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Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Punch in Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Punch in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: So now I’m going to show–Mychal’s
going to show some basic defense for my straight-line punches, which is my jab-cross, jab, cross,
if you remember that, okay? He’s going to parry my punches, okay? A parry, all a parry
is a deflection; he’s just redirecting a straight line, okay? So one, two, just like that, one,
two, just like that, one two, he’s parrying, okay? Now I’m going to throw my hooks, left
hook and a right hook, he’s going to cover now, okay? Left hook cover here, right hook
he covers on the other side, all he’s doing is raising his arm up, his hand is coming
over his temple, just like that, okay? Your second option would be to weave under or duck
under. So if I throw my left hook, he’s gonna–like a U with his head like the letter U, okay,
I’m going to throw my right hook, he’s going to come on the other side, okay. Again, weave,
weave, good. If I hit the body shots, he’s going to roll with the punches, he’s just
going to roll, and the other side, roll. Okay, one more time, roll and roll. If I punch him
straight to the body, he’s going to parry with his elbows, parry, parry, parry, just
redirecting a straight line, parry, parry. Okay, so we put itall together, he’s just
going to react, he doesn’t know what I’m going to do, I’m just going to go slow. Yes, good,
yes, uh-hum, nice, see that? Yeah, he’s slipping, weaving, okay, parrying, now he’s doing every
move that we just showed, okay, putting everything together.

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46 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Punch in Mixed Martial Arts

  1. the jab blocks look very efective but with the hook blocks looks like he's leaving the back of his head open and a very effective block I use in tae kwon do brings the fore arm out in a quick motion to stop the punch plus is very uncomfterable to the person throwing the punches

  2. Those body shots aren't really good but they're basic. Cause when you lean into a punch with the same side as he is hitting, that leaves a wide open shot from the opposite side to hit him directly in the stomach

  3. yeah i wouldn't weave personally because i just dont trust im fast and accurrate enough. best to side step or move bak slightly.

    if ppl are as quick as bruce lee then…

  4. hey i need some small help. some dude siad hes gunna (try) to beat me up tomorrow. well im a black belt. but i havent done anything in a while and ive heard the dude is real crazy. help me so i wont geta bloody nose or other crap 😀

  5. he didnt get me yet. im just gunna wait for him to make the first move cause its easier to block then hit the face 😛

  6. 1 word….legit.

    half of the time, the instructors in expertvillage are clueless or aren't well versed…….but I'll take exception here.
    That is, after all, basic defense

  7. Man I hate commercials. Nice blocking instructional vid. Didn't cover uppercuts but still good instructions.

  8. @187murdera Well no, of course it isn't so easy in the frenzy of a fight. This is a completely controlled situation, the purpose of which is to demonstrate.

  9. short fuck,Im sure he trained really hard because of his height must be a big insecurity. And im sure it still is,even has the smurf voice to go with it.

  10. No kidding , the idea is for a place to start for beginers ,I'd say. Even on the defense I have fakes , maybe I'll block and maybe I''ll disregard because I have something planned myself. Thats the next step but the video is a good place for a teen or new fighter to start. You'd be suprised , most dont even know anything.
    I think for 1.5 min or so its a great video.

  11. i just want to learn how to know when is he gonna attack and in that way i can defend my self, in a real fight u just have to act rapidly and kinda randomly cuz u enter in panic sometimes and u throw or block randomly
    anyway NICE JOB 🙂

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