[MMA 2018] BTS Win: Album of the Year Daesang – ENG/GER SUB (181201)

Hello, I’m actor Lee Dong Wook. Nice to meet you. Thank you for letting me be an award presenter at the 2018 Melon Music Awards. Thank you! I have been shooting a new TV drama and it will be aired next year in February. So I hope you will be looking forward to it. This year again a lot of artist had been active. Let’s take a look at the nominees for “Best Album of the Year”. Best Album of the Year Black Pink iKon Wanna One BTS Bolppalgansachungi I’ll present to you… The 2018 Melon Music Award “Best Album of the Year” goes to… Congratulation, BTS! The winner of the 2018 Melon Music Awards “Best Album of the Year” is “Love Youself: Tear” by BTS. RM: Good evening, we are BTS. Of course, we first want to thank our loving ARMYs. We just had our performance, but our hearts are racing so fast, we were so nervous. In 2004, when Melon first was released, on my way to school I received a notice for a “streaming club” to promote Melon. That came to mind. Now 14 years later, we received the award for “Best Album of the Year” here. It’s such an honour. Truely, in a time in which music is consumed like instant products, and albums don’t seem necessary, it’s so amazing for people to spend money and buy them it’s a big deal for people to do so. To be honest, in an era where albums don’t have a lot of meaning anymore, from our intros to outros to skits, thank you so much for loving our ‘children’ that we’ve created one by one with care. Thank you so much! J: My happiest, most nerve-wracking and emotional moment of the past years was when we first received a grand prize at Melon. I’m so happy to be able to share this grand prize again with our ARMY. I’ll continue to sincerely pray for our ARMY’s happiness and of everyone elses. Thank you! JM: Ah, I truely thank you all so much! Receiving this award, the person who come to my mind to whom I am most thankful to, is our company boss, Bang Sihyuk PDnim. And our company staff, our managers and staff members to whom I’m really thankful to. They’ve been with us 7-8 years. Watched us grow until today, and I wonder how they think about us. I sincerely thank you so much for bringing us till here, everyone. And… as much as you guys have helped us grow, we won’t stop here and keep on going further. Thank you!

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