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Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Catch a Kick in Kickboxing

Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Catch a Kick in Kickboxing

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden on behalf of
I’m here at the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts here with Damon Sanchez to my right and
Freddy Luna on my left. We are all fighters here. The technique that we are demonstrating
right now is a defense against kicks which consist of grabbing the kick. Actually trying
to absorb it in your body before you get hit full force with it and then using that to
turn his attack to your advantage. So Freddy is throwing out the kick and Damon is catching
it. So that is how he is doing it is he is hooking under the leg so he has a good grip
on it so Freddy can’t pull it out. See that Freddy tries to get out and Damon keeps a
solid grip there. Now from here Freddy can’t really throw very effective offense because
he is off balance. His whole offense consist of being able to throw his hits into his movements
that is where his power comes from. So with only one leg he is severely limited as far
as the power he could throw in other attacks. So Damon has a couple of options from here
things that he could do to use it towards his advantage he catches and one depending
on the rules of the show would be to take down. So he sweeps out that leg and just takes
him down. Now when Freddy falls Freddy also trains in Jiu Jitsu so he knows how to fall
without injuring himself. That is a separate topic that we would cover. Another option
that Damon has is when he catches the kick he could follow with offense of his own which
would be punches knees, he could attack in standing leg, right there. He could elbow
the knee there, do damage to his body, and all the while he is protecting himself from
Freddy attacking him. So a lot of different capabilities Damon has once he got control
of that leg.

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27 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Catch a Kick in Kickboxing

  1. but if the defender grabs his leg the attack can attack the defender with his hands, he just bends the leg…so i wouldn't recommend that

  2. I practice Muay Thai but I think Sanshou is very effective… I'd love to learn only if they had a gym in new york with good instructors. not as popular in the east.

  3. gavinoferell there is more than one form of tkd if you didnt know. ya i would aggree that olympic tkd is not that great. but traditional tkd however is a completely diffrent form of tkd. its nothing like the tkd you see in the olympics. you use hands as much as you use your feet. i would like to see you fight one of those guys then say that they suck. youd get your ass handed to you.

  4. Unless you're in California, its gonna be very hard to find a good Sanshou school. I know theres a legit one in Cambridge, Mass as well.

    M.T. however has lots of good schools around the country. This is part of the reason why more MMA guys utilize that style of striking.

    If you're a beginnner and don't know a thing I'd start with western style boxing and move off of that. Every good athelite in MMA cross trains Western Boxing with either M.T. or S.S.

    ex. Kenny Florian, Rampage, GSP

  5. well when your leg gets cought and they try to push you down with their right arm just turn it into an armbar or triangle choke!

  6. once your leg has been catched, isn't an idea to follow up with a highkick with your other leg to the head ? something i learned in krav maga..but i'm not sure if its a leggit technique or just something cool to do.

  7. Yes it is nice to catch kick but almost this type of kick is made by chin and it is really powerful and it can easily break your ribs and if you have broken ribs you re done in match or in the street yes there is other technique to catch kick but not this technique

  8. I guess that is why he steps to the right, past the place of impact of the kick. So that the kick lost his power. If u don't step in the direction of the kick past the point of impact, then yes. U'll get broken ribs.

  9. @Oniaxus I understand it but in match you are exhausted he makes fakes and he tries to make this kick as fast as possible and there is a big chance that you wont do the sidestep in time if you are not waiting for it and now you ve got broken rib and what now or knock out ot liver but if you are guarding with arm with wich are you gona grap and you make side step to give him of balance nothing willhappen cause you are in guard and what is more important you can catch his leg to and throw him:)

  10. @troysgay94 Your leg sweep comment is bullshit! When have you ever seen a real full contact Krav Maga demonstration?? Answer: NEVER! Don't pretend to be so macho when you've never used this for real. You sound like a martial arts wannabe who's never really fought for real…come on, admit it! Anyone can criticize and dream and you sound like you spend a good deal of time doing just that. " Those who can DO, those who cannot CRITICIZE"

  11. xD Try to grab it that way on of my TKD kicks 😉 and see if you dont end up braking a rip -.- seriously… be carafull… I tell you people dont grab that leg that way O.o is dangerous

  12. @H4RDY90 I think getting hit is unavoidable but the tradeoff is you got his leg which is a very advantageous positiob

  13. In karate we snap back our leg so that the kick cannot be caught and then fire it away again, it is effective for not being caught…but so is a muay thai kick to be honest if it breaks bones.
    all martial arts and styles have their uses.

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