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MMA Arm Bars & Submission Techniques : Guillotine Submission MMA Technique

MMA Arm Bars & Submission Techniques : Guillotine Submission MMA Technique

In this clip I’m going to show you a guillotine
from inside the guard. I just want to, I just want to kind of pressure down his head and
come underneath. This hand, the free hand, will come under and grab your own hand. As
I sit back I want to lock back my guard up. If I had my guard open he could like posture
and that won’t be too good for my kumara. I’m locking my feet down and I’m actually
going to use that feet bite down and use pressure down. I’m arching my hips to get the submission.
I like to grab right here, I’m not trying not trying to submit him with my fingers or
like the lead part of my arm. I’m using the blade. I can’t stress that enough. I’m coming
up, coming underneath, grabbing on his chin, sitting to the side, grabbing my other hand,
sitting back, biting down, locking the guard and arching my hips to get the kumara or the
guillotine. That’s a guillotine in the guard.

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15 thoughts on “MMA Arm Bars & Submission Techniques : Guillotine Submission MMA Technique

  1. it's funny how people don't realize he accidentally said kimura. If you listen, he corrects himself at 1:04

  2. i did this today in a jiu jitsu sparring and held him the exact same way for like 20 secs and he wouldnt tap………..same thing happened in Dunham VS Sherk

  3. @wowstefaniv if you didn't sink the choke properly then it just becomes a headlock… so yeah. or it could be your opponent is just holding out.

  4. This is called the "secret kimura". You tell your opponent you're doing a guillotine BUT you do a kimura.

    Confusing but effective.

  5. my friend wrestled me yrs ago and destroyed me.. he wanted to do it again last year and i had been doing some light lifting around my house/pushups for a few yrs already.. he was "in the guard" and we suddenly did a role reversal where i fell into the guard.. as we were falling into those positions though, I got him in the guillotine. Didn't know what it was called and had been watching fights tonight… Thought I'ld tell the story lol

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