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Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Learning a Hip Throw in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Learning a Hip Throw in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Angel Perez
with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida. Today we are going to teach you mixed martial
arts techniques. Next, we would be demonstrating in what in judo is called kuzushi rama. This
is a hit toss, a hit throat with his hand around my neck for a full body control. We
are going to get into a clinch. A lot of time you see wrestlers in this position. They don’t
know what to do with it. In judo we quick get his hips in, throw his opponent, his lands
on top of me. The sacrifice throw. Making it very painful, actual making it very hard
for me to breath. Again we are going to clinch, he throws hard and right into control. Kids
do not try this at home we are doing it on very specialized mates, do not try this out
in the streets please.

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64 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Learning a Hip Throw in MMA

  1. Landing in a headlock or 'scarfhold' may be good for judo competition and even self defence but not ideal for MMA as due to the sweat factor, the opponant can slip their head out and take your back.

  2. lol dont try this at home plz, duh of course kids are going to do this as you have told them not to do it, reverse-physicology (hope i spelt it right)

  3. something tells me you shouldnt be fighting someone 300 pounds heavier than you in the first place….if the situation gets that bad your prob screwed no matter what you know lol

  4. there are moves in judo if ur opponent s ratio of havieness to urs is 40:1
    you can put him down
    even if he is a sumo

  5. He may have been saying that the person you do it to, don't know what to do in defense. That would be stupid because it is one of the basic wrestling moves you learn.

  6. wow did he really just say wrestlers don't know what to do with that?

    you sir are a failure at life and martial arts, please never try to compete with a wrestler or you will get mangled- this is called a headlock and is one of the most basic cub league wrestling moves out there.

  7. real wrestlers idiot, real wrestlers. you know, the high school/collegiate/olympic sport? the skills of which are considered essential to MMA? does any of this ring a bell numbnuts?

  8. A wrestler knows how to do this throw as well. We call it a headlock throw. The reason wrestlers don't do it all the time in the clinch is because your timing must be just right. It can also be countered by a suplex. It is still a very good technique, but like everything else, you have to set it up correctly.

  9. lol dude i use to be just like you. i have been training mma and juijitsu and there are also judo classes taught where i train by oren smaja who won bronze in The world championships and let me tell you when they slam you on the matt. your done for. now imagine a concrete flore :|||||

  10. I find it funny that some people are disputing the validity of wrestling when so many top fighters in mma have a wrestling background. A "cave man sport"? Really? MMA should be raising awareness and appreciation of a variety of martial arts. Sad to see that there's still ignorance and stylistic discrimination out there. Anyway, as far as the video goes, there are some applications for this throw. It's somewhat similar to a head and arm throw in wrestling.

  11. …But it IS a matter of timing. You pretty much have to catch them totally by surprise and have the right pressure. This throw is a bit on the obvious side and is pretty easily defended. I don't know what wrestlers you've worked with, but if I allow you to just reach around my neck like that, then I would be a horrible wrestler. I would have either ducked it and got behind you, or cranked down on my right elbow. I definitely wouldn't keep it on his head like that.

  12. @buyer5207 I wouldn't even do this in wrestling, unless it presents itself, as most people will see it coming. Probably part of the reason you're getting rolled through. If you do decide to do it, instead of giving so much pop and elevating the opponent, you want to SAG THE THROW. This means dropping your body weight into the throw, rather than popping your hip. Once you hit the mat, you want to keep your hips down and flat to the mat (stay wide).

  13. Also, as most grapplers should know, the way to defend a throw is to not get in position to be thrown. So, I'm going to be headed in the direction you're trying to throw me when I feel it coming. Even when you're attempting to throw me, I'm still going to be scrambling to get in front of the throw. Lots of people make the mistake of making the throw tighter and loading it up, by trying to resist and go in the opposite direction.

  14. @RobertLewisNeville so u wanna learn MMA to fight? ..thats not what MMA is is a sport for self defence..

  15. @TheCheesecar
    Whaha mma is indeed not self defence but you don't want a MMA fighter against you on the street.
    The reason the fights take so long on UFC some times is because in a match the fighters are usually of the same weight class and the same skill class.
    The edge that fighters have there is small because they all train at their hardest.
    If one of them faces someone on the street their edge is so big that they Knock Out their opponent in a split second.

  16. @TheCheesecar no, mma stands for mixed martial arts, so the mma fighters are martial artists and they do try to end the fight as quickly as possible. also mixed martial arts ( or any fighting style ) can be used as self defence. you are right in saying that its a sport but wrong about everything else.

  17. @aspenaspen mma is not solely a sport for self defence, its a sport for use in the ring as well. however yes it is a very useful form of self defence

  18. lulz at his a wrestler wouldn't know what to
    1 a wrestler knows that move
    2 hit that move on a wrestler your going to get suplexed , rolled or tossed your self

  19. ha repeat this and look how he gets kind of scared of falling and you can see that in his voice just repeat this 0:52

  20. ha repeat this and look how he gets kind of scared of falling and you can see that in his voice just repeat this 0:52 can you understand what he says there

  21. @RobertLewisNeville Thats cuz YOU suck. not the martial art itself u dumbass. With proper boxing movement and balance you wouldnt have been able to be tripped up. Boxing is one of the best MA for the street and judo and boxing is the best combo. Plus a GOOD boxer needs 1 punch to the nose to disrupt his opponents whole game plan. The fact that u hit him and it didnt faze him just shows u hit like a tooth fairy

  22. I knew this guy looked familiar! He’s from the video “EXCLUSIVE! Sensei Almost Dies ! , or Why You Should Tap Out In Jiu Jitsu”. This guy was so busy talking, that he didn’t notice he had choked out his partner, until he let go and the guy started snoring. Best quote of the video “Oh shit, Jimmy”, when he realized what he did.

  23. This guy is such a phony. I just checked the website and the instructors have no credentials nor have they produced any "CHAMPIONS". They are available for birthday parties and he claims to be a 6th degree black belt in TKD. Not only that, they sell random merchandise like coffee mugs. MCDOJO.

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