Metro. Russian movies English subtitles

What will I tell him? Nothing. He already knows. Leave him. Easy for you to say… Andrei Borisovich, emergency! Tilt his head. – It took what?
– Huh? – The drugs?
– Of course not! – Allergies?
– No, nothing. I found in the kitchen
mouth foaming. The ambulance was unable to do anything. – An endoscope, fast.
– Is broken. Help me to recover. It’s stuck… I see nothing. Clip! Inspire. Breathe. Breathe, breathe! What is your name? – I’m Gena.
– Gena? Your mother did not teach you
chewing, Gena? This was the soup. Vlad … Go, go ahead. What is the problem? Ksenia already left alone. Indeed, and I’m not proud. Sit. We recover the morning. What do you mean “we”? ‘s Father Ksenia like it. I have to go. Andrei Borisovich? What? Go away in. I wanted to thank you. Nothing. Go away in. Andrei Borisovich, without your help… Here Klokov rail splitter.
Hello everyone! Here electromechanical operator
Shevchenko, hello. Sorry for the delay. Sergeyevich! Something wrong? Your service is completed. Valery Petrovich,
there is a problem: Water in the tunnel. Probably groundwater. It rained yesterday, right? Exactly… The water level is normal. The drainage system is not half full. This water does not tell
me anything worthwhile. Must… Must do something. Okay, Sergeyevich. Go and do something. Which is odd,
is that you’re sober. This water may be vodka. Or beer. Come on, be nice. I spent the night in the tunnel. Okay, Sergeyevich, sorry. We will take the necessary measures. This is it, take it. File, we’ll deal with it. Goodbye. “If a collision is imminent, ”
Driver must not leave his post “without trying to prevent it.” Okay. 1, 2, 3, test! You know, like that. Alexei Petrovich,
What do you know about the bunkers? I know you think
there is one in the subway! There is a bunker
near the Park Kultury station. Hello, Sergeyevich.
Do you hear? My father helped build
Park Kultury there 50 years. He never talked about bunker. This is a military secret. I’m looking for since I was 15. And the ventilation shafts to Borodinskaïa
? It was walled,
like the rest of the station. They spend it
to a pipe. I’ll tell you one thing. There has water in the tunnel.
Water leakage. This water does not tell
me anything worthwhile. Dad, there is no water. Where’s Mom? Put ​​your shoes on. I saw on the Internet
his plane landed yesterday. Go and brush your teeth. It is cold. Our continuous emission
stay with us. So, you have chosen? From vodka Putinka. Why all this water? Whatever. Why mom does not call? She did the same last time. Did she say where she was going? Even candy… Your patients can not offer you
sandwiches? I’ll make you a sandwich. I’ll do it. You’ll take me to school? I just arrived. Mom is not there,
I have to take the subway. Dad, where is mom? I do not know where is your mother! Have you eaten? Thank you, it was very good. What is this? A gift. I have to go. 2 minutes, no one has water. – This is a mess.
– Young man! I’ll see you when? For a business trip? Or when you will end sooner? Just an hour or two… Irina, okay? Vlad, do not rush me. I have things to deal with. – What things?
– Full. You rule things last year. Call him and tell him to come down. I do not know where he lives. Dad, this stuff only happens
you! Stop! Princess! Vlad, please… Patient a little longer. Monday, I have made my decision. And I do not work Thursday. Stop! Let’s go. – Please, not now…
– Allons-y! If you do not go, I go. So? They’re gone. From the great Andrei… Let me guess. Flowers for 12 years? For him. – From you?
– From his patients. Andrei is a great surgeon. A great surgeon in a public hospital. Fantastic… – What is he doing exactly?
– It does not concern you. Well, I’m going. I will not miss my tender
because of this melodrama. Yes, it would be a shame. Come on, disappear.
Go to your bidding. I offers in spades. – Come on file.
– Okay. But I will. How to get out of this mess? Terah, do you think that? You should have a donkey,
not a car! I’m on my way! I’m already there. – Hey, it’s release!
– Shut up! – Excuse me.
– Now we’re friends. Try with another. Everyone has his own destiny
and especially its poison. I, is Galina.
Call me Galochka. Sergeyevich. You smell that? Smells vase! True, the mud! This is what it felt there
Mud! What are you doing? It was not the rain, but
of the river water. From the river! Good day! Hi. What was he? It is illegal to drink in public. Where is the problem? Before my eyes! Remember Chernobyl? I was a nurse there. I have alcohol-dependent diabetes. She escapes!
Aside! – Go!
– Go, go… Bitch! No running in the Metro escalators! – I can charge my phone here?
– No. Ni buy truffles or a yacht. Excuse me. Are you crazy or what? Sorry! Moron… Can I call someone? Yes, your lawyer. No, my work. You said you were out of work. Have you lied to a police officer? – Sit there.
– Thank you. Sorry. Number 42!
Good appetite, Boris! I make noise while eating? Everyone complains
banana peels as you leave. This is it! They are jealous, yes! You know the quicksand? You’re right in it, Grandpa. Sign here. I have to call my boss. I work in the subway. – Name of God!
– Cause forever. The dog is cute. – What’s his name?
– Tyavka. – Want to buy one?
– Come on, you. IDIOT Do a little careful! Sorry. You do not know how lucky you. I am a rare professional,
a single specialist. I got it. – A flirty?
– No, a guide. I make visits between
Sadovaya subway and Park Kultury. Your attention, please! We are approaching the legendary
station Borodinskaïa, built in 1948. This is a secret part of the metro. This station directly led to Stalin’s dacha. Thank you. In 1950
work resumed on the station, to integrate the circular line of metro. This station is now closed, because it is in an unstable area. Above Borodinskaïa
is the bed of the Moscow River. The station has no end. Drivers crossing
at full speed. It is visible
than enlightened by another subway. You now have the opportunity to see this ghost station! Here, look. In six months,
I stop eating meat. What kebabs
and vodka? I forgot kebabs! Dad… Lord! Move over… What… Outta here! Holy Mother of God! Sainte Marie! Ksenia… Ksenia! What do you want now? Ksenia! What has happened? An explosion? – Are you a doctor?
– No. Come on, follow me! Go on, get out! Natasha! Let’s go. Can you walk? Out of here. My Bag… Up! Come on, get up! Up! I have a sore arm! Come on, get up! What do you do? Come on, get up! Ksenia… Get out! Stop!
Have you lost your mind? I’ll… Mom, is Dad? Do not touch! Ksenia? – Dad…
– Do not move. – Do you hear me?
– Yes. Move your fingers and your toes. It hurts? – No.
– Good. Well, take a deep breath. It hurts? Arise. Come on, get up. Straighten up. Go, go. You dizziness? Okay. What has happened? Relax, go.
The train stopped. I want my mommy. I know. You? Me. Your correspondent is unavailable… He was arrested in the tunnel? Number 42?
Number 42, RSVP! Number 42, you hear me? What is happening between
Borodinskaïa and Park Kultury? The 42 is stopped in the tunnel. I can not reach him. Name of God… Valery? The three pumps operating at full capacity. Number 42! Boris! Why does not he answer? He had to go to the rear cabin. To turn around. Water in the tunnel… – Coupons electricity.
– How does it come out? When he reaches back
be asked him what was happening. Number 42! Answer! What happened to 42? Someone had to pull the alarm signal. Number 17? I listen! Go to the back and return
to the station Sadovaya. Roger, return to Sadovaia. – Alexei Petrovich…
– What? Watch. There has water! I know, I know! Exit the tunnel quickly,
we will have to cut the power. – Done!
– Roger! – You got the key?
– I forgot. Do you hear? Courses, quick! What’s going on? Hey, open up! Quick! Ldiot! You waiting for? Course! Do not push me! Number 17 position, ready to go! Go. – They’re going in the wrong direction.
– Raving! Calm down, calm down.
It will be out soon. I would not recommend. Why? You see the light? The rails are still powered. But what will happen to them? Lls may be lucky. – Warn them.
– No! What happened to your arm? Approach. Is broken.
You need a splint. Your tie. Why I broke my arm? I’ll never stop working. I have a lot of work to do. I can not redo the node. This is my wife who does. Your wife is yours? Daily. She always says that without it I could not even hang me! This is his way of joking.
It has humor, my wife. Your wife too? Yes, too. – Hello.
– Hi. What is it? 4 shampoos, 2
scrubs and baby cream. 30% discount for one million units. This is his fault. What? I leave my husband, that’s all. – Are you a doctor?
– Yes. This is great. – Your name?
– Andrey. Mikhail delighted. You will not stop asking? No. Come on, let’s go. Mom, the train is broken? They let us out! – And the brakes?
– We’ll go slowly. What mess! Shevchenko! With the arrival of 17, cut the power. Roger. Imagine what happens there… That’s the adventure, young man! Klokov, where is the 17? This advance. Wait for my signal. Done. Number 17
why do not you go ahead? There are plenty of water! This is a joke? I can not, I can not breathe!
Let me out! Mom, we’re all gonna die? Number 17… move slowly. – Go ahead.
– Acknowledged. Do one in the tunnel.
They électrocuterait. Open the doors! – Should reassure passengers.
– How? Follow the instructions! Dear passengers! For technical reason, return
Sadovaia. Great… It is 100 meters. Accelerate. 90. 80. 70. 60. 50. This is good! 40. 30. 20. Faster! It’s dry here! 10! Shevchenko? Shevchenko,
you cut the power rails? Yes. So why the hell
emergency light flashes? I do not know. Do not climb! Stand back, he goes to deposit! So, your story bunker? This one? This is madness! Should perhaps go. A moment… Maybe we can get. Let’s go. It… I need… My bag. This? Wait. Here! Nice dog… Nice doggie… Nice cushy… What are you doing? Calm! Calm down! Do not panic. Come here! Come here! Come here! Here! Lls cut the power.
Can go. This dog is like Laika,
first dog in space. But it will help us to explore the tunnel
. Dad, I can not go to school? We’ll see. Thou emmèneras to your husband the weekend? Where is the certificate? You already. No. I asked you to send it to me by email. He could get home. Is! I can not stand this life
to “Santa Barbara”. Do you think he knows nothing? He knows it and the turmoil. But he dares not do anything or say. He remains silent. Mute as a fish. I can not stand it. Do not walk along the subway.
If it moves, we’re dead. So what do we do? We must move from car to car. Catch the railing. No, it does not work. I have not moved. I know. Grips on to me. Go, go! Not … I’m stuck. Go alone. Begone! Go alone, I’ll catch up. The car will move and I’ll catch you. Begone! Pars! Get out of here! Come on, try again!
I do not go alone! Can I have your number now? I do not give to strangers. Dear passengers, for technical reasons,
station is closed. Please leave the station. Sadovaia The subways are
temporarily suspended. Please leave. I’m gonna be late for work. It a document I need to justify it. Exit the station immediately! I’m not leaving here until you have had your name and Number! Your attention, dear passengers. For technical reasons, Sadovaia metros are
temporarily unavailable… Help me, please!
Take my child! There are plenty of water! Full of water! Dear passengers, trains are suspended. Please leave the station. Caution, there is an incident between
Sadovaia and Park Kultury! People panic! – So?
– Sorry. Damn! Attention all stations
the circular line. Close the watertight doors
of the Park Kultury station. Close the watertight doors
of the Kiev station. For airtight doors Sadovaia,
please wait for instructions. The situation remains the same
until further notice. I repeat: The situation remains
the same until further notice. Traffic in Moscow prevented
a rapid response. Of the 18 units sent Sadovaia,
only 6 increased. We have a helicopter… But it is not enough. – Do you mind?
– Sit. Our division is all that is in his power. All roads downtown
are blocked. I remember it’s Friday. The situation is complex. The third transportation center
is paralyzed. The whole town is bottled. Time
an emergency vehicle arrives on site… It takes at least three hours, minimum. Alexander Nikolaevich. How long do we have? The situation is unpredictable. The metro blocked the tunnel. This slows the flow of water. But it could drop at any time. A huge volume of water
then invade the tunnels. All the ring would be flooded in 3 minutes. In the worst case scenario, the
entire metro would be flooded… 10 minutes. What a mess! Your ministry is a mess,
Alexander Nikolaevich! Half the city
could collapse! This is not our fault
if there are too many buildings. All weight caused disruption of groundwater. The subway tunnels date back to 1935.
They will not hold. Hopefully this leak is an isolated case. What do you have? There is a plan specifically for that. Phase 1: Evacuate everyone. Phase 2
Locate and repair the damage. What does that mean,
“find and fix”? What do you do specifically? What dictates your action plan
after evacuation? It is time to move on to phase two. You do not know where we’re going? This is your job! – It is the right place.
– Was lucky. By this quickly! Filming it! This guy! – Filme cops.
– Where? They leave a corpse. I’m alive! Oh, over there! – There!
– Stop! There! Where is my mother? We RTV journalists. Behind the fence. If we need you, we’ll call you
. Let’s go. Moment. Come, chief… You do not understand? Why are you smiling?
Huh, why? You do not have to do anything! And that then? This is the key to fame, Nazimov. I exchanged hard drives. He did that last shot.
The rest is here. Sergei, you’re better
David Copperfield! – This is true.
– Many thanks! You tell the viewers? Course. Bizarre… Andrei is unreachable. Call Ksenia. – It is at school.
– And he, in the subway. There are only two stops
and captures the subway. This is true. Where is it? Give me your hand. I can handle. Lord, there are so many people… – You got a phone?
– Yes. The mine has no battery. It works. No network. Get off me! Off my leg! Shut up! Name of God…
What is this mess? You have a phone? No, I… I forgot it in my jacket. Sorry. I have no credit. Great… Where can he be? That is really
live life to the fullest. Sleeping with one,
call to another… They love you and want your babies. Are you kidding? Why?
In fact, I’m jealous. Very funny. This is good, I’ll get there. This is the last car. This mail. We will return. We all tell mom. Ksenia! Okay! Mikhail, after you! I do not know how to swim. The water we arrived at the knees. Regardless, I can not. Okay, those who want
can stay here. Wait, what does that mean? I have told you:
I want, but I can not! “I want, but I can not.”
This is a guy… Do not talk to me like that! Calm your joy! My guy was like, I left. Wait… I was not scared at all! It’s like the water park:
It’s scary, but it happens. Believe me, it will be fun. Ksenia, do not be afraid. – I have no fear.
– Good. Why did I have to go to Kiev? – Are you mad?
– No. – You’re having a bad day?
– My day is going well. Watch what happens. – The picture is bad!
– I bothering you? I give you 2 minutes. An incident took place between
Park Kultury station… There is always something. There are a hundred injured. The future remains uncertain for many. We were in the last car, when suddenly
there was an accident. I understand your desperation. Can you describe
what happens in the tunnel? This is chaos. My God, no… Irina,
you knew someone in the subway? After stopping traffic to 8:20
, passengers have left the station Sadovaya. Frightened, injured… Hello! – Hello!
– Yes? Svetlana Vladimirovna? Here the mother of Ksenia Garin. Tell me, is it Ksenia
at school today? – Can you hear me?
– Yes. Ksenia is not there,
but do not worry. She will call on arrival. Our team has turned these images
near the scene of the incident. Where is my mother? – God, no!
– Irina! – Water!
– I do not want that… – I do not want that!
– Irina… – Never!
– You mean Ksenia? I do not want that… – I’m alive!
– Lord! She skipped school! I never asked for it! Do not you understand? I did not want that. Irina, wait!
Where do you like that? – Vlad unresponsive.
– Irina… Idiot! Vlad will help me.
He ​​has contacts everywhere. According to the relief
official, Anatoly Tsyganok , valuable time is lost
because of city traffic. Gets worse every minute,
the water level rises. The chances of finding
survivors are almost zero. The number of victims is heavy. Rescuers back of the body… – Water…
– The Moskva… Just look where you’re going! We ask
all motorists to let ambulances and rescue. The fate of victims is in your hands. Sergei Nazimov, RTV News. So? I wonder who that is. Mayor? No, this is not the mayor. Bad. Do not worry, it will eventually happen. For dinner. It leaves open the watertight door. Alexander Nikolaevich. The 18th unit of which I spoke. Do we know how many there were people? Not yet.
It was rush hour. We will make a list with the names
missing. I’m Burov. Captain Seliverstov, 18th unit. Lieutenant Titov. Lozitski.
I am a doctor in civilian life. – You are the best.
– No. You must approach the breaking point identify remaining passengers treat the wounded and evacuate them. Anyone alive
must leave the tunnel. Everything goes through me.
Do you understand? – Yes.
– To work. Loans? We go. Seliverstov! Yes? We should have already closed the door. The
tunnel may collapse at any time. This will be achieved on time. Why it gives us orders? Tanya became pregnant.
We had a boy. – Dad, I’m cold.
– Be strong, Ksenia. – Here.
– Thank you. This is haute couture. The boys love their mom… And girls, their dad. This is it. – And it looks like the grandfather?
– I do not know. Besides, I like my father. This is your dog? Yes. Dad, you know? Yes, it is… Wait! Come on, faster! – What was that?
– I do not know. Water moving cars. My God, what a nightmare! Do not piss on,
is already soaked. – Stop!
– OK, I loop. Well, now
I’ll have to marry you. – Wait for me.
– Advance! Do not drag! Go! We wanted to teach me to swim
the hard way. It pushed me into the deep end. It seems that instinct
must take over. But I have no instinct. I am a man, not an animal. – You came a long time ago?
– 6 months. – You’ve been gone 10 years?
– 12. It made noise at the time. Like ice it? Are you afraid of the ice? Why are you kidding me?
What have I done? Hi. – You work in what?
– Building. I respond to tenders. There is land to build? If you want, you can. You’re married? Ksenia I had with my wife, Irina. Do you remember it?
A blonde in college. Do you remember? Come on, young people, it is active! It’s not a walk! What is it? A everywhere! You’re wasting your time. Do you dream?
Keep your shirt for another! I have never been married
and it will not change. – Got it?
– I can see why. Huh? Okay, Princess? I’m not your “princess”. Come see what you’ve done. – Your car was new.
– Asshole… What?
Git is the one who gave you the license! Wait! Who will pay for it? Another woman who goes running… Dad, I’m hungry. Ksenia… Galina
help me to open my briefcase. – Press these buttons.
– There? Yes, open.
I sandwiches. Beware of paper! – Close the case.
– We do not care of these papers. Out well here sooner or later. And life will continue. We trinquera to celebrate. That’s it! – Tell him thank you.
– Thank you. Nothing. Give me that! Sale mutt! Did you see that? This is delicious! My wife Tanya made them. I am often on the road, I’m
courier. I do not have time
ask me to eat. I’m addicted to fast foods. Tanya says it’s bad and that’s why I
reflux. Stop! I have reflux since I was little, and I did not eat at fast food. Mom prepared me a sandwich and soup. I was the only kid
bring broth… Shut up. Come on, quickly! We’ll get there. Dad saves Tyavka! I’ll buy another one! – Speak for yourself!
– Idiot! – Over here!
– No, over there! You waiting for?
It is here! – Where will we?
– In there! Quick! – Not there…
– Mikhail! – No…
– Come on! You have to go here! You’re wrong! For there! Come!
This is not a water park! – Think Tanya!
– My God… – Go!
– Mikhail! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid, do not be afraid… Why? I see nothing.
Does anyone see anything? You see… – What is it?
– Just rats. I’ve had one for three years. He knew his name
and train schedules. – What?
– Commuter trains. He lived at home.
When I came, he was there. He loved cat food. It’s like a black ass… – Shut up!
– Okay! Close to all! – Ksenia, where are you?
– I’m here. – Do not worry, Princess.
– Dad? Ksenia, I’m here. What was your rat? Mickey. You got it where? Dad, I’ve told you:
Mom was told. Do you like it? You? Me. According to an unofficial source,
the leak has not been located. Sealed doors of the Moscow metro Were locked for safety. The only remaining open is
that of Sadovaya station so that emergency access to the tunnel. None of the teams at work in the tunnel has located the epicenter of the accident. A government who wished
to remain anonymous told the open door Sadovaia
could flood the city center. – Move your body!
– Fuck you! Just look where you’re going! Dad. Ksenia, be not far from me. You’re sitting in the water. It feels bad. I am an allergy. What does he, Dad? An allergy to subway! – Dad, let’s go.
– A moment… Wait here. I come. Wait here. Mollo, Romeo! Let’s go. Beware of Dog! Tyavka! Tyavka! Ksenia, do not go without me. Princess, sheds some light here. Dad, there is a door! – Behind?
– Another door. – What’s the point?
– None. I can do! Go, go, go! Dad? Come here.
I told you to stay close to me. It does not move. Someone is looking out? Ksenia! Come here.
I told you to stay with me! Included? Hey, you up there! Mom! Help us! There someone? – Dad, we’ll get out of here?
– We’ll see. Finally, of course, yes. It works. ? No network. – Should be higher.
– How? – Higher!
– Can the grid blocks. So? – Nothing!
– We must break the grid. – Take that!
– I remove, hang! If you removed the bolt, it could release
. Should be a ladder. Yes, or a crane.
Let’s find something. Come. – Here.
– Dad, I’m going. Ksenia, wait here. Dad? Let go! My husband and daughter are there. Tell me what you know. There are older.
The injured are in hospital. – Which?
– Several. Check out the lists. My son is in there! Lls are not over. They are updated.
You have to wait. Will he dead?
You can tell me? – I have no information.
– How? Why not? I really do not know. What are you doing? I’ll take care of them, you know? Asshole… Looks like a bunker.
Aficionados metro speak. Someone knows it’s there. They might be sending
relief here. Where are your fans now? They’re home,
watching TV. Where are the others? There were lots of people there! Have you found a man
named Nikolai Kirsanov? He phoned me.
I know it’s there. I can not tell you anything. My son is there,
he was only 12 years old. I’ll pay you… I can not do anything! I have more water. Fucking… Strike under the nut! Go, go! The water will rise much longer? Until the river level. The communicating vessels.
Course of Physics 6th. – You studied it?
– No. Good. It is lower than the river? Probably two meters below. Now, doctor, do not hide
diagnosis. The water will rise at least
7 meters, my friends. While above the grid! We must follow Mikhail. A courier has the sense of direction! Tanya must be in the process
of drying the papers. My contracts… My tender… Why is this happening to me? Let! Girls, step aside! Come on, Dad! Move, bitch! Come on guys! Okay, how? I knew better! Dad! Are you hurt? This is nothing Princess.
I Will Survive! – So?
– No network. This is weird. This phone market already?
He ​​has already served? Give it to me. This is my fault! Stop, it’s mine! This is the time to forgive you… This was our last chance! Well, we call that? Galina Dergach,
national handball team. If they had not fired me
team in 1993… The Germans would never have won the World! The subway passes by without stopping. – Where are we?
– To Borodinskaïa. – You lean on?
– A watertight door. This is in case of flooding,
like a submarine. – Never worked in a submarine…
– You’ll lead you. – My legs…
– Here 18th. I listen. It is in paragraph 235,
to Borodinskaïa. I send a team, continue. Roger, over. Sanya, expect the team here
then turn around. – Are up.
– Ivanic! Lvanic! Come on, let’s go. Do not worry, we will join! What? Yet? Good God, no! When did you use your inhaler
for the last time? Where was it? Downstairs, near the stairs. Your lamp is water resistant? Yes, this is the best. Stop. You’ve lost your mind? I’ll feel better in a moment. A moment… A deep breath! Okay. We no longer see the light. Take small. Come. – A lighter!
– What? A lighter! Wet. What’s your name? Alisa. Denis. I got kicked out of college. I’m server.
It asks you problem? And that poses you problems? The list of victims has been released. There are wounded… Wait, we repeats. I patient. Do not touch that! Hello! Have you seen
Andrey Garin and his daughter? Her name is Ksenia. Calm! I call that? The list has been updated. Many families left
for hospitals where the injured are. Fuck again! Again. 18th unit, what do you see? – Water!
– Where are you? After Borodinskaïa,
to Park Kultury. Turn around,
is catastrophic! Nobody
reached the scene of the accident! We go, finished. Amateurs… Enough. Dad, we will float to the top? From network! Do not move! Do not move! Shut up. They are still unconscious
and can not speak. So? Super… I already called there! Hello! Andrei? Irina? Andrei, where are you? In the bunker! Ksenia with you?
Andrei, you hear me? Damn! Where are you? We took the tunnel Borodinskaïa. Included? Okay. I do not understand… Who is it? – Vlad, is that you?
– Yes, that’s me! Where is Andrei and Ksenia? Ksenia is with me. Where is Andrei? Warn relief, understand? It is in the bunker, hurry up! – Species of silly!
– Do not shout! We do not panic! I do not exist, right? You never existed. You were close to the accident? Yes. Approximately 400 m. – What did you see?
– A red light. I received a call,
they are in the bunker! There are still survivors! Let me go! – You said “bunker”?
– Yes, to Borodinskaïa. Let us go. Shit! – Hold on, Princess.
– Help me, silly! I do not know of prayer. I had to miss my bidding. This woman holds important information. She spoke to survivors. Should contact the manager. My child is there. She is alive down there. She died drowned if you do nothing. I understand
ask the manager. I beg you… Are you deaf?
Ask the… Special Forces. – What?
– You will go to court martial! No camera! Go to court. Hold on, hold on. Two teams went there
and found nothing. – Nobody has reached the epicenter.
– The bunker is there. Show us well. I’ve never seen the bunker,
but I know where it is. – Are you sure?
– Yes. Ivanic! This is worse. Ksenia! Breathe, breathe! Come on, breathe! The radio is broken. As my ribs. We gotta get out.
They will close the door. Not while we’re there. So what do we do? – 18th unit.
– I listen. Is fate. Denis! I’m here! Well, well. Do not ever leave me again
and I will never leave you. A deal, okay. Of Love and fresh water… Where is Galina? What? I have to find Galina? Galina! She does not answer. We’re going. Are you crazy? Where are you going? Home. Come on, remove it! Hang hooks. Put ​​me down! Hold on to me! Will he survivors here? You have 10 minutes
before it was condemned. – Let’s go.
– There’s someone? Answer! There is no one. Now? – This is well then?
– Yes. – Are you sure?
– Sure. The bunker was flooded to the ceiling
. No one could survive
there. Dad! Where is Vlad? We lost. Do not cry. They will save us.
They are looking for us! Nobody’s looking for us! Why? Why say that? Well… It’s you… the tour guide. Tell us what they do
when a tunnel is flooded. So, you do not want? Well, I’ll do it. Dear visitors of the Moscow metro! This station is now
a danger to the whole city. If it continues to fill with water… Part of the capital of our dear nation collapses! It will sink into the ground. You know the procedure in such a case? – I’ll tell you…
– Shut up. If that does not interest you,
you can go away. Well, resume! The danger zone will be
sentenced on both sides tunnel and everything is
filled with liquid nitrogen. Soon this place… No longer… A block nitrogen. True! Mom looking for us! Of course, Princess. What I can be stupid… I’m really stupid. Andrei ! If you knew that these
12 years have cost me… You do not know.
You can not know. I ruined my life trying
to get out of this mess! Finally here… It was not supposed to happen like this. This is not my life!
This is not me! Why he say that? This is because your mother
I was in the subway. Is it worth it? This is you need to ask. Is it worth it? Shut up. Fuck. Ksenia, will see Alisa. Go. You’re not ready to die?
Do you have any contracts to sign? My wife is waiting for you in tears. My wife cries because of you. You slept with my wife and… I can do anything. She loves you, asshole. And cry for you She’s lying to me. She cries every night, 2 pm to 4 pm. So what? Does it matter? It will recover and she will find another. Tell me one thing. When did you hit
for the last time? There are 5 years?
Maybe even more? Now
anything that makes you see the upset. You made her like this,
with your job and your principles! This is a young and beautiful woman! If it brings a man in bed,
it is ruined. It was me who got screwed. She did not need me.
She just wants a guy other than you. And I’ll die because you are not able to… Stop! Dad! Do not get involved! Dad, do not do it! Daddy, stop! Yields, Ksenia! Stop! Wait, they are in the bunker!
Do not do it! There is another access
relief to find it. They called me the bunker! Relief to find,
calm down. It was really scary. You promise not to fight? My God… Lord, help us… They found us. Gosh… They found us! Lvanic! Ksenia! Here the unit 18, you get me? Hold on! Water flows again!
Close the door! Are you crazy? – There are people!
– Shut up! – There are people here!
– Close the door! Where are you? Close the door, dammit! If they say! Close the door! Unit 18 answer. Where can they be? If they were told to close the door,
is that they have spent Borodinskaïa. They emerge by Sadovaia,
if they are not injured. Are you sure? Unit 18, you get me? Unit 18 answer. Here Burov, answer! Unit 18! Unit 18, you get me? The leak was located and isolated. The tunnel will be completed
liquid nitrogen. This method was used
in 1974 in St. Petersburg. Workers had touched
underground arm of the Neva. The subway was filled with water but the Russian chemical industry
had prevented any disaster. From nitrogen
arrived from across the country. Mayor think it the only way to prevent
central Moscow apart. It can not happen to me, those things. Unit 18, you get me? – Alexander Nikolaevich.
– What? Contact the mayor. We need to make a decision about the
tunnel. What? Go! To work! There are still people? Yes, 6. Your attention is
output unit 18! Novodevichy Street, 6 people. So, eh? So? Mom! – What luck…
– Go ahead shoots. Come on, Dad is there.
Daddy’s here! Continue!
How many people is he? – Get out!
– Not very polite… – Do not touch the camera!
– We did our job! – Close your eyes.
– This is good. I said do not shoot. Hi, doggie. Welcome back, girl! – I stopped, papi.
– Give me that. There. It warms. I told you we could do it. Miss, sit. Alisa! – Young man…
– We are together. Really? – Yes, Mom.
– Another underground? No, I promise. Dad! Ksenia, come here! Dad! Come with me to the hospital. Andrei… Andrei Borisovich,
you should go to the hospital. Dad… Go. Stop! Tyavka! Tyavka!

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