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[Melon Music Awards 2017(멜론뮤직어워드)] MMA X 1theK ‘Energy-Up Interview’ (피로회복 인터뷰)

[Melon Music Awards 2017(멜론뮤직어워드)] MMA X 1theK ‘Energy-Up Interview’ (피로회복 인터뷰)

(Those artists who’ve worked hard, come) (Energy-Up Interview) (Waiting Room of 2017 MMA
12.02 Gocheok Sky Dome) (Welcome to the Waiting Room of
2017 MMA x 1theK) This was posted in the bathroom. Thank you. (I got dibs on this) What’s this? Oh! (What time did you go to sleep?)
I think around 2. Around 2? 2 a.m? What time did we go to sleep? 3? 4 o’clock. At 4. I didn’t sleep last night. I woke up at 3 p.m. today and came here. (What word would you use to
describe your feeling right now?) It’s so refreshing. (Relaxed) My fatigue is blown away. Oh. Whoo. I feel great! The best. I love it. Pit-a-pat. I feel like I’m dreaming. Oh. Unbelievable. Ow! Great. Joyful. Joyful 2. I feel like I’ve become an emperor. (What do you want to eat right now?)
This was the interview? Wow. Ah. Wow. Sashimi. A hamburger. Kimchi fried rice. Watermelon. Raw beef. I want to eat meat. Grilled pork belly. I want to eat meat. Spicy braised pork. Chicken. Chicken 2. Chicken 3. (What are your plans for Christmas?) I think I’ll be working. I want to see my children. I want to play with his children. You mean that? I think I just made a mistake.
My Christmas… I have to work that day.
I’m busy. I’ll be preparing for
the year-end concert. I have a concert. I’ll be working with the members. We have to work. I’ll work and spend a great time
with the members. I’ll be spending it with her. Oh no! (Which artist do you want to
get to know at MMA?) Everyone. Everyone! Hwang Minhyun of Wanna One. EXO. TWICE. Girls. I didn’t get to talk to the members
of MeloMance earlier. I want to get to know them. IU. Me too. IU. IU is the best. (What would you like to
say to your fans?) Thank you so much for your support. I’ve missed you. Thanks. I love you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. Please look forward to our songs
and continue to support us. Thank you so much for your love. We truly thank all our fans. It’s all thanks to you. (What would you like to hear
from your fans?) You’ve worked hard. Good job. You’re good. You’re indeed Bolbbalgan4. Am I pretty? You want to hear your fan ask you
“Am I pretty,” right? Please tell me I’m beautiful. I love you. You’re sexy. You’re mine. I love you. Let’s go together for years. (What’s my charm of the day?) My eyelashes. My lens-less glasses. Gong Yoo’s coat. I’m wearing color lens. Color lens. My colorful outfit that could
hurt everyone’s eyes? The way I look as I gawk at all the other artists. My cute plaid shirt. My soles after I got a massage? (Every part of me?) Oh my, oh my. (Wink) Myself? – Oh!
– Whoo! My purity. I’m sorry. My elbows. My face. (Ignore) My eyes. My cheekbones. My mismatching eyes. Smiling eyes. One ear. (Smirk) (Where will you place the trophy
you received today?) I don’t normally collect my trophies. It will become the first trophy
that I place in my room. I’m going to take it home. Next to my bed. Head side of my bed. In the living room. Next to my pillow. Our dorm. At our company. In the center of the company. (What will you after the MMA today?) I’m going to eat meat. I’ll be preparing for
tomorrow’s concert. We will be holding the year-end
dinner party tonight. I’m going to eat grilled meat. I’m going to drink a glass of beer. Momo will treat us to dinner. Momo will pay. We have to prepare for
our next appointment. We’re going to spend some time
with our fans. – With the members
– Eat hamburgers. Have a meal with them. But no grilled pork belly or hamburgers. (What’s no. 1 on your bucket list?) I hope the collaboration with Suzy
goes through. I want to cry at the last concert
after singing the last song. I want to eat sashimi today. I want to start a happy family. I want to travel with the members. I want to buy a massager. I want to continue getting a massage. I want to earn $100 million. I want to hold my own concert. I want to see an aurora in Iceland. I want to travel around the world
with my parents. (What object do you cherish the most?) This trophy. (Bingo!) My diary. My shoes. I’m going to buy a piano next week.
That piano. Bolbbalgan4’s first album. My guitar. My laptop. JBJ. We’re an object? Our fan club, Once. They’re an object? We cherish them. (Who’s the best dresser today?) Me. Dahyun of TWICE. I saw her on the way here.
She’s so beautiful. IU. Hwang Minhyun. EXO. Are you asking us on purpose? Me. Me. (Ridiculous) I think everyone dressed well today, but Yuju. She’s the best dresser. Me. Me. (Whose performance impressed you
the most today?) Wanna One. Kim Youngchul. It was great. It was totally my style. It was so much fun. BTS. EXO. IU. IU 2. IU 3. IU 4. IU 5. Me. (Please sing a Christmas carol) ¢Ü Be blessed on Christmas ¢Ü ¢Ü When it snows ¢Ü ¢Ü All I want for Christmas is you ¢Ü ¢Ü Be blessed on Christmas ¢Ü ¢Ü Jingle bell, jingle bell ¢Ü (How fun) (Merry Christmas) (What does MMA mean to you?) Melon Music Award. The artists’ festival. The award ceremony that has
become so grand. Something I’m always grateful to. Special? (The best) The stage of my dream. The award ceremony that I’ve always
to go to. The time I’m grateful for. Love. Love 2. I love you. (Heart) I love it. (I love you) I’ll treat you to a meal someday. (We thank all the artists who made
2017 MMA shine) (Wink) (Wink) (Wink) (Wink) (Wink) (Wink) (Wink)

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    And jinu answer " me" to much raising itself hahah
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    They funny lmo

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  4. I knew there must be another reason I was drawn to Woojin and why he's my bias, other than because he's a dance king and a great rapper. Yasssss BTS Stan. Proudddd xD

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