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Martial Arts Tips : How to Practice Kickboxing Moves

Martial Arts Tips : How to Practice Kickboxing Moves

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and How do you practice your kickboxing moves?
That’s a great question. As a kickboxer this is one I’m particularly fond of. Here is a
common mistake that people make when they are dong their kickboxing moves. If I am hitting
the bag or I’m doing the targets most beginners will try and power every single move. They’ll
try and slam the bag every move and what happens when you do that is one, you waste a lot of
energy, two, you tense the body up, three you tend to run out of gas faster. You don’t
typically spar like that or fight like that in a match so you want to train like you fight
in a match and how is that? I’ll have techniques that I’m just going to snap and I’m just going
to pop out there so I might go snap, snap, snap, snap, snap and about every seventh or
eight go pow, pow, pow, pow, pow and then I recover. Pow, pow, pow, pow so I’m mixing
my snapping my speed techniques with my power techniques, two, every time you step in and
every time you throw a technique you want to make sure you’re penetrating with your
footwork and you are not standing in one spot digging a hole. Every time you throw your
reverse move you always close the gap on your opponent, come in, engage, and then clear
step out, re-open the gap with a clearing technique, I like to clear with a jab or I’ll
clear with the front leg round kick. So I engage, step in, fire, fire, fire, clear and
then here is the biggy, change my alignment on the bag or the target and then repeat the
process. So we are mixing our snapping techniques not just doing power all the time, two, every
attack penetrating footwork, engage, clearing footwork, change your alignment that’s always
the pattern. Penetrate, engage, clear, change your alignment, penetrate, engage, clear,
change your alignment. Make sure that that is the pattern you are developing in the gym
so that when you are in the ring that is how your fight comes out. I’m John Graden. I hope
that helps. Thanks very much.

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29 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tips : How to Practice Kickboxing Moves

  1. I really need to practice with someone who has no knowledge of martial arts, and get a feel for what they do before I can judge some things.

    Also, I have trouble respecting someone who names their website after themselves, lol…

  2. are you dumb? why not use all your power and speed, if your in the ring you should be in good enough shape to keep going, if not work on your cardio and stamina and endurance before stepping foot in a ring… the week shots are only good for set ups and faints, you dont want to keep doing that the whole time though

  3. I never EVER want to lose my hair. But i guess being able to kick box effectively may compensate for it 🙂

  4. Some do, other don't. Coloured belt systems are generally just used so trainers know if they are practicing with a span-new/intermediate guy, or are dealing with someone who knows there stuff. Other gyms just train and disregard the belts altogether.

  5. You need to teach me martial arts. I used to do kickboxing so I kinda have that technique down, but I wanna learn martial arts!

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