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Martial Arts vs Street Fights – Geoff Thompson on London Real

Martial Arts vs Street Fights – Geoff Thompson on London Real

so I was watching a one of your videos you made many years ago I think last week and it was one of your I think your basic street fighting methods and also the mentality animal died yeah something like that yeah and it was fascinating the way you talked about it because I mean I’ve been training you know Thai boxing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for many many years and in a controlled environment I have a certain way of reacting but I’m not expecting a groin kick and I’m not expecting what you said which is somebody’s mate punching me in the head yeah well I’m on the ground with someone else. So you made a great observation someone walking down the streets might kick you in the head having it all the time even if you’re mounted on someone else and so I could just see everything I learned in martial arts would actually probably hurt me in a street fight you have false sense of confidence I would think oh I’ve got him down on the ground in a choke I’m winning yeah and when in fact I wasn’t but I wonder if you could just talk a bit more yeah but you know again that was me you know. I’ve got kind of got all of these fears and one of them is that I’m a second down in karate at the time but I’m still afraid of confrontation and when I talk to my teachers you know they they try and encourage me to to solve that in the dojo but the dojo is too controlled even when it’s hugely physical it’s still controlled they didn’t talk about the pre-fight, the in-fight, the post-fight the the adrenal dump didn’t talk about the fact that someone’s going to stand in front of me and say you know I don’t give a fuck that you’re a you know that you’re a black belt because I’m going to find out where you live I’m going to come around your house when you’re having tea with your mom I want to bite your nose off and spit it down your fucking throat so I don’t give a fuck about your second down and that terror of this guy not caring he might not be able to fight the tide in the bath but that come fact that immediate confrontation of posturing it triggers the flight instinct in US and the flight instinct is so powerful that I’ve watched Legends run away from fights and bottled raglan real fires that’s the opposite of the spirit of a martial art still jumping tomorrow goes all about respect no one would have said a tenth of that in a martial arts dojo so in a way it doesn’t really prepare you for the street so we we prepared people by dealing with the most difficult thing which was pre-a the most difficult thing which was posturing and the reality of a real situation which is close range you may have maybe you’ve got 18 inches because all situations are very close and they start very close. preemption is the only constant it’s the only constant. It’s the only thing that works all the time stirring up the fight by just the first pic first doc says to hit first yeah hit first and use artifice you know even Musashi only had three preemptions he didn’t have any concept of blocking and counting countering trap in encountering because he knew that wouldn’t work in a real situation because the situation was too close and too volatile so we said you initiated it using by using deception and then hit him first or strike him first so his three preemptions were hit them before they think of hitting you. Hit them as they think of hitting you. Hit them when they twitch and I’ve done all three and I’ve been through hundreds of fights doing that and it’s the only thing that works consistently of course I’m a big grappling fan I did full-time judo with Neil Adams for a long time Chuck Norris was quite a Brazilian Jujitsu he’s a really good Brazilian jiu-jitsu guy people didn’t know that about him but the worst thing you could do in a real fight is go to the floor because like say even strangers come round and I’ve seen people literally jump on other people’s heads and not even involved you know you’re on them you’re on top of somebody you’re on the mound someone walking past from the chip shop just presumes that you’re you’re the bully because you’re on top and you get you know you get you’d you’re broke or you get hoofed in the head and then loads of other people join in or you get stabbed I’ve seen loads of people stabbed by the girlfriends by the mothers but you know just by I mean I remember getting into a situation with this guy once. It was a match fight outside the factory which is like a prereq prearranged one and one yeah and four guys four neighbors came running out from the house and because I was dominating this guy it did end up on the floor and you be a bit safer with the one-on-one but even this I ended up on the floor because I made a mistake these people come out on the mother screwdriver was going to stab me just neighbors of this factory because they thought I was the bully I was actually was just actually an arranged match fight so going to the floor is is in a match fight or in a pre-arranged fight obviously we know the grapplers always win but when you start to include like a pen knife or a sharp pencil or you include biting or you include other people so other people might get involved it becomes a very dangerous place to be so we were in thousands and thousands of violent situations and no one ever went to the floor no one kicked it was just very close range preemption with artifice and so some one of the preemption of being vocal and projecting a real dominant thing either dependent yeah that’s the posturing so if you didn’t want to be physical and you wanted to solve the situation without being physically with posture so you would create a gap by by striking them by pushing them back ready to gap you would posture you’d makes a very big you’d balloon back and forward you would salivate you’d swear you’ve come into monistat monosyllables and the main thing is that you created a gap when you create a graph gap it triggers the flight instinct and very few people will come forward if you create that gap and again we’re talking about a situation that might last a few seconds we’re not talking about a situation that’s going to happen over an hour you know you trigger the adrenaline so hard in them that all other interesting just wants to run away and like I said even really experienced people get caught by that so you start to learn how to use adrenaline you’re controlling yourself and you’re using other people and you just work on the stuff that works every single time which is preemption hitting first this week on London real we have astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson I wake up every morning astonished that an astrophysicist can have 1.7 million Twitter followers

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87 thoughts on “Martial Arts vs Street Fights – Geoff Thompson on London Real

  1. Has your martial arts prowess ever made you arrogant and gotten your ass kicked in a street fight?

  2. Yes,and I think that was a very humbling experience for me.nothing says your human like a rock to the head whilst you think your winning with RNC.

    Ground fighting + multiple attackers = bad situation lol

  3. I'd say my training saved me from a beating in the couple serious fights I didn't manage to avoid. My karate sensi always taught us the value of running away from a very early age though

  4. Great guest, and also a great show…. I look forward to watching it everytime…. Keep up the great work sir! Been reading GT since "watch my back" and "the elephant & the twig"…. Besides martial arts he's a good human being.

  5. Responding to trash talk with trash talk is a good way to get shot here. From my experience as a boxer and mix martial artist my goals when a fight can not be avoided is to knock the person out or hurt them so they no longer want to fight as quickly as possible before it escalates and weapons get involved. 30 seconds of trash talking and posturing is all it takes for some one to grab a gun out and shoot me instead of fighting.

  6. BUllshit. Junior dos Santos would kill him in the street. I was also training krav maga a lot, right now boxing and wrestling. Fak dude, if a wrester would lip You up and slam You on the floor, You could die from that shit. And he's saying shit that he would go for the throat. That's ridiculous. A boxer would KO him with one quick shot, not even powerful.

  7. In a street fight, I never hit first. When they throw first punch, I have every right to counter attack. And end the fight. That is how quick my fights are on the streets, now if they have friends, me vs. 5. I don't look to end the fight fast like that, I aim for counter attacks, and just keep countering untill they either give up, or physicly can't fight anymore. If I have a chance, I will end one of their fighting when I see the opening. And I just keep countering untill I can do that to them all. Its all about being quicker than ur attacker. And when u attack first, people on the street are almost never faster, well faster than me anyway. I can move my arms faster than the blink of an eye, and that will give me the edge in most street fights. Anything that can buy u time in a fight where ur facing multiple people is crucial, so make sure u can hit them one right after the other to buy time, don't wait between the attackers or you will fail. U might get hit a few times, but not much if ur trying to do counters. Remember, its harder to hit a moving target than one that's stationary.

  8. see im a smart fighter. if its me fighting a guy with 5 guys watching I don't risk it most of the time. I train but always bring a knife around cus fuck it. I will hit the guy as soon as he is in range, more due too fear of what if hes gonna do this. I also was a street brawler before a martial artist so I have those instincts with training. most people train because they cant, or don't ever fight. I did it to be able to end it more quickly and more efficiently. they also taught us the points that can kill. I use that training more to avoid those spots though. this is the kind of situation that is ideal. ive seen fighters that train for years then freeze up in a real fight. also I make sure if im showing up at a setup fight, I have a car full of armed individuals on standby. thats the smart way to do it

  9. "in a pre-arranged fight, the grappler always wins"? …. Errr. no.

    Has the advantage, yes, but always win? Errr, no.

    The size difference has to be taken into account as well as the strike, how hard it is and where it lands (one punch can kill … even a lucky one, and trained people know this … so agreeing to take part in a pre-arranged fight … makes you a little simple.

  10. Geoff addresses the main issue in physical conflict situations I.e. The reptilian brain and emotional content in an engagement on the 'street' outside the 'dojo', where the 'acceptable' behaviour differs in changing environment and the willingness to engage


  12. I teach people the very best self defence in the world – which is to avoid trouble in the first place. In doing so I'm often asked to go that step further and include actual fighting ("Just in case"). Whilst this makes sense, I choose not to because it's been my experience that the moment you do that, people start relying on their 'new physical powers' rather than avoidance.

  13. Great Interview! 🙂

    But imo you should change the title because Mr. Thompson also speaks about Combat Sport.

    "Martial Arts and Combat Sports vs Street Fighting"


  14. Is the bald guy a bouncer or something? How the hell did he get into "hundreds and hundreds of situations"?

  15. I know this isn't top priority but I don't think this would stand up as a legal defence if you're the one always hitting first.

  16. Street fighting is a martial art on its own. On it's most basic level, the word "martial art" comes from the roman god of war Mars, hence it would be better denominated as "martian arts" (yes, as weird as that may sound) or "the arts of Mars", which taken into context would be even better represented as "the arts of war" since Mars(as a god) = war. And with this we can come to the conclusion that any compilation of techniques, habilities, tactics and preparation specifically designed towards the engagement of combat between 2 humans is by default a "martial art". Which in turn means street fighting when codified into specific conducts is a martial art on its own

  17. A Street-fight last only five to fifteen seconds and it's more complexed than a game of chest. Their's no rules, no refineries. The best situation is avoid a bad situation don't let your ego get involved.

  18. One tactic that Geoff fails to mention is to masturbate furiously at your would-be assailants. They're like, "I ain't going near that shit!".

  19. Shout Cheese then bang Bang. Read the fence. Geoff Thompson is there to help you protect your self. I have used GT anti mugging in so many potential muggings for that I have learned so many people. We are not all here to make money some are here to help.

  20. "Power consists not in being able to strike another, but in being able to control oneself when anger arises".prophet muhammad ( pbuh )

  21. this is one reason why Zen is important. cause there could be a hurricane going on around you but the mind is still (at higher levels).

  22. hit them before they think of hitting you
    hit them as they think of hitting you
    hit them when they twitch
    … sounds to me that that accentuates the best time to kick (to gain time) and to damage the blocking appendage. Even a dominant appendage. I've found that, when pinned or trapped, using your weaker appendages to fling free, slap, stun, and the stronger appendage to do damage or pry open the trapped limb works like squeezing jelly through a tube. The weaker limbs are water and smoke (fire because of slapping, smoke before fire) and the stronger limbs are earth and fire (earth because of strength and fire because of stamina). Like cracking a whip.

  23. oftentimes, when I became scared, I tried to remember something. Anything that would help. But every technique kept resulting in failure or increased side effect of fear. So I instead took hold of the Lao Tzu quote saying, "The Way of the sage is to act but not to compete."

    I began to simply do. To just act. I found that I mentally (and because I see things in a first person point of perspective I saw only my story) I probably rewrote or made a bigger deal of a situation making things more complex than simply doing. So, rather than compete, I simply moved my hands. Like saying, "just because I won't deny doesn't mean I agree. Or, just because I won't agree doesn't mean I agree." Simply doing is as simple as saying, "Instead of fighting I made the gig purposeless, so that I didn't lose because it wasn't a match; and I didn't win because it wasn't a match. Only then did my animal instincts of fighting for a mate or scrapping over food finally subside. I soon after didn't fumble for techniques like a man in need of immediate but distant help he can merely see but not apply. I made things simply. I acted, not fought."

  24. Philosophy of BJJ is to take the fight to the ground, to neutralize strength and size. First thing you learn in krav maga : don't end up on the ground, else you're dead.

  25. Depends where you're streetfighting. In Thailand it's mostly knives, occasionally a gun. Mostly you need back-up, like some friends, relatives, or something hanging around. Otherwise it's 20 to 1, and you're gonna lose, unless you're Bruce Lee.

  26. Each person has his own pain tolerance some people can handle pain and some others are hurt even with a little slap .If you cant take a punch then you dont have to take martial arts training because even if you train you are a wimp and you ll never adapt to the pain of a real bare knuckle punch, because its your skin,muscles,bones and nerves that are sensitive to hits like punches, its your pain tolerance people .Dont get in to fights if you dont have a big pain tolerance.

  27. check out Letwhei + Burmese wrestling+ weapon and self defence =Bando check out this style I think it is superior in the world for street

  28. I wouldn't say that blocks NEVER work, but I will say that blocks SELDOM work. That's due in part to the fact that we don't practice them enough at full speed in training, or in more realistic scenarios.

  29. Im a big guy, a 6'3'' broad shouldered skinhead. But I have never had a fight since 12 years old in school, I'm not that kind of guy at all.

    But Mr. Thompson in his books (Dead or Alive being the main one) has showed me the skills to be aware and avoid trouble has got me out of a lot of scrapes ! I cant remember the last time I was actually threatened, but if I was I hope I will do OK. Like Mr. Thompson says "Put your drink down, Drink somewhere else and for the price of a pint youll save yourself a whole load of trouble!

  30. Geoff Thompson is one of the few people who have based their self defense on actual empirical knowledge. His advice on the reality of fighting is priceless. I wish more instructors would use his wisdom when they teach self defense. Sadly, most people have never heard of him. Thank you London Real for the great interview.

  31. You can control most confrontations by controlling yourself not to be impulsive. Be calm, fair and firm. Most guys know when to act but no point in making a situation worse when it can be sorted without either losing face.
    9 times out of 10 guy on the door beats average Joe but it's risk assement every time.

  32. Better fighters than Geoff Thompson have ended up in prison. At the end of the day, if you were a really scary fighter, who'd had hundreds of fights, the odds are, at some point, you'd have caused so much damage to at least one person, that you'd end up in jail. Of course, Geoff Thompson may be spectacularly lucky! Violence always has a negative outcome for all involved. I find constantly harping on about violence as a negative thing in itself. It is obsessive. You end up looking at the world through a pair of 'violent spectacles,' always waiting for a fight, always on guard. People go through their whole lives without having a fight. People go through their whole lives without becoming a victim. I'm all in favour of being able to protect yourself and keeping very fit, but forget the suspicion of the human race, most don't want to fight and the less you want to fight, the less violence you will witness. It has taken me many years to gain this philosophy and I hope it helps at least one person. Keep smiling and the world will sometimes smile back at you.

  33. 80% of Fights are 1 on 1 according to the latest stats I’ve seen.
    My last two fights I had in last few years guys approached me one on one with no one within 100 feet in parking lots.
    In both cases guys were mad at my driving and followed me.
    In both cases I took them down cause reality is even with years of boxing a big strong guy coukd ko me with one shot.
    There are often lucky punches.
    No lucky triangle chokes.
    U don’t get a lucky choke cause u need to do it right if u face a trained guy.
    Both happened last year within weeks. Both way bigger then my 187 lbs.

    They act like all fights are many guys vs u.
    I got news for u Geoff.
    If u face a gang u lose if u are on the ground or if u are standing.
    U cannot box 3 guys.
    That angling and obstruction crap u teach only works if the guys can’t grab u.
    If three guys attack u instinctively they grab u.
    U get your coat grabbed and u are fucked.
    Standing or on ground.
    Unless u face guys at a Star Trek convention it sonething.
    I was a pro cage fighter (13-5) and I’m the Former New England uskba champ. That’s us kickboxing.
    You clearly are biased vs grappling.
    U say the down side…
    Against two guys u wanna stay up yes.
    But u will almost certainly get taken down if u ain’t a grappler.
    Grapplers KNOW HOW TO STAY UP.
    Strikers do not.
    I say this as a lifelong striker who eventually relented and now got a bjj black belt.
    No offense Geoff but tho u may want to stay up.
    It is RARELY your choice.
    If u seen real fights or just watched world star I can see that most go down.
    If I’m facing two guys and I go down I got a chance however small to shatter ones shoulder on a kimura so fast that I then only have to face one guy.
    If I’m stuck with a guy on top of me and another looking to kick at me I got a chance of quickly using butterfly guard to roll up to combat case and stand.
    A well trained grappler can be in his feet in a few seconds Vs an average guy.
    Even a great boxer cannot be.
    He’ll lie there and get beaten.
    Frankly if I are standing and facing 3 guys…
    Why on earth would u fight and not run?
    There’s almost no reason to know striking standing up for self defense. RUN AWAY.
    I’m good at both striking and grappling. Not great but very good.
    In my experience the striking part was only good in my Cage fights.
    No way in a street fight would I take the chance of trading with a guy swinging for the ko.
    A helluva lot more guys can throw a bomb than got a prayer of strangling a skilled grappler. I was an ammy champ kockboxer and I’ve trained with 250 lb football player beginners when I was fighting at 170. That I’d want no part of in bareknuckle brawl. Even if I won I’d be hurt.
    But they are also untrained in grappling so I’d put them away in seconds on the ground.
    True I wouldn’t face them taking them down if I fought both at once. I wouldn’t face them at all.
    I’d call them cheating pussies and pull my 45 or is run. Cause I’d lose no matter what I did in hand to hand vs two bouncer types at once.
    Honestly man if I didn’t know better I’d think I never saw a real fight. I know I have and u are known for it but your observation doesn’t gel with anything I’ve seen since growing up with a series of foster parents in bad areas since I was an orphan.
    I saw lots of shit and for u to suggest grappling don’t work Vs three brawlers and to act like striking does u gotta assume y are lying to make $.
    I can maybe ko a guy in seconds and win yes. It’s 1 in 20. Only in movie to kos tend to come with the first shot unless it’s a sucker punch.
    Even then odds are against u.
    When guys got out of Cars and came at me if I didn’t rush into grappling for all I know they’d have pulled a knife or gun and killed me.
    Experience has taught me don’t fear three guys.
    Cause there are three of them they won’t use weapons.
    They’ll just send to to the ER for stitches and maybe another concussion broken nose or ribs.
    I don’t know how it is in England but in the USA most Amy guy has a knife or club in his car for easy access if he lacks a gun.
    I fear weapons.
    Maybe 50% u die if u try to punch a guy who has a good knife in his pocket.
    I sure got one.
    Why should I assume he don’t?
    U are naive if u think 3 guys in what to fear.
    1 in 500 they kill u.
    If u draw a guy who has a firearm it’s more like 50/50 u die.
    And if that guy may pull a gun or knife I’d have to be crazy to not grab him.
    I dive for the feet and as they go down if they don’t turn over allowing the choke as newbs do… and they stay back side on the pavement I’m immediately riding up to tie up their arms as I assume I’ll get stabbed cause I was stabbed before and it fucking hurt.
    Don’t believe that it doesn’t hurt cause they say nerve endings cut don’t hurt so bad.
    Bull. Never imagine so much pain as a knife in my shoulder. The thought of it makes me wince 15 years later. U don’t want that.

    Self defense is 90% bjj, judo, wrestling.
    10% learning to throw a good strait hard cross. IF U CANT GET A GUN.

    Look to jocko Willinicknguys.
    Can tell from what he says that it’s him that knows real fighting.
    Geoff was too old when the bjj mma revolution came around to try and and learn real fighting

  34. If you have to fight, hit first. If he comes to close, hit first. If he provokes you with open arms, hit first.

  35. I idolise this guy Geoff thompson his book is the best book ive read in a long time really has taught me to not be afraid of anyone and look after yourself , top man

  36. Martial Arts vs Street Fights? All martial arts have evolved from real fights but the training is no substitute for the real fight. A martial art stays valid if you test it in combat again and again. You have to send legions of soldiers, policemen and security-personel, all kinds of warriors out in the battle. And when they return, those who return, they will fill the art with life and experience again: This one worked fine, that one didn't. But why didn't it work? Because it's useless? Or have I misunderstood it? Or, heaven forbid, haven't I trained enough?

  37. the problem is the type of people that geoff trains are street filth, or just scum looking for trouble. no respect there.

  38. this guy is obviously lying he's seen hundreds of people get stabbed in street fights. I live in a rough city with a big drinking culture and have probably seen five fights in the last ten years and not one of them resulted in anyone being stabbed…

  39. this guy is obviously lying he's seen hundreds of people get stabbed in street fights. I live in a rough city with a big drinking culture and have probably seen five fights in the last ten years and not one of them resulted in anyone being stabbed…

  40. the guy has 100 fights and thinks hes something special…… in england most people from rough areas have had over 100 fights. me included.. been stabbed and everything

  41. Self awareness and the ability to walk away – granted, not always easy – have saved me from some very nasty situations in Thailand (FWIW, I grew up in Sydney so I wasn't completely unaware of the warning signs). Staggering into a bar or club half plastered, esp if you have a 'dont fuck with me mate' attitude – is a great way to end up in casualty/a jail cell or the morgue, but one scenario I've yet to see in any of the combative videos is very common in the real world : I call it the 'screaming woman distraction' and I expect that bouncers know it only too well.

    At any point in a confrontation, a woman (or several of them) start screaming and trying to insert themselves into the mayhem. Usually pissed, they'll flail around with anything from a handbag to a haymaker, usually distracting one of the combatants from his attempts to defend himself making him an easy target. Even bouncers and cops are reluctant to drop a woman in front of witnesses (esp if those witnesses have a phone) and I believe the women concerned capitalise on that. Throw in the ice epidemic in many parts of the Western world and the people on the other end find themselves trying to deal with a shrieking harpie who's unnaturally strong and resistant to pain. The tabloids here in Oz show footage of cops and hospital staff struggling to restrain emaciated women whose sole source of strength is their ice addiction.

    I wouldn't be a bouncer if it paid $500 an hour – no amount of money could make that a gig to look forward to.

  42. true when he says that these days its mainly rats who have loud mouths carrying knives acting like there dead hard, truth is 90% of them get knocked out and cant handle being beaten so they come back for revenge with there mates or threaten to burn ye house down…in all fairness they need killing these type of rats, society could do without violence

  43. After living in UK(London) and now the U.S,I would like to think I'v learned some street skills(Hopefully still learning?)I believe staying observant,using sensible judgment(knowing when to fuck off&walk away)keeping a safe distance&and not getting into BS,Trashtalking(there not the people to be concerned out)and if all this fails,then Hit hard&fast with purpose(Fist,Headbutt,knee,Elbow,feet.etc)use all the above,in any sequence&once again "Foxtrot Oscar"
    .And finally if anyone has experienced a good beating in their life(and I have from an early age)it stays with&hopefully u learn to prevent it from happening again.You feel Fear of course but u learn to cope with it&and hopefully use it 2your advantage!!!.Merry Christmas🎄&✌out..

  44. Tough trash talk has a place before and even during a fight, but it is zero if it's not backed up by a huge amount of ability. People can most of the time feel/see through acting.
    Bottom line:
    You must know that your bodily "weapons" are very powerful (extremely fast, accurate, no doubt effective),
    your must know your body is very strong and cannot be manhandled easy or at all,
    you must know you have endurance and that you will not go out of breath,
    you must know that you are able to take pain to the level of not fearing it.
    If you don't know these things about yourself, you will always be in fear of actually engaging in a fight, BECAUSE…… YOU CAN'T TRUST YOURSELF TO HANDLE THE SITUATION.
    On top of that you must train years and realistically.
    All this, in order that you have a sincere good level of confidence and not just deceiving yourself that you have real skill when you don't.
    So we are talking about time, effort, understanding, realizing, above all discipline. But once you grow and manage to acheive such characteristics you will be able to handle with almost inner peace and confidence most attackers no matter their background. At this place, the once helpfull tough talk is actually useless. -A.T.

  45. Geoff Thompson for those who dont know of him is a Doorman/Bouncer who worked the pubs and clubs of Coventry in the 1980's for 15 years thats how come hes had hundreds of fights and confrontations, trust me the man knows what hes talking about and he can back up his chat.

  46. The worse street fight I have ever seen was at a bar when two guys got started talking smack to each other. Of course it "went outside" and we all followed….they wife of one of the guys broke off a car antenna and whipped the guy from head to toe. He had cuts all over him and was bleeding everywhere and not a single punch was thrown.

  47. The biggest problem is the ego….I've got out of heaps of situations simply by not engaging and walking away….Lions don't care of the opinions of sheep….I've been doing Geoff's system of training for nearly a year…I'd never go back to martial arts but if it floats your boat then it's better than nothing at all.

  48. This guy MUST be lying. He's seen "loads of people get stabbed … by the mothers." Come on mate, that's bullshit. You've seen that maybe two or three times, unless you live or hang around with absolute scum in which case most of us normal people don't have to worry about getting stabbed by somebody's mum.

  49. someone talking to me that nose and stuff….takle him down..let the ellbows rain…break his arms..his legs..up the kneecap on a pavement edge…beat his head until hes bleeding out of ears eyes mouth…he will calm down..kek

  50. Read his autobiography years ago. It comes as three books. Watch my back, Bouncer and on the doors. Very good reading.

  51. I like Geoff and have trained wit him but posturing is a dangerous tactic these days.
    25 years ago when Geoff was on the door and the only camera about was the club's CCTV system, you could get away with it but with everybody now carrying a smartphone, however well intentioned you may be in giving the guy an out, doing so requires that you appear to be the aggressor and you will see your arse locked away.
    Palms forward, hands open and step back while clearly telling him to leave you alone, repeat. If he still comes forward, nail him.
    It's not perfect because some peoples predatory instincts are triggered by their opponents backing up but you are still forcing the adrenalized guy to come forward which many are reluctant to do and if that fails, you have managed the perceptions of onlookers.

  52. Watch the Full Episode of Geoff Thompson on London Real for FREE only at

  53. This guys an idiot I knew he was gonna say something stupid he was talking smart about jujitsu then said the worst thing u want to do is go to the ground no that's the best place to be u moron. Ya biting ok no other art is better to do that. Ya come bite one of my jujitsu guys when u are on the ground u can control the other person's body better than he can control it.let some kick le in the head while on on the ground I'll take that guy down and choke him out to this guy is full of shit

  54. You must pre-empt. You also must have in mind something like “ I am going to kill this bastard “ He postures well so can you, but don’t waste too much time on it, pre-empt and end it fast. The more violent and fast your action is will put off any associates of the person who was the frontman, if there is more than one.

  55. 'Hit First' works everytime and is the best advice in a real situation worry about the cctv later on. This man knows what he is talking about.

  56. Omg I love Geoff Thompson I got most of his books and videos bout 20 years ago on VHS lol not seen anything of him for years, Great guy

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