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Mein MMA – Kampfsport Erlebnis [Review/Storytime]

Mein MMA – Kampfsport Erlebnis [Review/Storytime]

So I just got the idea to go out and do MMA It is very likely that I watch training today and never go back… however let’s see I am looking for the so called “Open Gym” right now in which the training is supposed to take place Ok… It is totally dark and I have no idea so I will ask someone now So I just asked someone and the gym seems to be right in the middle of the park on the grass ground itself So the training is outside in a park. The reason for choosing Dragon MMA was that is has “Dragon” in its name and I like Dragons ! That was why I thought “Ah, I think this will be a good Gym” So I just had my first training and he just showed me how to do the jab and cross and how to stand in the right position I needed 30 minutes to finally get the position right xD However now I mastered it and tommorrow he told me to come back Actually I myself want to return as it was interesting and to my surprise it was not that exhausting I sweated without feeling totally exhausted That is just perfect for me as I can’t stand exhaustion This sport seems to be perfect Very nice So right now I am on my way for my second trainings lesson and as he told me to buy some stuff I will go to a shop he recommended me to buy a gumshield, groin guard and boxing wraps I hope that I will find everything I need By the way I forgot to tell you that this sportswear was lent to me by my co worker Judith My trainor did not accept my version of sportswear The trainor said: “You cannot be serious. These aren’t sport clothes.” “Go and get regular sportswear by tommorrow!” Found the shop “Wtf what is THAT?” “DoI really need something like that?” “It seems to be for protecting the groin area…” *totally looks stupid – Size XXXL* Maja? Did you also had to buy something like that? I am a bit confused.. I think I simply won’t buy that. So right now I am walking home as there is no other possibility.. I just hope that I will be in time for training. Oh and I am terribly hungry 🙁 Is it a good idea to go to training with an empty stomache? Or is it better to eat something before training? Today was quite exhausting But look now I have these cool boxing wraps It was exhausting because I was simply excercising the boxing punches the whole session – nothing else My arms are very tired now Even holding the phone is exhausting However I have the feeling.. My friend Maja is doing semi contact MMA however I start to believe that the training I enrolled in is full contact Because he is explaining me stuff like “While fighting someone allways focus one point” “Your goal is to break that point. It can be the nose etc.” “The more you hit that point, the more it will break” “.. and your opponent will go down” That was the philosophy of today’s training Hey.. so today we did wrestling and I did not like it at all I really like boxing more However today another girl was there I did the training together with her My upper body is hurting a lot especially my breast It really was not cool at all We constantly ran against each other
and it was just stupid Ok, so today was simply a nightmare it was just “Shit” We did Wrestling again and her boxing wraps were made in a wrong way so she scrapped my whole arms bloody… .. everytime that we ran against each other I don’t blame her however it still was awful and annoying and then.. Do you know what I or rather what WE had to NEXT?! She played dead and I was told to dragg her around The dragged distance was aimed to be 500 to 1000 m Well.. after 250m I felt like I was dying It was SO exhausting and hard just awful Then I had to go 250m back … It did not become easier AT ALL When that excercise was FINALLY over came the next impossible task The Trainor was like: “Oh well let us practise a take down” And then I was supposed to LIFT her That did not work at all How am I supposed to lift her?! It simply was Impossible Still, I tried to lift her… Well my shoulders already felt like they are breaking when I simply tried to dragg her before lifting her was simply impossible Then he was like: “Hm? If that does not work let us do something easier” “so you two do Squats now and carry each other on your back :)” I was like: “WHAT?” *He cannot be serious” Then she climbed on my shoulders…. It was absolutely impossible for me to stand up o.o My legs cannot possibly carry such weight I don’t know – it was simply impossible Actually she managed to lift me one time before her legs gave up Next he made us do some leg excercises that I couldnt do either as I am not very bendable I did not manage to do the excercise right well and then he told us: “Hm! If all that doesn’t work: Drag each other again” It was simply very exhausting Tommorrow will be so painful… because after yesterday my body was already paining however how bad will the muscular pain be after today? … It will probably get worse?! Only after yesterday’s training I already had difficulties walking during the day… So I just arrived at the elevator bringing me home And I can only say this: I am very exhausted and tired Today was a lot of fun! 😀 I trained together with Clara some boxing punches Today’s training really challenged my hands/arm again because we were practising punches the whole session At the end also against or rather “with”(?) .. -I don’t know how to say it as he was just standing there- .. Shubham *thinking back and laughing*
(I laughed during training also it was very weird to hit someone) Well This was the first time that training session felt so long even when I was doing wrestling it did not feel that long However today training just seemed to stretch Even though I came 30 minutes too late So I just trained from 19:30 to 20:30 It was not very cool (that it felt that long) Apart from that it was just too exhaustin because trainor wanted me to punch full speed & force ehm.. well both for the whole lesson.. I couldn’t do it That is far too echausting to me…Still, I tried However it wasn’t hard and fast enough all the time He was like: “What are you doing?” “You are supposed to imagine that you want to kill” And I was like: “Well I don’t want to kill anyone.” Trainor: “Yes! You want to kill him!” Trainor: “Do you have any idea what it means to be in the ring? ” (You need to “kill” your opponent) I was just like: “Ah.. Ehm…” “I don’t plan to go into any ring and or cage” That was one of the moments where I asked myself ‘Jamila.. Why did you choose this sport?’ ‘Why didn’t you just enroll in some running group?’ ‘ or some sport group that simply does excercises.’ ‘Wouldn’t that be easier?” Ugh… my arms are hurting Today felt long even though it was shorter than usual Oh and my trainor said after session: “Tommorrow is sunday right? ” “So you should come to training” “and please come by 5 pm” “because sunday is a holiday… perfect to let go” “That is why we will be doing training from 5 pm to 8pm” This would mean that we would do TWO sessions. I was like: ‘Is he kidding me?’ ‘Is he joking ? He cannot be serious” In case he was serious I am considering ditching training tommorrow and just stay at home. So a little retroperspective: The double session training on sunday didn’t take place Well it was very sad.. ~ No i am joking I wasn’t sad at all It was perfect that I could take a break from training Well and today I learned the kicks that I was supposed to learn on sunday: Frontkick and so on And I came too late on purpose? No I am joking. It wasn’t on purpose The story was like that: I got home, stood in front of my “homedoor and realised that i hadn’t got my key” Usually my key hangs around my kneck… This time it wasn’t there I was like:’ Shit. I cannot enter my flat?” My co workers were not reachable as they did Yoga And then I sat in front of the door for a while Then while looking for food I found it in my bag Now everything could have been fine However I wanted to shower and eat something So the time passed by very quickly and I came late In the end it wasn’t a big problem because the leg excercises were quite challenging I can already see how my legs will hurt tommorrow Well Actually I am quite curious how it will go on with MMA Will I have the motivation to do MMA in the future? Till now I am still going However who knows how long it will go We will see It is still quite interesting for me Also in training there is a guy with whom I am constantly fighting So now it has become a challenge not for him but for me One him I will be stronger and make him pay for his stupid remarks Maybe we will become friends (Afterall life is weird) At the moment even just thinking about him makes me quite angry #annoying person However till now he hasn’t crossed a serious line yet So the outcome is open Ok, so today was the first time… that – Oh .. I look horrible.. – Who cares … was the firsttime that I fought in motion so it was more like a fight-chase against Shubham Shubham is the one that I train with the most Actually he is the only one apart from me who goes to training The other members do not seem to be interested or rather they always find excuses not to come Well so today he was my partner in training and my assignment was to make him fall as in K.O One time I wanted to kick his face however i accidentely kicked his balls because I had miscalculated. It really wasn’t on purpose My leg wasn’t raised enough and so that happened. Today was overall interesting So I boxed against him. His assignment was to block and to avoid me by moving So it was more like a chase However he didn’t took it seriously (blocking) For him it seemed to be funny and well in the end I hit his face and other places Everytime I landed a punch or kick I was very worried that I had hurt him So I put less strength in my next punch The trainor in the background was like: “Huh? You need to hit harder! Put in more effort!” And I was like: “Yeah.. but I will hurt him :(.” (as he was not blocking correctly) It was annoying to constantly worry about the opponent Like: “Was he hurt? is everything ok?” However the thing is that once you concentrate on correctly throwing the punches you do not have time to worry about your opponent, so you easily hit his face etc (if he doesnt block) furthermore the trainor showed me a video of a professional full contact fight And I said to him: ” I seriously doubt that you will ever see me fighting in a ring against someone.” He replied: “What are you talking about?!” “You have a lot of potential!” Then Shubham came and agreed with trainor: “Yeah! your punches are quite strong” I was like: “What?! (are you talking about)” Did these two ever look on my “Spagheti-arms? There is no way that my punches are hard However trainor said that there are some humans that are gifted regarding their punching power And I thought:’ Yeah that may be however not me.’ I am not one of these humans Do I look like I would become a professional fighter? I don’t think so I have difficulties believing that he was serious Also I do not believe that my punches are that hard Yeah, I made S. fall 2-3 times however.. (I believe that it is due to him not taking me serious and taking puches) Well who knows oh and one time I feared to have broken his neck. I performed an uppercut and took him by surprise I had hit full force and his head just flew backwards with a cracking noise i was just stunned like: ” Oh Shit.. Shit. Careful, Jamila” “What did just happen? Is he alright”
*me in my head* He got up and said: “Wow, that punch was very good!” I just asked: “Are you alright? I am sorry” “It was not my intention to hurt you..” The trainor in the background: “Why are you stopping?” “You need to hit harder!! What are you doing? Hit him!” And i was like: ‘If I hit more, he will fall down again… :(” On the other hand this was my assignment..*realising it* I am not joking: I am dead tired. Today’ session was quite something else So today I was told to hit the boys. There were three. They were told to tighten their stomach muscles and I was told to hit against it…. full speed and force and that was SO exhausting… With passing time I nearly fell asleep while boxing. Simply because I had reached my energy limit… While boxing I asked myself: ‘ How can fighters keep going in a fight when it is this exhausting and tiring.’ Before we started boxing I did Squats while jumping in order to strengthen the leg muscles Everything was so energy draining There is a new guy in training now and I don’t really get it. He is able to carry another guy that is taller and stronger while running rounds. So he is carrying that guy and running around How?? I couldn’t lift Rifa (the girl) a single inch that day My arms felt as if they were breaking and my legs didn’t feel conscious anymore And eben apart from that he is doing quite challenging training right from the start I on the other hand am already exhausted when I 80- 100 Squats per round 50 times each punch and kick on each arm per round already completely exhausted. Normally we do like two rounds per excercise and my whole body is crying out after each training The funny thing today was when they asked me: “When are you having your first fight?” And I was like: “Eeh.. I won’t fight any fight at all” they were like: “What aren’t you training to get into the ring one day? – to fight against others?” I simply said: “Nope.” One of the guys said: “trust me, one day you will wake up burning with the will to fight in the ring.” I just said: “Seriously, I doubt that will ever happen.” I wake up in the morning hoping to have enough motivation and discipline to go to training day after day I would be sad if I stopped going Today I went to training for the first time after five days and I didn’t walked as usual. I jogged to training I was quite proud to be able to jogg for 2km I did it in order to throughly warm up However on my way I was a bit insecure about training because I did not feel good these last days Well I was worried whether I would make it through training or not /whether I could endure it That was the reason why I was doubting it to be a good idea to go training while going However I must say that: I feel much better than before training I don’t know why training was exhausting, still I could perform all the excercises with no problem I guess that my determination was just way higher than normally as I would worried that I wouldn’t make it But I really feel much better now I think that its weird as I expected the opposite but well my fears were proved wrong Oh and my trainor told me today something that he told me once before He said that I am very lucky to naturally punch hard Actually I though that he was joking because he said:”Some humans..” “.. are born with a talent for punching” He said that I am one of them. Literally he said that I am god-gifted. He somehow explained it like this: “There are humans, who have a certain a relatively high punching power by nature regardless of their muscle power.” Well I really don’t have any defined muscles Still, there was one guy in training against whom he told me to throw a punch So I did as I was told and hit him in the stomache and he immediately needed a break (even though he had prepared himself for it) I was very surprised because I had believed that my punches were weak I guess that I was wrong because I still get the feedback that I have an unusual strength in my punches Trainor said that one is blessed being able to punch like that because not everyone can do it like that Well as you can see the skin is nowhere to be seen xD The same goes for my other knuckles In real life it looks worse than in the video (due to lightening – its brighter in the video) Ronja: “Jamila is dying over hear” Hello Everyone! This last sequence is in english now Actually I decided to make a more personal apporach at the end of my MMA video because I wanted to explain some things first of all Why did I started doing MMA? Why was I interested in this kind of sport Actually I started it in order to bond better with my body, to get to know myself to get to know my emotions and I thought that by doing an engaging sport I would learn quite a lot about myself In the end I totally got all of that I made great experiences I learned a huge deal about myself Especially I learned to clearly set my limits Even when there is a coach or a trainor, you should always listen to your own body first and when your body tells you it cannot take it anymore then stop because those of the outside even when they are trainors – I learned they can easily misjudge a situation In the end its your body, its you who feels the pain like.. Be careful and be healthy or else you won’t be a able to go to training at all and get ill like I got Afterwards I took care of myself and everything was perfect again So its not like it ended with illness Its not like this at all I made great experiences and I really loved doing MMA I really appreciate that I could make this experience Still, I took the decision to leave Dragon MMA and to stop doing MMA Not because of the sport itself but rather for personal reasons or for Human reasons.. I would rather say that I needed to get away from certain persons who were stressing me emotionally These are the reasons why I took that decision and I don’t regret it Actually I think that it was a good idea. MMA was great and all, but another reason is: After work I immediately did MMA and I had time for nothing else anymore so now I decided to go a different way and try some new things out I am very curious about what will happen Yeah so my MMA journey has ended for now I really enjoyed it and I am really happy that I did it that I dare to try it out 😉 and yeah that is what I wanted to tell you or rather I tried to explain why I left so that you don’t get the wrong idea/impression Actually it would be amaying if you made it through the video because I think that it will get quite long but let’s see So I am cutting it right now. It’s the third week I’m cutting it It took/takes quite some time I think that I will upload it the next days IF I finish it Thank you for watching I hope that I will see you in the future also

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