Man Instantly Regrets Trying To Rob UFC Fighter Polyana Viana

A Man who tried robbing UFC Fighter Polyana
Viana Instantly Regrets it Welcome to Inform Overload, Im your host Johnny
Rogers and if youre new here we find the most interesting news stories on the internet and
we make them more entertaining On Saturday evening a man attempted to steal
UFC strawweight competitor Polyana Vianas phone and not only did he not succeed, but
immediately regretted that poor life decision. Viana recounted the events to a site called
MMA junkie and explained that while waiting for her Uber infront of her home in Rio de
Janeiro a man approached her. At first he tried to sneak up on her, but
Viana says that when she made eye contact the man decided to sit next to her. When she quickly realized he wasnt going anywhere
she attempted to conceal her phone. The man then said – Give me the phone. Dont try to react because Im armed – The man
then proceeded to place his hand over a gun but Viana realized it was too soft. Thinking quickly she realized how close the
man was to her and that he wouldnt have time to draw the gun. She stood up, threw two punches and a kick. When he fell to the ground she then caught
him in a rear naked choke. After all of that she sat the now bloodied
and bruised man down and said – Now well wait for the police. While waiting for the police Viana soon realized
that the man never had a gun, but instead has a piece of cardboard shaped like a gun. She actually held the man in place by locking
in a kimura-like position while onlookers called police. Viana had heard the area she was in was safe
so wouldnt normally venture out alone at night. However because she was directly infront of
her apartment she thought she would be okay. Surprisingly in this very scary situation
Viana managed to keep her cool. Saying – I was fine because he didnt even
react after. Since he took the punches very quickly, I
think he was scared. So he didnt react anymore. He told me to let him go, like I just asked
for the time. – The man actually wanted her to call the
police because he was scared she was going to continue the beat down. Turns out this isnt even the first time Viana
has experienced something of a similar nature while in Rio. In the past she was approached by two men
on a motorcycle and while one waited on the getaway vehicle another charged at her breaking
her umbrella and demanding her to give him her cellphone. When he attempted to take it out of her hand,
she punched the man in the face who soon ran back to the motorcycle. After leaving the police station Viana said
she carried on with the rest of her night as normal, going home and making dinner. Her hands may be a little sore, but at least
shes alive. And guys if you think just because a woman
is walking alone you can take advantage of them, remember this story and rethink your
life. I want to hear your thoughts on this story
though, does it make you want to sign up for a self-defence class, kinda makes me want
to. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
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