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Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Ground & Pound in Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Ground & Pound in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: Now I’m going to show a ground-and-pound,
okay, where I actually punch a guy instead of submitting him, this is another aspect
of the sport that makes a lot of fights end, okay? So here I am again, side control, crossface,
I’m going to bring my arm out, okay? I’m going to do the same thing instead of posting on
the mat or the ground, I’ll post on his shoulder, okay? I’m going to take my right hand, put
it on his hip, okay, I’m going to do like a pushup and pop up and put my knee on his
stomach again, just like this. Why would I do this? Just to keep him down so he can’t
move, okay? Now from here, here’s my ground-and-pound, they call it ground-and-pound because he’s
on the ground and this is the pound where I’m punching him, okay. In mixed martial arts,
if the guy does not righteously defend himself here, they would call the fight, if he’s here,
he’s not defending himself, they will stop the fight, okay? If he’s defending himself
and he’s doing stuff defensively, moving his body to get out of that position, they’ll
keep it going. If I’m not connecting with him cleanly, he’s safe, he’s okay but at the
moment he–the ref doesn’t see him protecting himself effectively or he could be hurt, they’re
going to stop the fight, okay, so this is the ground-and-pound, okay, just like that.
Working straight punches like the jab cross we did standing straight up, now I’m doing
it straight on his face with my knee on his stomach, I’m keeping all the weight on him,
okay? I went from here, I did my–I have one option which is my circle armbar or armlock,
I can work on this arm or I can pop up by pushing on his shoulder or his hip or I can
do from the mat, either way. I like the shoulder and the hip because as I’m getting up–if
I do it here like this, this gives him space to turn but if I put my weight on him right
here, he can’t turn cause I have my weight on him. Okay, then, shh, shh, shh, or I can
throw my elbows, okay, shh, shh, shh, down to his head.

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32 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Ground & Pound in Mixed Martial Arts

  1. I've never seen the knee on chest mount work in a real mma situation. A simple roll/kick out would end that mount pretty quickly. Meh what do I know?

  2. Ninja Rua used this recently, it works, its not as easy as it looks to escape bcause it can lead to a mount or a side mount if you shrimp

  3. This shit cant be good can it?, Im not a highly trained ground fighter but a decent standing fighter with a bit of ground knowledge and this seems a bit retarded I mean to hold a fighter down u need to have a lot of bodyweight on his upperbody and that knee he's holding on the chest wouldnt really count for shit in my opinion wouldnt the most natrual move to get into a pounding position just mounting him by moving your right leg and blocking his left arm? correct me if im wrong

  4. This move works great in many ways. One you can lands some punches and up your score and second is he rolls he is going to jive his back or his side witch will lead him right back to his back on the floor or you chocking the life out of him.

  5. correct! it may look like youre not really controlling your opponent but with that knee painfully pressing in your stomach, and punches-elbows to defend its much more diffifult to move

  6. the key i believe is to do it quickly and effectively, you lay punches on him and he wont use his arms to push your leg off

  7. @MrBclary6 that knee mount winds the oponient and hurts him 2x with the ground and pound that full mount will

  8. Not the best way to mount. The punches would be very effective from that position but your opponent could escape easily. Great vids though man

  9. yeaa.. His knee on the guys side doesn't look too effective tbh. Because it looks like the guy below could just roll away or even push the guy above him away.
    I myself would try go get my right knee diagonally across the guys body to get a full mount.

  10. @Qziny yeah but while he is "rolling" he has to concentrate on guarding his face otherwise he is gonna get knocked out

  11. Not bad, you have some fighting technique but in general I see you as an unworthy opponent. I can punch though most of a watermelon with my bare hand so, as you can imagine, I would smash you to bits in seconds. I am Fandango Birthwistle, criminal mastermind and sex tyhoon and I FEAR NO MAN! OR WOMAN! OR HORSE!

  12. I wouldnt mind if they did a run through where the guy on the bottom resists but the atttackr of course not really pop him in the mouth

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