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[MMA 2018] BTS Win 5 Prizes + 2 Daesang (ENGSUB Full)

[MMA 2018] BTS Win 5 Prizes + 2 Daesang (ENGSUB Full)

ARMY Thank you for making us receive the Top 10 award. Because you were there, we could do our best even when we were sick or having a hard time. We attribute everything to Armys. I love you! Wooow! ARMYYYYY It’s our honor to receive this award among great artists. We will accept it gratefully as to do better music and to repay you more. Thank you. Hello we are BTS. First, this award, it’s Armys who made us hot, whatever we do or wherever we are. So I’ll consider it as Hot Army Award, not Hot Star Award. Armys who always support us, thank you. Everyone! Thanks to you, we became Hot. Thank you. Good bye! Taehyung… Taehyung Hello We have become Global Artists. To Armys who made us receive it, thank you for making this award. We’ll work harder. To ARMYs around the world, I say thank you and we love you Hello~ We are BTS. First, I enjoyed the video, I was really happy. Being said it’s the most competitive award after a Daesang, I feel excited. This award also made by Armys so I’d say Armys received it. Thank you so much. We’ll show better performances. Thank you. Thank you. Army~ First, I’d like to thank Armys for giving this award. Producer Bang Si Hyuk and Bighit staffs who always support us, thank you so much. This year has been a really eventful year. We have had many happenings since debut so I always thought why the world always gave us hard times but they’ve become great soil and good things keep coming. Fans since our debut, also perhaps you became our fan a while ago, I’d like to say thank you for being our fans. Well, other friends will say something now. I’m really happy to be the best artist of the year. Thank you for letting us receive such an amazing award. There are people I’d like to take a moment to appreciate again. Our hair/make up staffs who always breathe, eat, fall asleep, and work hard together with us, photographers, our company staffs, our manager hyungs who wake u before us to prepare and take care of us until we go to bed, I’d like to send my gratitude. We feel cheesy so we usually cant express ourselves but we get really motivated when we see you working so hard next to us. We hope to continue to work hard together with you. Thank you so much. Armys as well, thank you and I love you. Armmmmy~ Finally,
2018 Best Artist of the Year, it’s in my hand. So many things have happened this year So many things happened. As we travel around the world, we have learned and felt a lot. It has been the year of learning, feeling, and studying that there are so many variety of people, exchanges, and people who feel various kinds of love. At this moment, I am so proud and happy. I want to enjoy this moment, and show gratitude to lots of our Armys. Thank you so much. A couple of days ago, i sent my appreciation to senior artists. without noticing, we are also in a senior artist position. We won’t let you down and will be on a good path and example so hopefully we can be many artists strength. Thank you so much. Army~ In short, thank you for making what BTS is now. It’s all thanks to Armys, we could do this performance, receive these awards, and stand up here. I hope the word happiness is always around you. Thank you. Everyone Ah, I don’t know why i have lots of tears. Thank you so much for being our reason everyday. Thank you so much for being our everything. I’m so happy because you are there. I won’t say much. Next year, we will repay you with this award. Thank you. Lastly, ARMY I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Hello, we are BTS. First, obviously Armys, thank you. Just now I was backstage and my heart was pumping so fast. I was so nervous. Was it 2004? I recall when i received a promotional flyer about Melon’s first streaming club after school 14 years later, we receive the Best Album of the Year on this stage. I’m honored. In this world where music is consumed like instant food, i believe the action of buying albums, perhaps they aren’t necessary goods, is incredible and amazing behavior. Actually, in this world where [releasing] an album doesn’t hold much meaning, truly thank you for loving every single child we made with sincere efforts from intro, outro, to skit. Truly thank you. The most nervous and tearful moment was when we received Daesang at MMA last year. It’s my honor to receive another Daesang with Armys. I will continue to wish Armys and Everyone’s happiness. Thank you. Guys. As i receive this award, people I want to appreciate the most are our CEO, Producer Bang Si Hyuk, I think of him the most, I want to send my gratitude to our BigHit family, and our manager hyungs. As they’ve been watching us for 7-8 years, I’m really curious how they feel when they see us growing up until here. Sincerely thank you guys for lifting us up until here. Also as you’ve raised us up until here, we wont stop here and will go higher. Thank you.

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  1. Do you want to see full reaction of idols to BTS (without cutting) and the theory in their performance at MMA??? Give your idea under my comment and I will do right now!!!

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