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Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Do a Push Kick in Kickboxing

Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Do a Push Kick in Kickboxing

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here on behalf of
We are here at the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts I’m here with Robert Garcia our
head kick boxing instructor. The technique we are going to demonstrate is the push kick
which is called the Teeteep in the Thai the Thai language as the sport of the Muay Thai.
The push kick is actually not going to be so much of a knock out technique as it is
maintaining distance so as the attacker is going to come in at me I will use the push
kick to separate him. You could do this with the standing leg like that or with the reverse
leg for a little bit more power. A common misconception the front kick like this is
that it is a snapping kick which is not it doesn’t come up. The knee comes up first right
here and then pushes outward for a lot more power and as the kick goes forward the body
is going to lean back. Just putting maximum power to it. The main target is going to be
the mid section area however, is Robert puts up the high target here it could also be used
for a head level attack. Again that is going to be used when your opponent is probably
dazed. Another crucial thing to this is if you are going to use it you could use it to
set up a secondary attack such as a round house kick. So for example I push him off
and follow up with my momentum going right in the next technique. So 1, 2 like that.
Good. Cool.

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50 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Do a Push Kick in Kickboxing

  1. Goldmember323

    Even though i agree with you this is improper, but you have to remember not all styles are going to be the same, the masters always tweak it to there liking, maybe these guys find this way is better for them and your not just going to fall on your ass, thats only if your putting limited power lol.

  2. i like how everyone who knows so much and criticize expert village would've actually had to look up how to do a push kick to even find this video. Beggers can't be choosers.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH What a typical bunch of American MMA posers you suck! cant even throw one of the most basic muay thai techniques properly this is what you get America keep believing your UFC brainwashing commentators that UFC strikers are the best and this is what you get…someone teaching a video with no fucking idea what he is doing what a joke…

    Watch youtube…. Lumpini and Rajadamnern champions training videos 1-5 open your eyes you idiots!

  4. @101010rae Ummm… Ok bitch these guys could so kick your ass. I've been doing Muay Thai for some time now and I thought he explained it pretty well. Like there is only one way to do things anyways. We are allowed to have opinions and preferences.

    And just because they are americana doesn't make them automatic shit. If these guys were from Thailand you'd probably be on your knees sucking their dick. Don't be jealous.

  5. @101010rae That what there are more than one way to execute kicks ? STFU and step into the ring tough guy, Show us all how its done.

  6. u can move back to enhance the teep but not to the point it puts u off balance like this guy , at 1.20 is the best techniqe he aint even leaning back to far and the follow up round kick has not enough turn/pivot/commitment in it keep it up though

  7. @DW01 i didnt see this 1010rae's comment buh i did see urs. his doing his kick alrit but the technique is not perfect, hopefuly he will get it through more time and experience, his advice about the kick is true though, so its a good tutorial. anyone who wants to do this kick just need repetition and u will naturaly position urself to make this work over time.

  8. @aaronharun As i said, this video is the typical way to do a pushing front kick. Nothing wrong with his technique.
    I think a lot of people just hear the term 'front kick' and assume it's the snapping front kick but in muay thai it's almost always the way it's shown here.

  9. @DW01 his probely not talking about a snap kick. i ment that his push kick technique is not perfect. u can tell if uve done martial arts for a while. his advice is good and he will proberly fix up his kicks soon with time. he hasnt done enough kicks to make the kick second nature. thats wen ur body naturaly positions itself for a perfect kick with maximum force. u can then tell wen this has happened. his kicks are alrit theres not that much wrong with it, just position, balance handwork

  10. @aaronharun You'll have to be more specific, his kick looks fine to me… Also, ANY kick can come from several different angles and body positioning depending on the situation… The front thrust kick (or pushing front kick) i usually lean slightly back as the knee comes up then lunge forward whilst executing it… Some coaches tell you not to lean back but after 17yrs+ in the martial arts it works for me and i get maximum power from it. It's basically different strokes for different folks.

  11. @DW01 yes im aware of all this. buh cant u tell about his technique. i can tell that its not perfect. buh i did say that his explained it rit and he will probs improve. what type of martial arts do u do? i cant realy be specific about it in words, martial arts are complex buh can also be easy, its rly hard buh the best explanation is my previous post. my background is taekwondo and boxing, and recently muay thai as well, these martial arts go together nicly and becoz….continued in next post

  12. @DW01 contined becoz of taekwondo i am rly sensitive to kicking techniques. at the moment however my flexibility, very important as u no, is low, as i took a break from taekwondo and still havnt yet gotten bak into it, school and studying 🙁 . so at the moment i know way more than i can actualy do, buh im recovering and still evolving adn will reach further beyond my previous levels

  13. @DW01 sorry but not it isn't.been doing muay thai for over 21 years and fighting in asia since the age of 16.we dont do front kick like this in muay thai!!

  14. @miamitrigueno The technique is fine – you're supposed to bring your knee up towards your chest then thrust it out in a stamping motion.

  15. @101010rae thats why you still use the U.S. dollar as your reserve currency, and I'm pretty sure a very large percentage of UFC fighters are from foreign countries, so just shut the fuck up and never voice your opinion again, because it makes you look retarded…

  16. hey when i do a pushkick my inner thigh or groin area hurts and feels really tight. i practice these in my kung fu school and we do plenty leg stretches beforehand so i dont know what the problem is. if anyone has any kind of advice id really appreciate it.

  17. Uneducated eye!!! He is doing the push front kick correctly. The technique itself is exactly how it should be done. As for his hands, they're up as they should be, and show me a thai roundhouse tutorial whereby the demonstrator does not lower his arms during the execution. They all do it as they use the whole upper body motion as torque to generate power.
    You sound a little clueless.

  18. I still cannot see what you are talking about. He is demonstrating a kick and it certainly looks correct to me. His guard is up though granted his guard won't be as high or as wide as a thai fighter because mosr westerners aren't. Plus it says for 'kickboxing', which again is a totally different stance.
    Torque – i was referring to a round kick. All thais lower their arms and swing them when doing a round kick. Show me videos of what you see as the correct way to do the push and round kicks.

  19. Jesus, it's because he is explaining the actual kicking technique at those points, so you should be looking at the legs. It's like saying why isn't his fists tightly clenched or whatever… And as i said, torque is reference to the thai round kick. You show me a thai round kick whereby during its execution a) the hand don't drop to the side, and b) they don't do a slight side step. They do it to generate power (via torque).

  20. Roundhouse kick, left hand, dropped down (it went half way down still means it dropped). Almost all thai round kicks are done that way. Show me a fight whereby the hand does not drop during the kick… And you have proven nothing except agreeing with me that the hand did drop from the guard.

  21. Of course i know about body mechanics, i;ve been involved with various martial arts for almost 3 decades. You come out with shit such as "his hands are too low" yet when i point out that they are low because he is in the middle of demonstrating a technique, and also point out that hands tend to drop in thai when executing kicks, you then agree with me. You contradict yourself.
    So which is it that you believe, you accuse him of lowering his guard, yet say of course it happens when doing a kick??

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