Medical Cost In Malaysia (Shockingly ⁉️ LOW ~ NOT a Typo)

hi CF Lieu here now in today’s video I want
to really share with you how much medical cost in Malaysia really cost
right how much does it cost to be hospitalized and go through certain
procedure now you see that medical cost or medical procedures in Malaysia it’s
very regulated it’s like a Government Gazette okay now but it has not been
revised for a lot of years not at the time of this it has been revised a few
years back but still at the time at the point where it was being revised I think
it was in 2014 I mean this is a notice by this Bend Minister of Health
right at the top Street dr. Subramanyam the fact is medical medical procedure in
Malaysia is very regulated in a sense is stated in something called the
thirteenth schedule private healthcare facility and services regulations are
2006 now here’s the thing is the thing unlike you know lawyers as a profession
whereby the fees are actually also regulated this certain guideline on
schedule the lawyers fees is always as far as I know they always say what is
the minimum a lawyer can charge okay when it comes to their fees but when it
comes to talk to us the scared you actually help doctor what is the maximum
they can charge so they can charge more than what is stipulated in this 13th
schedule for lawyers they can actually charge much more than that because that
is how I called a minimum schedule so whoever I take him out with this
actually very very smart when it comes to lawyers doctors not very so because
the fees typically is the maximum that can charge but how much it really costs
right and today I’m going to go to death with you but just so that this is not
something that I make up because it’s follow these 13th schedules are based on
Malaysia Medical Association schedule fourth edition 2002 one thing to know is
that the the fees it’s only for the medical procedures what we call it the
consultation fees and then doctor actually you know do something like
consultation report and all that but the other components you know of the
hospital charges that the fees for accomodation let investigation nursing
can use of equipment operation room drugs and all that it’s not regulated
right due to the varying cost in operating and maintaining public
hospital different areas of the country you see total cost of treatment policy
is related higher okay cause in a public of course is cheaper if it’s highly
subsidized by government right and it says also here right and I have empathy
for doctors is because you know me say about inflation three four percent a
year minimum minimum actually it’s more than that when it comes to personal
inflation for most people however here’s the thing it has not been revised since
like more than ten years right before this region came along and what it means
is that in the public was crying for about all I mean you know the
medical cost is going high now medical supplies maybe some are going
sky-high skyrocketing because you know of the Advancement in medical technology in medicine but doctor fee has been like it probably would have very bad profession
to be in because you cannot charge more your fees has not been inflation
adjusted for the past more than ten years right this is why makes a lot of
people not people a lot of doctors actually complain especially general
physician GP as you can see from this video over here when they have a
dialogue with the new Pakistan new ministry
Minister of Health you know that I’ve draw for some other we do know there’s
no worries babysit yes how about offense right for
all of them salvation in a better and your games the primary hospital can charge 100
waiting as I outside when I touched everything 125 now that being said jumping up to here
the fees and consultation a systematic approach they had not bad never been
revised static since 2002 right and of course it’s cheaper than other
countries so there was a rich average about fourteen point four percent
professional fee which announced based on CPF for the past eight years and I
have feeling empathy for doctor because 14.4%
know for eight years is just like nothing right
but you know the public might have developing it if your doctor watching
this actually and be view because I know that your your job is saving life so
your piece of work more than that than a 14% increase
yes that’s what it state that you know over here
so again fourteen point four percent which is lower than 30% Mme actually
Malaysian medical social actually proposed thirty percent rate increase
but government only approved the ministry half ministry only approved
half of them right so let me say let’s jump in here I have some very good
sharing with you on this the exact number the exact piece for exact define
medical procedures over here this is called a thirteen schedule now these 174
pages but half of it is in impassible Asia the half a reason English I’m just
going to go to you you’re not English part of the thirteen schedule very
interesting that’s something that I learned also for a doctor right the
office hours of course actually ranges from 8 to 6 8 to 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
because you see out of these 8 to 6 p.m. is what we call as hours and the changes
are actually different right so what we sit and all that so let’s see over here
what they have over here for what we said including rounds you know making
other people conversation may be charged by maximum to within a day regardless
activities may exit in cases where additional each other
which means that that is why this makes sense right doctor only visit you two days
you know like two days not two times in a day which is why Medical card generally
only cover for two times visit in a day if you got hospitalized and doctor for
whatever reason visit you more than two times of the day then the medical card is
not going to cover you and the extra visit you have to actually bear on your
own right and it also says that two or more procedure meaning that imagine
there are two surgeons operating on you at the same time and normally you know
two specialists like surgeon and Ness has peace I really have difficulty
pronouncing this term anyway um they say that each other at 50% of
that cross the idea so they cannot charge you like hundred percent hundred
percent so they have to something like discount that fees or something like
that and then when two or more procedures are performed two separate
incision meaning that in sequence rather than together then you know you can the
doc the surgeon the specialist can only charge rise gently percent of all
respective professional fee stipulated in this deal so just on here when the
procedure is complex in nature and the total coach of our second surgeon shall
not exceed 15% so it means that more than let’s say you have a heart
surgery the way I understand this is that you need to heart surgeon because
very complex once again cannot how team can accept oh that’s why sake only can
the 50% of stipulated please consultation please now this very
interesting in stage four for GP your neighborhood
doctor the consultation they get touchy about thirty to one to five I have not
seen really doctor church 125 per visit for the first visit any clinic what we
charted I think right although they are not breaking the thirteen schedule
here would be you know people who actually run away from that right
normally they even chat light sometimes I see if you look good to any
outpatient clinics coming like this in 15 or 20 ringgit still like the under
charging because if you know if chat like it’ll sit feeling it no no no
people were actually want to go to that like way underpaid for a lot of doctors
right so if the consultation is the after skinning hours after six mini of
good or clinic on the night shift right evening shift dr. kay can charge 50%
above the usual rate so if the clinic normally charity ring it on the first
consultation they can charge right 75 for example now if you actually ask the
doctor to come to you house car or house we see now I mean I thought that it cost
me a lot of money but you don’t have to be like a millionaire to actually do
that because if you call doctor to your house they can charge double assume that
if normally they’d just be tearing it then it is 100 ringette right it’s not
too bad and not too bad for house visit and say that we’re cleaning
we found pharmaceutical service ring the very last minute because pharmaceutical
service they can chat a bit more what else em consultation for a home call we
see ok specialist feet first we see initial consultation they can sell up to
8 P so you see the lower limb is higher 82 235 which is why I think some
Hospital no consultation fees for doctor I see this a hearing it I did not
realize it really is just a mattr minimum not the maximum I some doctor I
catch at 110 you know even go to hospital and I know all that
but obviously this is skill between this if we just a teeth on actually say
expensive because you ravine is the minimum of this schedule right and again
this reapplying after getting our three percent above house call house is a
hundred percent now how about follow our follow up visit or consultation you wow
it seems like it’s only half of this right if it’s a follow up with a
consultation which is why if you go to a hospital you have to equip press to
press your number before you register for that right for admission or whatnot
or consultation this to button over there when you get the number one is
initial with the visit and the second button is always about follow up
consultation well now I understand why they have this had to differentiate
between these two because you know doctor consultation fees are different
right and of course you see you too oncology dismal an outpatient you know
cancer treatment seems like basic treatment around this disfigured and all
that so moving on to a thing here might be five of the ECG with report which is
a normal item normally when you go to health check medical check on you know
some insurance declaration it cost you that much of money jump to here
ninety-eight now so just very calm proceed here when it come to you know
you have appendix problem right normally you cut that out right we wish I think
they could attend it can be stopped me and eat don’t don’t laughed or not right
I mean if you like this so far don’t laugh but instead if you want to laugh
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so you can reach more people that needs this information such as you please help
me out with that thank you very much now that being say it’s cost about like only
of a thousand five I thought it’s about like three thousand right but if again
you had the urgent situation let’s say if you have singular Singapore it could
consume easily like thousand five single or with your medical insurance as you
know medical card you only reimburse you for what is reasonable customer in
Malaysia Malaysian rate right so they are not going to reimburse you if you
have this surgery on an urgent situation in Singapore I normally know whatever
you get appeal for that but you know 50 50 percent chance okay
they being say my okay what now this is very pretty funny because it’s a repair
of you know this one is still rectum or anus within your butt and they say
repair of anal trauma it cost you around thousand three I wonder what kind of
situation you have anal trauma maybe maybe they’re going for something very
kinky in the bedroom that’s why you would have a
anal trauma I mean that’s a guess now you’re moving on
so these procedures is actually quite like three four thousand I mean if you
have no teeth now that it’s really not so unaffordable right when it come to
consultation fee it’s really like nothing right now why medical bill and
promises are so expensive because it comes to all those medical supplier you
use the surgery operating theater and all that all that adds up even when
gloves one cotton bud okay that they are actually using for you that everything
of the chargeable plus certain like SST and all that but as far as you can see
the medical procedures the fees which is regulated I’m not that unaffordable but
when it come to student condition like very complicated like nerves you can see
nerve surgery are very relatively higher pitch compared to other kind of
fifty-five thousand seven thousand five thousand nine and all that so you know
talk to who are specializing did you make big money right compared to let’s
say a skin specialist which I’m going to actually go through with you okay when
you find okay night general Dermott toss Jerry yet so you know that this cyst scars
and if skin and order is only like in three figures rather than mid four
figures for neurosurgery for example right so all this it’s actually normally
a lot of the GP clinic nowadays at least you know from where I stay they also
have an in-house and a facility whereby they can do all these dermato surgery
like laser treatment and all that I think that actually makes them more
money than when you go to a doctor you say that I have a flu fever and all that
but we are going to check your experience all right well these are the
part with the money a lot of GP carry makes a lot of money for this like
specialized laser surgery which is more like a cosmetic you know surgery and all
that like you know top the core skin clinic or something like that now moving
on what is here when you see one okay so I think I have another thing interesting
over here in this share with you here okay angioplasty very common which
is worry heart balloon obviously is not that
expensive thousand seven two thousand something you know whether they use in
certain metal stent or not you know but normally when you do this here do this
procedure it cost you like twenty thirty thousand probably because all the
medical supplies comes into place right which is unregulated again like I
say as far as doctor fees is really not that high neurosurgery you see it
reaches about seven thousand the new your brain and all that consider if
you’re specially in that I think they’re looking for you know you do these ten
surgeries you know in a month you basically have seventy thousand
right on that man now that is how fees are caesarean delivery very
interesting is only less than two thousand my wife had one and it cost us
about that copies hospital stay and all that data together the normally called
entire package not normal no no normal delivered only costs you like already
cost you at three four thousand cesarean I think by the time of this recording is
about like five figures right right and that’s nine or ten thousand of twelve
thousand but actually dr. fish only part of that because all these about
operating theater the medical supplies and all that right now that I know is
really not that expensive it’s the medical supply that really kills a lot
of people when it comes to these medical expenses now moving on now again this
world is very interesting obviously this is a big section over here three male
reproductive organs you have like different different kind of surgery you
know obviously I was absolutely blown away by the kind of surgery you can do
to a female reproductive organs including the vulva and lobby okay well
anyway to hear what I have for you 128 now this is where 128 well very
interesting paternity test can of course you don’t have to do a maternity test
because although obvious who when the woman give birth to a child
that’s the that’s her children right actor native that’s obviously you know
cause it comes me cost life about 135 to 400 in your DNA test it’s not that
expensive anyway so by the way if the video is already out by the way I’ve
already written it done I think the net has not actually had a reason yeah but
you already have you just check out you know what’s popping up over here you can
see how and why I do my self DNA test so moving on to this one psychiatry now
psychiatry is more like have a piece right on a publicity if you feel like
you have depression your something is wrong over here
you’re out of your mind this one this is how much it costs to actually go through
four four four well for the five minute sessions or things like that right it’s
not that expensive it’s still very affordable now I’m gonna jump down
really fast over here and to hear pirate veins and OH medical exam theme it is
very normal and you want to apply for insurance or medical card for that
matter seems like you know for non-special equal to GP clinic medical
exam or likely to cost you about ninety to 230 that is where the doctor check
you in the right statement chopper spot spam on there and right we don’t write
something a comment all that it costs me this amount but if you apply for medical
card normally this is the fees that engine company back to be reimburse you
for your actually pay the doctor for it depends how its arranged now for
especially we have a medical examination your cost a lot more as you over here so
that’s why specialist and more than GP very you know because pits are higher
right medical exam for life insurance is around this 170 to 500 medical report
fee you know when you go to your attending fee especially to get a
statement of your condition they can charge you like fifty five sixty people
party is very expensive indeed but know that is actually on the low side of
things because they can actually charge you up to 330 and 570 just for that
and this is also very interesting because court attendance fee now I have
a high end they told me sometimes pal of each job you know he’s not he’s a doctor
by qualification and he also does a lot of research right but sometimes we have
to actually go to the court testify for certain condition especially if some or
case that used to follow up so it’s very hopefully is very frustrating because
your doctor just want to do your thing and then you’ll be caught by the court –
and it has to be fine for some conditions and all that right so medical
different events and functions for our so again Wow I mean this is this is
actually not much but court attendance fee right he took out the cutter medical
practitioner who being called as a witness as it required to study such
case not people patient on the same position practitioner that expert
opinion I think I also heard from another colleague of mine and not
colleague another eye primer doctor hey I’m another doctor fan of mine
attack your are doctors they actually specialize in doing this because this
you can actually make good money right because if you are non expert witness
you can be paid like an education incurring the cost of traveling of pay
line one by one like a day expert witness you can pay gap a light 2,000 a
day you do that for 10 times in a 10 times in a month
20,000 income just for that right right and so can you just imagine I didn’t say
more income yeah well now now second part dental fee no dental fees of course
for dentists dental surgeon they can’t really charge as much
regulated it’s a white wing in 55 to trip with 345 again it depends on your
branding or how competitive you are in your market you know smaller town much
as lower then he’s at an urban City my charge higher for them you know give
another depending and all that so this is data 10 October 20 you know 2013 so
what else so as you can see just to wrap up this I hope that gives you good good
good perspective on how much a medical cost in Malaysia actually cost right
it’s not as scary but you still need to have a medical card a medical card as
you can see if you cover most of the medical supplies and the use of the
facility advanced treatment which is not part of doctors or specialists fee to
cover for that that is unregulated you cannot exceed anticipate how much
that’s going to cost right that’s right easily that is going to be like
inflation of like 14% per year and all that doctor consultation fee probably
only like 10 or 20% our entire medical bill which is why I say in summary when
you buy a medical card you are only actually covering mostly the medical
supply charge by private hospital now let me say if you like this this this
video this lesson be sharing on light you know subscribe if you haven’t
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insurance part of it you know let me know in the comment section below what
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this you know I can direct you you know I looked at the comment section myself
so look at I just post you know say that I won this this fee so you know any
medical procedure actually you can you refer back and see how much it cost and
all that I’ll refer you to where you can get this exact PDFs images of public
talking one but you might not miss it I don’t know where to find let me say I’m
CFLieu you know I’ll see you in another weeks of lesson you

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