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Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega | UFC 226 | FIGHT PROMO

Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega | UFC 226 | FIGHT PROMO

Брайан Ортега сделал это! Он стал первым в UFC, кто нокаутировал Фрэнки Эдгара! По всей видимости следующий бой будет титульным против Макса Холлоуэя Я знаю что ты думал о бое с Максом, что можешь сказать насчет этого? Я считаю что бой против Макса должен быть следующим Дэйна Уайт пообещал организовать бой Холлоуэй vs Ортега Этот парень – чемпион. Он идет ва-банк. Не он, не я не собираемся доводить бой до решения судей. Мы хотим выйти в Октагон и финишировать друг друга. Ортега – это “человек-апперкот”, он мой ровесник. Я уверен что рано или поздно мы встретимся с ним. Но мне без разницы кто следующий. Это очень интересный бой, потому что Ортега очень опасен в стойке, а в партере он совсем на другом уровне чем кто либо другой.

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100 thoughts on “Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega | UFC 226 | FIGHT PROMO

  1. People are excited about this fight and they should be. But when Conor McGregor decides to become FW champ again, then both these fighters will face their end of their careers. Good thing Mystic Mac is now fighting at LW division!

  2. I'm sooo lookin' forward to this fight! And I swear I couldn't care less who would've won. These men will be inducted in the 'UFC HOF' at some point, for sure.

  3. Ortega can totally win however his cardio needs to be a bit better if Holloway makes it go into championship rounds and at his non stop pace then Holloway will win!!

  4. I like both guys idk who to go for it can go either way but I can't wait for the fight it's funna be lit

  5. I like Max because while not the best mma fighter he presents hard work gets you further than most and he stays true to who he is. Theres something not shown yet about Ortega but it seens like hes putting up a front to be a nice guy while trying to grow fan base and chasing the championship belt. Unfortunately skill wise and fight iq wise i think Ortega will be better than Max at both.

  6. Holloway gonna tune his ass up standing up. So don’t even make the mistake of fighting Holloway standing up. He’s young entering his prime with power behind his punches. Holloway ain’t no Frankie. Also, just a heads up he went to fight Khabib with no preparation for Khabib. Holloway doesn’t fear if you got a better ground game. #BlessedEra

  7. why are we not talking about max Holloway being top 3 in mms period dude is savage his line kings go to other villages and take over kingdoms was priceless

  8. Can't wait for this fight! We're all are going to be Blessed by Max Holloway with another title defense performance cheeehuuuu!!!!!

  9. The thing about Ortega is that you dont really see it coming, i didnt see that submission vs Swanson or KO against Edgar coming

  10. This fight is gonna be so fucking good bro I can't wait I love both these guys and may the best man win

  11. "…and on the ground, he's on a totally different level than anybody else." -Rogan on Ortega @ 1:05
    Well, Joe was absolutely right about that – Ortega's ground game can always go mid air (like @ 1:10, for example), and that literally is a new, different level of the ground game!


  13. Brian Ortega and Max holloway are both beast and i'm just looking forward to seeing how Max Holloway handles those big shots from Ortega….I think everyone think Max Holloway is gunna just get the W because he beat Aldo twice, and (stepped up short notice to fight a Killer in Khabib) but I think it's Ortega's time to take the belt in the upset from the Champ…#ANNDNEWWW #ORTEGAERA

  14. Brian “The Dullard/Human NyQuil” Boretega vs Max “The Dork” Holloway…there can only be one Dork King. Whoever wins no one will give a fuck.

  15. Max is gonna tko T-shitty in the 4th. Ortega will not be able to get max to the ground, his TD defense is too good. He will be champ at 145 till he takes over at 155 and vacates it. Kings go into others kingdoms and takeover. #blessedera

  16. wat a Ql viDO. 50/50 4 DC/sTpA(with a substNtial edge 4 DC from ‘oOtsId’ scoOrces), 50/50 4 OrtAga/mX(OtAgaz easier physicLE, mX easier mNtlE), Im gSCng niganOz got Ovr 60-70% chNc, I hav spOwkNnn✋️☹️

  17. So funny all the clowns betting against Stipe and Max, were talking about Champions, guys that don't lose lol Never bet against a champion/Stipe by decision and Max by 3rd round ko

  18. Both these dudes way too big for feather weight. They need to step up for better match ups . A lot of bigger UFC fighters are fighting at lower weight divisions and call themselves champs because they're dominating the smaller guys. They should fight where they belong.

  19. Unfortunately Holloway versus Ortega will not happen this weekend at UFC 226? Max Holloway pulled out of the fight approximately 2 hours ago something having to do with a badd weight cut?

  20. DC is only going to lose is only going to lose it next time he fights the heavyweights are going to be out for his blood

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