100 thoughts on “Mayweather VS McGregor Calisthenics Prep Workout | THENX

    (Don't worry if you didn't win, we do this every Sunday!)
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  2. Hey dog I'm a fighter and I gotta say you're right that calisthenics for striking is great. But that's it. It sucks for grappling because the movements don't correlate to lifting and controlling an opponent.

  3. Because of you, i got motivated to start doing calisthenics for my dancing (bboyin) I got stronger on my moves i feel lighter doing my moves core strength is way better im still progressing more and more but its working thank you Chris!

  4. Im a martial artist but i think Mayweather will WIN!
    Boxers are well respected by us MMA guys & they learn to take a lot of punishments too …
    Also McGregor needs to show a bit more respect for Mayweathers legacy!
    Good luck to both guys though, i know i have to cheer my compatriot (UK-IRE) but im going U.S. this time!
    Thanks Chrisheria for the vid
    Cheers from UK

  5. i love the way you do things so easily, i literally look up to you the only thing that i hate is that i can not lift myself doing pull ups i always try but can not seem to do it. thank you for being a inspiration to me though.

  6. hey Chris! i've grown from 69 to 80kg in 3 months thx to your programm, i was damn skinny but now everyone is impressed of my results!! thank you man!

  7. I hope to upload a video
    Exercises that help strengthen the shoulders and hands of the beginning in push up and pull up.
    Because I want exercises to start but I find my shoulders weak with the wrist

  8. Cris please check out the actor who plays Bellamy from the series The100 . I don't know but it's your double

  9. Hi!

    You are still charging me payments….
    I have deleted my account a long time ago but still you are charging me payments. I have contacted your support team many times but no one answers. I have also send you email directly but no answer. STOP CHARGING ME PAYMENTS AND CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION FFS.

  10. what's the difference if I max out my reps for a specific amount of sets than just doing a specific amount of reps with sets. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I'm trying to start calisthenics but idk which way to go

  11. I can confirm that like he said if you follow the programs and stay consistent and committed, you will be shredded. I speak from experience

  12. As a longtime member of Thenx, as well as being a muay thai athlete, I just want to say this is absolutely nothing like how Mcgregor and Mayweather train.

  13. hey chris, hoping for a response here! I have a couple questions.
    1. I have recently started working out in joggers and a light sweatshirt so i can sweat more, thinking it may burn more fat. Is this true?
    2. I have been running 3 miles at a time a couple days a week with baggy sweatpants and heavy sweatshirt. Am i really helping myself get better with cardio having to work through the heat and sweat? Or am i simply draining myself for no reason?
    3. I have heard cardio may "weaken" your gains. I run 3 miles every sunday and friday, with my workouts in between those days. usually Monday is arms, wednesday legs, friday run, saturday off, sunday run. I feel weaker on mondays after i do my running and find myself getting more tired. should i lower my running to once a week?
    Love your videos and really look forward to possible feedback, thanks!

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