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Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Arm Bar Variation in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Arm Bar Variation in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Angel Perez,
with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida. And today we are going to teach you mixed
martial arts techniques. Now I will be demonstrating, pretty much the
same type of arm bar, with a different twist to it. Again I’m going to try to control one
arm, I am going to always rotate my hips to the side with the leg I’m going to use. I’m
going to throw this leg over his neck, and he is going to try and get away from it by
going backwards, I’m going to push him back controlling the arm, always never let go of
the arm, my buttocks right under his shoulder, this time his thumb pointed up, it will straighten
his elbow. He right away taps out, this is very painful, and if you don’t tap out quickly
you can do a lot damage to your elbow or your shoulder. Again from the same side, brings
his arm up high, control it, quick, step over, that is the arm bar and you saw him tap out
very, very quickly. It is a very painful technique.

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8 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Arm Bar Variation in MMA

  1. MMA doesn't refer to a specific style of fighting; it's an umbrella term for any kind of fighting that mixes different styles. For instance, an eskrima-judo mix or a muay thai-taekwondo mix would both be considered MMA despite being very different.

    You just see a lot of grappling moves in MMA because they are probably the fastest and easiest way to put your opponent into submission.

  2. why the f!# would i wanted to see the others guy chest… come on… dont even try it.
    and you are wrong of course, but i dont need to explain anything to you kid, im a bjj practitioner actually im a purple belt by renzo,(not only that) but again good luck "tough" guy. and guess what!!! he is! an OLD MAN! bye, wont reply again.

  3. oh and i forgot to say that i dont fkin care about what you think! how about that!?i can say whatever the hell i want… its a public space you know?btw.. im a martial artist, and i´ve trained a lot, even combat sports like box, so pleeeease give me a break you kiddo, just dont answer again come on, you fill my mail with shit like this.
    i love video games but no way in hell id play ufc.. worst mma company ever. ciao

  4. LOL @ all the keyboard warriors, i don't know much about MMA and BJJ etc.. but from what i do know they all talk of 'control of emotion' and 'discipline'.. you guys should try that.

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