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Closed Captions were added by Moxi team.
Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Brother, do you have fire? Of course Brother, I only borrow a fire Brother, I only borrow a fire, how can you do that? Brother I only borrow a fire Don’t you like live broadcasting? Give your Right brother an infantry version of self-portrait Ah! Xiaomei, I’m late Who did this on you? He’s Wangmian., right? He’s Wangmian., right? You speak! It’s me. What can you do? You’ve got a lot of skill You overcame all the difficulties in the way To be a hero to save a beauty Why did you betray me? Mian brother, I’m just here to visit you Visit me? Do you celebrate children’s day? Come and see me with a toy gun No no I’m coming in a hurry If you’re not in a hurry Can you take two lollipops? You’re very childlike Aren’t you trying to kill me? Come on Use the gun in your hands Today I give you an opportunity To realize your dream Come, use your gun to shoot me Come on, I’ll try my best to cooperate with you That’s not good. Don’t dawdle If I regret it, you’ll be unlucky Mian brother Then…I’ll shoot Oh oh oh Little son of a bitch, I’ll never let you go if I’m a ghost Is it okay? Is my acting okay? Good good Hey, brother Since I realize your dream It’s my turn, right? I’ve always liked you very much If there is no such thing I’ll give you the place of my successor Man can’t go the wrong way Brother, say good-bye Wait, Mian brother Don’t you smell anything? What? The smell on you What’s that? The main ingredients are H2O, a small amount of glucose Say something reasonable That is urine Ah! Yes This is better than before Good Just like this Expression Mian brother Move up a little bit Ah Acting Xiaomei Are you okay? Xiaomei You wait Xiaomei Xiaomei You sit Wait for me I’ll back soon

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