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***YOU CAN TURN THESE CAPTIONS OFF AND ON USING THE CC BUTTON Guten Morgen! You think I don’t know what you’re saying? Yeah, you think you’re a golden mouth You think you got the golden mouth, boy? Well you don’t got the golden mouth You’re looking at the one that’s got the REAL gold mouth You’re a prop, dad You’re a dad You’re a dad YOU’RE A DAD And a funny old bugger Your breath has brought me damage YOUR BREATH HAS BROUGHT ME DAMAGE Yeah, well you’re just a sloth You’re always like a sloth You afraid you’re gonna squirt? Afraid you’re gonna squirt? You’re like my adult big baby and I’m gonna give you a nap! You’re fun YOU’RE FUN You’ll never touch it You’ll never touch it You could never touch my dancing robe either I’m gonna tell you a little story, sweetheart It starts in a barn And then there you are You did not! It’s not right, lad You did not, and right now it’s like it’s not even gonna matter Yes you did! You freaky little man Yeah, you’re so smart, you know – I’m gonna cry all night I’m gonna ground you funny man That’s really dark, dad! Let’s go out sometime, ’cause I wanna buy you a cat Now you’re talking about doorbells? You know, it’s almost like you don’t know words Hahahhaha You don’t know words! Yeah, you don’t know the words, I see Right now, I’mma do a song called “WATCH OUT RINOLDO” Watch out Rinoldo At the fancy feast I came for the fro-yo And then I look around and there’s One deer Two deers Three deers Four deers Then my little friend says “So many deers!” I don’t belong in this deer pack WATCH OUT RINOLDO Watch out Rinoldo!

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100 thoughts on ““MAYWEATHER VS. MCGREGOR” — A Bad Lip Reading

  1. That's what a versus matches these days? Two adults, two grown-ass adults, bitching at each other like little girls for 30 seconds? Let's be honest, they're just mad because they both know they both sold out

  2. Literally

  3. All i see is what goes on between high school morons that have a pissing contest that doesnt have any justification to begin with

  4. Then mayweather ended mcgregor's career in beating his ass to a bloody pulp. All that bad mouthing with nothing to back it up, must have been embarrassing as hell, as the whole world watched his ego take a dump in the ring

  5. Makes about as much sense and carries as much significance as the original exchange (and every other shit-talking UFC exchange)

  6. Don't like Floyd's fighting style but he made a giant asshole of Conor! I never seen a fighter carry a bum for 10 rounds!😂😂😂😂

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