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Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Slip Punches in Kickboxing

Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Slip Punches in Kickboxing

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here at the Arizona
Center of Mixed Martial Arts here on behalf of I’m a fighter here as
are Damon Sanchez and Freddy Luna we are going to be demonstrating right now defense against
punches. Obviously Freddy who has the gloves on is attacking and Damon is working on defense.
Defending punching is crucial because if you could minimize the damage you take, obviously
self explanatory the benefit to that, and it is also kind of demoralizing to your opponent
if you can’t connect. So that is our goal to avoid getting hit. The way that Damon is
doing that is two fold right here one he is slipping punches where if he comes in as Freddy
comes in with the jab Damon is throwing his hand out to just flip it. He is moving his
head slightly to the side and he is batting the punch aways as he comes in with his hand.
The other way that you could avoid this is my slipping the punch. So as he comes in he
is going to bring his hand up to his side like that and the punch just kind of slide
by harmlessly it might connect to the side of his head but, it is not going to be a knock
out situation. So those are two ways which you can defend against the punch. Again he
showing just and they flow into each other. You know you will parry one slip the other,
slip the one, parry. All this hinges upon on watching your opponent and proper head
movement. It is hard to move a moving target so our goal is to make the head as mobile
as possible and there by making it hard for the attacker to do damage as much as possible
and that is how you use a parry and slips to avoid punches.

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10 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Slip Punches in Kickboxing

  1. takes alot of practice these ppl obviously just started i would love to spar these people btw im 17 and not cocky just hate when ppl like these r confident as to preach when they cant even do it themselves

  2. This looks fairly good but I have to say I think the guy on the left is swatting his hand out way too far. It doesn't take that much of a swat it's more of a subtle misdirection of the jab– that looks like a slap.

  3. well funnily enough its just trying to show us how its done, not to get in a real fight and use it there. its not like the guy attacking is gonna throw all out punches at his jaw for a training exersize

  4. @LoLoEntertainment
    I study an older form of muay thai called muay chaiya that emphasizes defense
    I have actually found a very accurate video here on youtube
    Search up "The 4 Bs of Defense" theres to parts to the video
    very effective…unlike this
    hope it helped

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