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Mba Tina Bule Nantangin Jawara Pencak Silat Padepokan Cimande

Mba Tina Bule Nantangin Jawara Pencak Silat Padepokan Cimande

oh …, I’m sorry
ahh.. tiger rawwrr… hello everyone,
how are you today? hope you guys are fine today, I’m at Padepokan Cimande this is a place to practice the ‘pencak silat’ an Indonesian native martial arts, ‘pencak silat’ so, I have to master it and I will try to practice it but, before watching this video don’t forget to
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don’t forget to check out my new brand ‘Mba Tina Bule’ I made this t-shirt for my viewers and my subscribers have you had it yet? well, let’s practice it first hello, Sir
how are you? I’m good I am Mba Tina Bule,
nice to meet you Sir, I really want to practice pencak silat yes please may I join?
yes, you may okay,
but there are prerequisites if you want to join in practicing pencak silat in
Padjadjaran Cimande ya
you have to wear a uniform okay
you can’t if you don’t wear a uniform please wait here while I take the uniform nice, thank you very much well, I have to wait the uniform let me change clothes first tadaa..
I already wear a uniform Sir, I am ready to practice okay, are you ready? yes, I am please sit down with the others okay well, for basics Cimande has position training, the first position is squat down
the movements are like this you, come here squat down Ms. Tina please see this ya this position is Budi Bakti Sakti later, punch.. punch.. like this two punch again, well, that kind of movement if it is accelerated well, this is for exercising the bones,
your bones have to be well trained ouch..
that is the thew, the bone itself,
we train to strengthen our bones okay ouch.. it is really hurt
your hand, lift your sleeves pull it okay well, there will be sign “bersedia” do this Budi
Budi Bakti
Bakti Sakti
Sakti okay, move your hand to this position good later you punch me punch me,
punch well, like this okay, like this.. oww.. are you okay? well, punch with your left hand how?
punch, your left hand good
like this? okay well, like this ya?
okay okay, this is for exercising our strength strength, okay
the power of the punch if there’s sign like this, it lifted up we have to punch it, this is the example ya?
okay punch like this?
yep, full power you have to use this bone okay prepare the stance there will be a sign which it lifted up
then you hit it okay is it like this? the stance?
make it a good stance get down get down good getting ready
well, punch okay okay, let’s continue to the
basic movements training of Padepokan Cimande’s moves Tina please join the line okay, thank you everyone, get ready Budi, Bakti, Sakti stretch your left leg lift up,
make low stance low stance ouch.. well, same
please don’t stretch this, and this
ou.. ouch.. get low strengthen it and this has to be tough 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 1.. 2.. 1.. well.. your stance must be,
well, like this, this is good this kind of stance is bad,
if I do this, no, no, don’t like this?
good, so it’s tough it seems nice in the camera,
but it must be them, not me and it’s really difficult,
I am tired but, the training is really good always in shape, if we train this let’s continue okay, our next exercise is fight okay I am using life vest what is this called?
body protector body protector a life vest well, next Tina i just sit down,
so scared I’m so scared I don’t like fighting well, I’m scared well, so she can punch me,
but I don’t want to punch her so scared because I am very tall when we was training we had to hold the chest,
but I held her neck it must be hurt,
but I already apologize hope I don’t hit anybody now let’s begin oh my god well, Tina make handshake good, this is the rule of pencak silat hitting neck to the top is prohibited also genitals, well, target this,
and slamming is allowed okay, are you ready?
ready? and now what I do oh, … I’m sorry,
ouch.. what are you doing,
I was not ready okay, ready please be serious but I’m so scared well, I tried to do sparring, but I got kicked
and it was really hurt I still need to practice more for sparring, right? I’m not ready for that and I just wanna try for combination let’s start practicing okay, let’s start practicing choreo movements about how to use the moves okay, ready?
good let’s make a stance right foot forward good make a stance Budi, Bakti, Sakti yay, okay thank you Sir, so after taking this training
I have seen it there there’s a musical instrument,
what is it used for? well, in pencak silat,
especially at Padjadjaran Cimande, there is some aspect the first aspect is mental spiritual and then martial arts the third is culture aspect one of them is you have to master
the kendang pencak and gamelan can I try it?
yes you can so, there will be a martial artist
accompanied by musical instrument okay, nice okay, ready to try?
I’m ready, let’s go okay, umm.. there is.. 4 parts okay, and each part has a different sound this one sounds “pak” eh, why is mine different? the technique is,
it sounds different, right? yes,
the technique is place your feet to its knot like this, and cover it with your heel oh, electrocuted oh.. place under your feet
and cover it and this sounds “ting” using index finger this sounds “tung” oh.. okay my adventure today is so exciting I have learned pencak silat
and its musical instrument in this place, very cool Mba Tina Bule a little bit scared but its okay, I have to come here again
to practice more, right Sir? thank you very much Sir, for your patience on taking care of me today maybe you have some detail to say
for my viewers, maybe location and.. ya the training itself, here ya, if you want to join with our martial arts college in Padjadjaran Cimande, well, hopefully you can join us
you can see our address here and our phone number that can be contacted and hopefully, after Ms Tina comes here, it will become motivation to develop our culture to become more famous in other countries good, thank you very much Sir for my viewers, if you like this video don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE,
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and see you on the next video bye-bye ~

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100 thoughts on “Mba Tina Bule Nantangin Jawara Pencak Silat Padepokan Cimande

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    Salam kenal dari saya orang cimande yg krja d bali

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  3. terimakasih mba tina bule secara tidak langsung sudah melestarikan dan mengenalkan salah satu budaya di indonesia khusunya budaya jawa barat. , sungguh menginspirasi

  4. crew nya niat banget,
    tiap vidio dibuat kayak acara tv tapi cuman 1 segmen
    sekali2 kalau colabs buat segmen ngomong2/diskusi dong plus sedikit drama buat naikin viewers

  5. saran buat mbak tina, coba mbak cara komunikasi ke kamera lebih natural aja mbak. kalau mau mix language ngga masalah. yg penting jgn terlalu formal jadi malah kaku. backsound jg jangan terlalu kencang mbak. itu aja mbak yg penting santai aja, enjoy,relax,nikmati dan informal aja ngomongnya. thks, god bless

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    Yg lebih berat lagi latihan nafas tingkat tinggi mba tina?

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