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Michael Chandler Jr. 1 Week Before Second Fight with Eddie Alvarez

Michael Chandler Jr. 1 Week Before Second Fight with Eddie Alvarez

yeah I’m really excited to get the
opportunity to fight Alvarez again. The first I was was huge it was tons of people, tons of people gave feed back that it was, you
know, one of the greatest fights they’d ever seen. There was a lot of back and forth the first-round I came out almost finished him
and then he almost finished me in the third and then you know, I ended up finishing him in the fourth but it was
a lot of back and forth the whole time so you know, once again we we’ve got two
guys stepping into the cage that both have a great
competitiveness about themselves a great warrior spirit you know, you’re going to be in for a good fight. my goal is to go out there and
finish the fight quickly like it always is but when you’re fighting a guy as good as Alvarez, you know, you’re in for a possible war
you know, so it’s exciting to be able to get the opportunity to
do it again. I know the fans wanna see it. It’s going to be great for Bellator. You know, we’re almost a week away and I’m feeling prepared, feeling ready and just ready to go out there and you know, support Toyota of Escondido, as always, and to go out there and lay it all on the line. The
preparation is not much different either from the first fight to this
fight. It’s always just getting better as a mixed martial artist, you know? Life is all
about improving and doesn’t matter what you’re doing whether an athlete
whether your business man whether your a teacher, an entrepreneur. It’s all about breaking
barriers in constant never ending improvement and for me that’s my
goal every single day. I wake up I go to gym with the purpose to get
better whether you better with my striking, better with my grappling, better with my
conditioning, better with my overall mental state. And, you know, I’m two years more
mature than I was that fight, I’m two years more of a seasoned veteran than I was that
last fight and you know, you give a guy like me who loves
to work hard, who loves to work out, who loves to constantly break barriers. You give me two years to improve, you give me time you know, you’re gonna see good
improvements and I really believing that I’m going to be a new
and improved fighter when I step into that cage in a couple
days and just excited to do it. You know, that’s what this sport is all about competing at the highest level in
and going out there and putting on a great performance! You know it’s crazy because it’s two years later
you know, and now it is completely different circumstances at that point
he was the champion he hadn’t been challenged in you know, five or six fights, he had not
actually had a real challenge and I was the first got it actually got
into his face, put pressure on him and put him into a fight so to speak. You know, he’s gone on record
saying he did take me lightly, he did make mistakes and he’s you know, not one to make a
mistake more than one time so you know we’ll see if he’s a new and improved
fighter. He has had two knock out victories since that fight, and you know
I’ve had three good finishes so we’re both improved two years to get better I’m just believing
that you know my preparation is perfect on my will and my competitiveness in my camp
and my training partners, my coaches my sponsors everybody
behind me and we know that we’ve done
the right things to go out there and put on a great performance I can speak to where he is mentally or where he was back then, but I can
guarantee I’m going to be an improved fighter. You know for me it’s is
just step into the cage and fight another guy you know whether it’s whether I’m the first fight on the card
whether I’m the main event, weather it’s Pay-Per-View or weather it’s in a shoebox in Alaska. It’s just a fight, you
know and I put myself I pride myself on hard work and
preparation and dedication and discipline and I’ve put so much into this fight
that I know that when I step into that cage that night I’ve put myself in the best possible
situation to come out the victor. So when you have that
kind of confidence, when you have that that kind of drive in you know you’ve
done everything that there’s no stone left unturned I’ve done
everything that can possibly do there shouldn’t be any pressure really, because you know at the end of the day it is a crazy sport there’s a thousand ways
to win and there’s a thousand ways to lose and a you don’t like talking about it,
nobody does. Everybody’s gonna lose eventually so all I know is I’ve put myself in the best
situation possible and I’m okay with the
uncertainty that’s that’s about to happen on November 2nd. You know I’m okay with stepping into the cage and anything goes and anything can happen I
just know I’m prepared so there’s there’s no extra added pressure. It’s the
same thing, the announcer is going to announce him, he’s gonna annnounce me and we’re gonna touch gloves and we’re gonna fight and I you know hopefully I’ll be getting
my arm raised at the end and wearing the Toyota Escondido logo on my shorts. It’s such a blessing to be a part of the Toyota Escondido Action Sports, an athlete for them it’s it’s been it’s
been such a great you know, we call it a sponsorship we all
get as athletes we get sponsored and some
sponsor you don’t even say hi to some sponsors you don’t even know, but you know currently I have been up here for two
hours hangin out with guys and hangin out with Damian guys like Scott Whitehead just
it’s an awesome group family atmosphere that’s that’s where
I thrive and that’s why I moved all the way across the country
to seek out a great team
atmosphere where people feed off each other where people build each other up and encourage each
other and people are people of great character and you know they want to see other people succeed and that’s exactly what I found in Alliance Training Center and
that’s why I moved out here and that’s that’s what I have with this
you know with this family here at Toyota Escondido. You know what Damian and what Scott have done for me, it’s amazing and you know I look forward to continuing this ride and you know we’re all headed to the top
together and it’s an amazing ride and it’s a HUGE blessing to be part of the Toyota Escondido Actions
Division. BOOM!

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  1. Toyota of Escondido Action Sports athlete Michael Chandler Jr chatted with us about his upcoming title defense against Eddie Alvarez #MMA  

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