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Marlon Moore Gets Stem Cell Therapy at Nervana Stem Cell Centers

Marlon Moore Gets Stem Cell Therapy at Nervana Stem Cell Centers

My occupation is professional football player (Commentator) Ad-lib play. And it’s caught for the touchdown. …by Marlon Moore I’m coming up on seven years playing professional football. The average career is basically 2 1/2-3 years. Over the years I’ve had hamstring issues, many hamstrings issues… from slight pulls, to complete Grade 2, Grade 3 pulls, so that and… lower back issues have been my main thing. And me, being a speed player, I need my lower back and my hamstrings to be 100% functional. I came to Nervana for stem cell treatment. Basically, rejuvenation, regeneration… you know, anything that may be ailing me. They have one of the best medical staffs and staffs
here in town and across the nation so it’s pretty much a no-brainer for me to
come here and get this treatment done. When I first walked through the doors,
being greeted by the receptionist is first and foremost is a big thing to me. If they’re
not personable… and… don’t have your best interest at heart,
it’s going to hard for you to come here and feel comfortable, so as soon as I walked
through the door, I felt very comfortable and then being able to walk in and see how
modern and up-to-date it is, it also put me at ease. This is a serious treatment, and it’s not
something that you want to take lightly or be in just a regular place. So being able to
walk in here and feel comfortable in knowing that I’m in good hands is number one in my mind. Knowing that
it’s 100% safe, there will be no backlash and anything coming back from it is reassuring… Just the buzz about it has
been nothing but good. I’m interested and I’m eager
to find out what the hype is about. (Robin Jackson, MSN-FNP-C):
So, how was the treatment? (Marlon Moore): The treatment was actually painless… Just a little pinch, nothing I’m not used to.

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