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Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Cool Down in Kickboxing after a Workout

Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Cool Down in Kickboxing after a Workout

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden I’m here at the Arizona
Center of Mixed Martial Arts on behalf of Here we’re talking about
some of the drills we do in Muay Thai kick boxing. What we are going to show now is kind
of our cool down. Right after we have done the bulk of our workout whether it would be
sparring or hitting bags, what have you, we usually do our conditioning exercises to toughen
up our body. This is one such one where Freddy Luna here is going to be hitting Damon Sanchez
in the stomach with Thai pad. As he hits him Damon is going to do a sit up as he gets hit
Damon is exhaling. If you here that ever time he gets hit because when you get hit in the
stomach whether a kick or a punch you don’t want to have your air in your stomach your
will get the wind knocked out of you. So we train this way to exhale when we get hit so
it comes to train respondent. Another thing we do is sit ups where Damon is going to be
on his back and Freddy is going to stand behind him and he is going to grab on to his legs
for stability and Damon is going to do some leg raises. Freddy pushes down to resist him,
he would go to different sides, to the center to toughen up and strengthening up the whole
core muscles the abs, the obliques and the lower back. So that is another exercise that
we do. Another one is going to be stand ups where Freddy is going to sit down and grab
Damon’s legs like that. Damon is going to stand up actually from here. So he does and
sit up, standing up and throw some punches combos. This is absolutely murderous on the
abs and toughens up about anything that in can. The core muscles is extremely important
to any martial art. We really emphasize this so that is another one of the exercise that
we do. We do extensive drills would medicine balls, throwing the balls at our stomachs.
Again exhaling as we get hit. Just endless sit ups that is why our stomachs are so hard
that getting punch in the stomach doesn’t even phase us any more. So that is one of
the main thing in Muay Thai kick boxing is conditioning the body. Okay good job.

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  2. Nigga…. You have youtube right? Get a fucking punching bag and hang it up in your yard. Then go through all of youtubes training videos. If you do it everyday you'll be kicking ass in 3 months guarenteed.

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