foil and making a deck from a fresh box. It's chaotic, its often at midnight and I love it

  5. I’ve been playing yugioh since I was 6 years old. I was done with yuigoh once They mixed spell with monsters and Link it’s all gone down hill. They even tried to bring the old fans back with speed duel it’s ok it’s alright. I played Magic for three day and I’m hooked. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. My life’s cuz been playing for four year. I love doing commander seeing different personalities and decks on the table laugh cry be passed having a good time !!!!! I’m looking forward to a great zombie deck.

  6. I remember buying pokemon cards at a collectibles / memorabilia store in 1999 and tournaments would pack out his small store either monthly or weekly. Sadly his store eventually did close but I never got into it, wish I did. Curious question to any serious magic players, does it really require luck? Or could you be the best with just skill? The girl in the video made it seem like it's really just a crapshoot all the time, any response thanks! Dont kill me I wrote this post about 6 minutes in.

  7. Recently, they shifted their focus toward catering to people with the correct sexual fetishes and mental illness. Obviously, your genitalia and sexual preference is what really matters when playing a fucking card game for nerds.

  8. Too bad SJWs invaded the game with their ideological and political agenda. Those sanctimonious clowns can't help but suck all fun out of life.

  9. 2:50 – "best game".
    Talking about a strategy game full of rng and in which the amount of money you put in translates to how much of advantage you have xD bitch pls I love Magic but it should only be seen as an hobby.

  10. 17:35 Its probably nothing more than a card he stole from somebody that was attending that event. Sorry MTG players but you guys are shady as fuck when it comes to tiny rectangular pieces of paper.

  11. "The mind is a very fragile thing"
    Evidently not yours, mate. Yours seems to be made of a slab of concrete

  12. I wish I hadn't sold all my cards in my teenage years back in the 90's I had a good amount of cards and I regret doing it.

  13. "Its like poker and chess" no its far closer to yu-gi-oh and every other luck hemi-luckbased card draw game.

  14. Magic the Gathering will continue to flourish as long as the heart of the cards reside in our deck and our drive to catch'em all.

  15. In the first 5 minutes: "So polished, may well be the perfect game" In the last 5 minutes: "In the first game, the Danish hall of famer had an instant win combo" — those two sentences do not go together in game design.

  16. No, it's not the best game ever made because of one enormous, glaring design fault: spell and land cards are randomly stacked together. Many times a player can simply lose because of not drawing enough or drawing too many land cards. You may take a mulligan for the opening hand but this only decreases the odds of drawing enough land cards, there is one less card to draw each mulligan, which already gives card advantage to the opponent.

    They never fixed this, while a simple starting card could have done that long ago.

  17. I play with unsleeved cards and I shuffle them like playing cards, I like it cause they're mine and it bothers you.

  18. What is the art at 10:57 from, please?
    I wanna know what it can do. =)

    EDIT: nevermind, got it^^
    it's a playmat called Gaea's Cradle.
    never underestimate how awesome google is! just typed in 'magic the gathering fairy forest art'

  19. Oh hell, I played this game years ago, I have many of those vintage cards! They are sitting somewhere in my cupboards in a file. Lol, just not as big in South Africa as it is over there I guess.

  20. Why do they all want to vomit because they lost a card game. Like fuck have these people never played and lost competitive sports or even games?

  21. The only expensive cards I care about…..are EA's expensive FIFA Ultimate Team. LMAO nerds and their Magic*

    *obvious sarcasm

  22. 4:08 he is just the most arrogant sick person on earth – the next high school KILLER *epic facepalm*

  23. I got into the game by my brother in law and he let me look therw his box of cards he dont use. Thk to him

  24. In the start it was much more fun now it is everybody is copy other peoples decks and some rounds is only 3 round win find no fun in that .

  25. Keep your head straight! That's not ok. They should build barriers if they don't want people looking left and right. That's too open to interpretation and doesn't allow for people who have physical disabilities!

  26. I've been playing Pokemon TCG for almost 20 years but never played Magic: The Gathering. I can't see myself getting into this. Too creepy and grotesque for me.

  27. I’m glad Jacob got a massive taste of humility. It may sound mean to say but at the beginning he seemed just overly cocky and his mannerisms seemed like he thought he was untouchable, so no I’m not sad and I don’t feel bad to see him lose and come 2nd which is still a title most people would be beyond thrilled with. Like I get always wanting to improve I admire that but you can’t short yourself for coming 2nd in its own right that is a massive win considering how many people enter and how stiff the competition is.. it’s when people cross that line and he becomes bitter and finds it so unbelievable that he lost like he doesn’t think he can also be outplayed that annoys me.. he comes off like he’s the best thing since sliced bread and when you already have a very punchable face you can’t also act like a dick that’s asking for trouble.

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