Mark Calitri interviews Pete Rose

schedule spend a few minutes with us discussion questions for you okay fire
away on this call when you read a we’ve
traveled throughout the United States what makes this region of Cincinnati in
this area so special to you well obviously one thing I was born here to I was always red growing up every boy want to be a Cincinnati Reds in I’m no
different than anybody else I just happen with the dream in be able
to accomplish would it is down but there’s a lot to
get things going is down me we or the better zoos in the world just downtown the ambience just when you drive in from the airport
and what people know that the airports in Kentucky and I go back to the very body goes over the Kentucky from Cincinnati the DPP’s
did you know their place to work and it’s very blue when I was 13 years old is right there’s a tree roots were I was
raised and the you know there’s a lot of history in
Cincinnati and the baseball started here in 1869 first night game was played 1935
so you know most the most things I like
about this Eddie are involved in baseball you know I’m
not the type a guy who goes to play is it that many opera that’s great but on that on that i’m too much or do that
kinda stuff you remain so there’s a lot of great
things going on in Cincinnati their parks with the concerts and stuff I remember when I was a kid we at Coney
Island now they get Kings Island the koreatown was a place to go when I
was a kid we used to get on the island queen there’s a very and take the boat alway a
to call me only get off in it it o’clock you would go back that’s how
we would tickle your own once a year so that was our I was our big vacation day that in I remember when I was a kid the only
vacation ira went on when you take a shin we would we would drive down the Madison
Indiana because every year they had the Madison
regatta the boat races on the river and that was our vacation a drive down
the 50 52 to the Madison Indiana watch miss Budweiser win every year there was
fun or my life and tell us about your military
experience well well i join the army in winners 63 and went to Fort Knox from a basic
training which was a mistake but I had to do it and get as a baseball
player you wanna miss baseball season in what I did in those
days you could be drafted or you could you
could join the reserves it would I deserted six months to the
active duty United two weeks every year for six years and when we came back here from active
duty I was at Fort Thomas thats rose in the
army and will we join for Thomas Johnny Benson I
become cooks in the reason we were cooks it was
within the rules on the week is we were serving we would
go at 4:30 or 5 o’clock in in ecommerce of a 12 o’clock would you still play the
day games if we had a baseball game because they were going to change the
schedule because me and Johnny Bench right then they will do it today was our national event that happened
while you were so yes I remember was a Friday I believe in president kennedy was assassinated all I
was in the Army in Fort Knox in I was kind of a big deal when the
earlier the free world was assessed in a year in the military that it was pretty calm down you’re
doing basic training in and it was the first time I was are away
from home well well not really the first summer they’re
away from home is when I got on an airplane de atras
graduate from western hills the next day I signed with the race
which is a rarity in the next day ago an airplane ago Geneva New York because your donors day wanting more
when I was growing up as a kid we never went on a vacation and the
reason we never went on a vacation because my father would tell the coach
my son will never miss a practice you’ll never miss a game but I want to be a switch better okay
because a lot accusing on his two-week vacations and always a new teams in the playoffs and they lose because we’re the best
players is not there I did didn’t think that was fair to the Little
League coach and you know we had to fit their teenagers
company banquet up on the Kentucky side which was a a
good deal every year the best fried chicken in the world so that the little
day things but never for three or four days get we’re
known as the hit king with your record 4,190 two hits for 256 you’re on you kept on your turn well 4:04 92 was the
record but I in the 40 to 50 60 you know we don’t worry because it mark
you know it’s dumb as 4256 that’s where it is 4256 you’ve also got
the record for the most at bats and I get the record for the most games
I get the record for the the the most wins the most outs what about that comment on that that’s
okay I mean that’s okay I mean the guy second this is pretty good age crisis
Krinsky a you know I mean I played a lot about
14,000 sometimes got four thousand some hits it was fun
making out so have any opportunity I get basis you
know all jerry’s party be in a a good person whether you’re in business
the weather and sports and I play 24 years in I was pretty much injury-free or most my career and I
always use around with great players you know i play with 10 all favors a for
Symbian Frank Robinson in the last one being Barry Larkin in
his ruin bench Morgan prison is ruined Carlton in in Mike Schmidt in your work
to Montreal his ruling Gary Carter and Andre Dawson in the car back home is poor man’s
journey through in Barry Larkin so in that way for a sparky anderson also a
manager you know played against her a lot a whole favors
it off in nineteen of Fame pitchers you know in the Hall of Famers up
waiting in spit breed are many a college coach recently told me that
what differentiated you from today’s players as your hustle tell
me about us all a been I don’t love it I don’t know good coach tell you know his players
hustle I I don’t think it was too hot so i i
think when I head when I was aggressive into a
determination and 3 I understood you were playing
baseball entertain people and one thing you want
is a baseball player okay I believe that when you go to the
ballpark you got 30,000 seats which we had across
the field you want 30,000 as in the seats that’s why you play you know what 10,000
people with 20,000 empty seats and players today at to
understand that what’s the sense in open the gauge if you don’t sell out if you don’t have
big crowds because that’s why you play in that’s
why you’re playing yet to understand there’s only one way to play and people
pat me on the back all the time the way I played and I decide to tell me
I played the right way I play the way we’re supposed to play that’s all not good bad or indifferent
just go out there two-and-a-half ours bless your job to
win the game you win a game you lose a game you come back the next day and do the
same thing I was havin fun baseball was fun to me baseball should
be fun for kids this should be fun for kids in college
and it’s not Asian be planted in football should be fine basketball
should be fine hockey should be fine soccer should be fine all the spores
that you play if you’re not having fun you waste your
time you gonna be bored just like if you don’t have fun doing
homework you’re not going to get a good grade the same thing as being an athlete is
not rocket science people wanna make it we’re the hit king
now malls a scouting report on you coming
out of high school well mice get a report was happen don’t
forget we recommend a high school I for me we recommend a high school the only reason I got a chance to play
for tour is delayed an uncle who was a scout for the rest because she knew everybody physically
mature delayed in my family in my day was a hundred 21 years or use
a 106 uptown specially partisanship you stated
a highly become a 190 pound halfback my uncle was small and what a
great win washer Hills High School would hurt 58
pounds and I didn’t have a strong arm but I had
an arm I didn’t have great speed but I it’s be I mean I could run by two faces Guyana
in the the National League art in heaven are Michael Wiley Post Rocky Colavito right didn’t have power
like Frank Robinson but I had to other things that God gave
me he give me a big heart he give me a doozy as he give me desire
those are god-given talents to and now I start developing and always
had good hand-eye coordination I was always a good ping pong where
things like that in ESR it takes to be a good hitters is good eyes I was it good eyes your see
my girlfriend yes and I get good eyes and ahead a
great hand-eye coordination so I still got good eyes today yet message over to the market colour yeah you’ve already started given some
bias advice on younger people would you say to Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus and what’s
going on well Justin Bieber you when he first came out my fiance daughter want to meet him at
break this one time and he was really at a good kid he was a
delightful kid. in I don’t know what’s happening in the US
your four years it just seems like II you can’t think he’s hanging with the
wrong crowd because he make so much money so talented I just
it just seems that right now is in this situation a where he was negative press in the
there’s some people who think presses press was good bad or
indifferent I don’t know how he feels but is getting interesting research to a
concert again we’re all the trouble is he recently as people go to buys tickets now to a member my Miley’s dead I met him along Billy Billy rarely
rate Billy Ray Cyrus I made him a long time ago I think which
users are a little girl in you know she’s a mark when they go to
Hollywood they start doing strange things where
there’s you note at user hair color hair cuts but she’s 0 she’s very she’s very popular that the Disney Channel makes a lot of stars
a lotta kids she’s another one it is become a big
star I’m not going to matter under life I
mean if they were under my roof I would probably sit and talk to a bitter you know they should be in good hands I
mean I would think you’re in good hands I mean Justin Bieber’s mom seem to be in charge
to Newsday it’s not butter you know when you see a day as dessert
at guys get tattoos everywhere and I think you have Justin’s mother a
long time ago and just was a little boy so there’s always circumstance the UN I
don’t know okay fair enough you’re so loved here in
Cincinnati in so many people look up to you but you have any regrets over Cincinnati up your great I have my life is the only
regret is a and making mistaken me when I do
want to gamble on baseball I could change everything my life that’s
your thing a change when change the way attacked the game a baseball I i
grew up in a period time was really fun growing up the way out the way I approach to game
in the minor leagues when I do today I mean everything’s
hunky-dory and I just you know I made a mistake and then
mistaken and some people will you know willing to let
me go on my life in there’s there’s going to be some people
did never gonna let you go on with you like that on on his way these guys I live in America
and American and I believe and I could be wrong but I
believe that eventually eventually you’ll get a second chance is
just it’s a shame but I took the wrong place
gemmell was wrong place you talk about baseball in all the vices
are bad look at there albeit but and people get confused when I say this but if I do if I have been into drugs added
that asymmetry have not been reinstated involved in alcohol that is that you
really have not been reinstated is lower than the spouse a beer that is
a leader re having a problem been reinstated but I to a game when I
know what happened in nineteen ninety with the black sox 90 had to go see our About the world
again but all former Bear don’t do any 0 but I
just shows in my eyes as far as baseball’s concern the wrong
one they’re not I was talking with famed defense
attorney Bert Travis and a burden he says what else do you have to do to
say you’re sorry some people are just not going to lie I mean that’s okay I
mean you know we we’ve seen things in my lifetime we
saw or mister nixon say sorry people on about
yes him a second chance bill clinton you know
those guys who run our country there’s a lot of people that they’ve
been given second chances but you know the I’m gonna sit here talk to you I’m trying to figure out why when I did why would I did her anybody is what you
write all it hurt me hurt my family it didn’t hurt
you did her to cameraman energy producer my right about that
manual I don’t know why people just can’t get
over it to me it was 1987 is what I bet on baseball 1987 many years ago was it is time to
move on as far as I’m concerned but you know like you said some people have
some people would tell you today I could hit I miss a cheesy get all those hits mmm
know some people say hank Aaron can hit well you know the which is sent to China
change those people they get they got in there the crawlers never idk
never going to commanders ages you know trying to be a productive
citizen and try to move on and try to help as many people as you possibly can a on the best ambassador baseball has
nearly want me in the game because what do I do twenty days a month
in Las Vegas for him fired today I sign autographs to talk positive about the
game in his people know is what you night
talk right now baseball could be a tough game do
defended a there’s a lot of things going on at
people like in a World Baseball is very popular in in the players are making a lot of
money so that means the owners are making a lot of money but still it is its you you can pick on
baseball because the drug situation indicate do that football indicated that
basketball you sure you’re okay do that hockey so the four major sports baseball still
has a little bit over you know beer tasted a lot of people’s a head is for zone user was move onto
better to get better but bus try to do the job was move on to a new direction the next
few questions going to be the top questions that women wanna know from Pete and you have a
large following a female fans let’s jump right in there number one question is did you ever feel
bad for the team that your bait no not at all and not at all your name
was in little league for those in for his mother’s earned and sisters and aunts and uncles and
Grandma Moses there were no that question love you teach your kid to win you to
teach a kid to win an early age in with he becomes 18 or 19 yr she becomes a
tear in nineteen you get their chance to make a deposit decision you know that don’t forget you talk to
you listen to God talk has been 29 years in the big leagues you know is professional sports the
winners the winners make money the winners get the rewards the winners feel better I mean for that
same other dares to question our oyster this question if your son is clearly baseball he gets
a couple hits in a win a game you feel better on the
way home is oppose it because over a four-day
losing game he goes over forty lose the game does he call grandma grandpa Mintel the as a whole round is a call grandma
or grandpa on telling yes he does so there is something to
Winnie not Thursday appointed to become a sore loser but winning winning is what it when you
play sports just like we take a test which
billionaire day in our hope is a the same things course her tell me about an embarrassing moment
that happen to you the I don’t have a number in the on-field
lado no I II and had no in there anybody pony pranks on you now with you know one thing about the
Big Red Machine more we played a game in baseball you know all these teams got these
pranksters pressures or for bad teams you know we had too many guys were
worried about winning worry about doing your job we have guys would give hot words in
heidgerd lovin all that mickey mouse that we have that
stuff going on with bencher more gonna praise when the
tolerated you how do you handle the criticism from the
fans in the stands may be yelling things that you the how I did it well the one thing you
know what to do and mister suing learn is the year the
all-star games in Milwaukee million to call the game was a tie one
thing he never wanted have happened to you as an athlete is be
booed when you gotta wait uniform on okay I remember getting food right away
uniform major player in all right and when what I integrate uniform
on expected to get booed you know what I would do periodically
well as any out there here you know we we call guy leather loans is
you know is why those guys is in much forty thousand people and
everything he says are available market hearing okay is just whether guys
pls check on Celia in Edo lackey I looked at latest back to
bed I don’t think I ever get to later died
in Philadelphia when I went there to play I never got to Dayton and I was there was I respect they were
born here now this guy’s gonna sit up there for six seven innings in Bumi I’m gonna figure out a way for the
game’s over okay here’s a put him in his place you figure
out a way that that she can throw him the ball was you’re out there boy is wrong with
your a foul ball was over close to where where he City you taking his role in the
ball write to him he’s so embarrassed you
just get you yell at you for seven innings he can keep the ball yeah is going to
get the ball somebody can keep the ball cuz he’s the biggest hypocrite the world he keeps the ball as
a judgeship those guys up i think i would tell you feel it and in a LA I did that too and over I right by the stairs at throwing the ball
at Turner and ran back he threw it be right near the back with
that’s a guide in like me that’s a guy really didn’t like me it
went to Ballia went to do with me happen its way at one point you’re the highest paid
player in sports yeah and also read why you were serving your
punishment you are earning eleven cents an hour like in that much I was in a well needed
for me you know my job was wsb Marion a you know nobody likes
talking about being in prison but thats that’s a was D is rendered pay my
taxes by 38 percent been you know I was in the welding
Department in we’re always in the back to get me as
far back to all the pressures they could and whenever the warden was gonna back
it always call us to make sure that we know is coming and
every time we come back toward before you get a ride be sweeping the
floor in there you to me when they see as you know P he said I get to a certain he said this floor is
a clean is for an asshole presented every time I come back here your sweeping the floor but my job is to
make sure the call was made by 8:10 every more it tell me about moving on up bring your
family and the uncertainties they going to be in traded well I was only trade in once and that
was when I will get rid from my jury convictions Nene you know it to philadelphia is a free
agent so I chose debt you know this bar the deal I mean I was
lucky enough to play from 63 to send me a year and I would
recommend a rebuttal in your hometown because what one you want to take the
kids out of school to really get to go to force for 445 for
six weeks three don’t worry about where you’re
staying at your house your you got you can do whatever you may have in like people who never play in her
hometown that I enjoy playing in Cincinnati the no because they’re night I wanted a
ballpark until I can do have two people in Staines do it you know with the if you get
traded a lot of people disappoint winning yet
rated the way that the way not to get rate is what you 300 every year and you did that a lot do well if you do
well in a good review wish disobeying you can get a loan
anybody I was you know I was never we know him an
email day we have any by dead when the biggest mistakes resumes
manager Tony Perez to Montreal didn’t understand the
leadership qualities he had in the clubhouse with the Latin players and that’s when the Big Red
Machine star deteriorate in who is your favorite athlete figure
athlete my favorite athlete mmm mean ever
anywhere when did my day with a great where he was a basketball where I was a ball with
Christ Church and football I was the waterboy down did
Hampton field say we’re parking draw whatever and we sit way out here at the deer deer
creek what was going on 71 call already the all the buildings are now %uh the world
feels were when I was a kid he’s got your play all the time you was a decree degrees or wages data with there there should be a is a 74 to
go to Columbus anyone 71 run right inside miro’s
ballparks rub their were the our country is now on
everything and that was deer creek and wasted the MIA fields in the city
are you just gonna be softball team we always play as a batboy my day was a good athlete grateful where a bargin mahdi was a
commissioner suspended you you ever met his son the famous actor
Paul really good is really good is really good actor I
like to meet in some time because regards with people’s thinkers a I got a whole part you know I had a
couple means to him we was in Asia Riga we just took over baseball I’m really many when time is roomy
Houston in Maine their time is ruined in Philly just want to talk to me about
the game and were figured it needs to play here to do it here to do you know it was
my fault for putting me in a position the guy dresses already you know you’re
doing your due within that died five days later right you know because I seriously
believe I seriously believe that he lived it I got reinstated a year and not that’s
kinda guy he was you know he was a very fair man in in
really a smart man who is presently a light believe so you know you got to look into early in
this and you really good actor well the guy in Cinderella Man you as a
movie with it what your what is your best game ever
played I am best game ever played been I don’t know Mark it’s a good
question because I I had four 4.8/game sent me three times
and find the games 10 times I 38 games for seventy five times 0 the probably game section in 1975 World
Series and we lost a game i’d normally when talk about a game being
with my favorite games we lost a game bit when you lose you the World Series in
seventy use World Series 72 used to is inferior team and mention
73 because we were over 100 games there
were three games over .500 then you win the World Series for the
first time seventy five min it was an exciting probably the most
exciting world series ever all one-run games in games six years unbelievable loose reno 3363
6676 they want it worth anything we come back
and win in Game seven so probably the game 6 I remember getting a
key was slipping around was the worst game
you’ve ever play a I don’t think I had a worse came to me
you know I’m a ten thousand else pick one anytime you get here to do is wear your
worst games but I wasn’t the type of guy to have three
years in a gamer her in I was on these guys with through
the bonus day is is only two outs like some players do today numbered in a
in a way I approach the game I never ran on the field do it was three outs to rate of to feel
was three outs you know you thought that some time
online I lost track in the outs and I was why these guys hmmm or withdraw my throat today by I was
when these guys are right after the game okay right after the game by mister to
the game you can sit down at my locker and i would tell you everything that
happened in the game everybody it may turn out all 27 other
Monday routes in all 27 arms I couldn’t next day right after the game I was up to speed
on everything that happened in the game in its own fault I was in the game in you can rely on some older gentleman at
your pushin too after three after two structures three-strikes you know things like that cuz he might
be wrong is it bears and if you don’t get the count right you
like I never threw a bad does star Ryan Dunn first base on balls 3 you see guys do
that sometime I’m parked on what to do right so you know it’s it’s all part iv: its top or to be in in the game do in
your do in your your business me your own field you had
to have buyers this do with the right thing to do offer
the unique opportunity the last five years to get to know you personally and I’ve seen how you’ve interacted with
major sports celebrities and I’ve also seen how you’ve treated
the yunlei the checks you at the front desk
have saw how you have treated the housekeeping staff i’ve
seen how you treated there right waitress in
the restaurant what you’re saying you’re turning on the same with yours and your here’s what he said you know I
never to my knowledge I never talked down
anybody and never talk to anybody you know I’m at six presidents in the
United States now look to right knee i’d talk to you know you’re oppressed a of
what they’ve accomplished sure in your respect whatever accomplish
but they put your pants on the same way you do and you’re better off if the people
can’t tell if you’re talking up two or more people can tell if you’re
terminated by I’m and termination was never a word it was
in my will give your not played a game a
baseball or what I met somebody and I was I was partially intimidated
one time in only two days situation it was about seven or eight
years ago I was up in Cooperstown sign autographs 3 her for three blocks down from the
whole thing a safe at home was in a mist or in
Belarus daughter walk down means a high me now I just had to stick to babe ruth is a
great is baseball player in history in baseball and he’d only had the greatest ass but
he was just best because he saved the game with its presence in this town that
enabled the franchise’s to grow I’m sit there and I’m talking to be rude you know I was almost is to me the same
way two days later when I get on a plane down and Tampa to go back to my home in
LA elvis’s wife was in front of me so in a
matter of two days I’m it pursue a presley you name it Babers
daughter Claire row in I wanted two million for a judge
spiegel federal judge like I was with those two
people now because it a history that they have
behind she slept with the King Buddy think
about that well I found it to be a I found you to
be an an honorable man a good man and lot of
people look up to you and you’re definitely an american hero
and i really appreciate it when I think about you you looked and make is your
best six-foot-five Z so you gotta be six-foot water better to
look down on me okay for 5h look up to me 5-foot-9 he
clearly that very good market life life is fun you
know I mean you know I come back to Cincinnati all
the time don’t really like licking your in it you know I I’m in the business
sign autographs in Vegas in in it is not the way is another
reason to treat people like this but I always look at everybody is
perspective customer you know or is people were nice to meet
him I wanna go the ballpark my wanna go see the Reds play right you
because you you try to get new fans every day come out to the ballpark and
I’m a stay at at this time mister kessler any or the
ridges really trying to do is best to win for City and
I think the people are starting to understand and in you know I love it when I come here
this fall I got the remedial bball but I we should be for the second
game in the third game mike is a saint louis
like it isn’t really like it is in new york like it is in no way because I you know
I’ve been saying this for is seventy years this is the baseball
cap over the the United States to the world right here we started we get the best fans and in have the best fans I thought we had
the best fans into I watched the Super Bowls so the Seattle fans as
football theater they’re crazy i mean they’re they’re
rabbit I mean did they could be the best football fans in
the world hit 750,000 people commit to a parade I’m legal you know we had parades here
but the how do you judge a good day and come out
to the ballpark support your team because we me when I tell you when
you’re a player you know three people in the stands in
North resent the seeds you really know it is your team to play good man supported and they should they give it they should
give you lecture effort they stream thank you so much

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