MMA & Bare Knuckle Ref Dan Miragliotta at Bare Knuckle HOF

One of the biggest appeals to the sport is that there’s nowhere to hide you’re in that round circle They just go at it. It’s nonstop action since the hands aren’t gloves You get a few more cuts, but you get more pinpoint accuracy strikes You see guys throw more strikes to the body and then just at the head. They’re not just head hunters and they’re more technical I think the sports gonna continue to grow the way it is and if they keep doing what they’re doing. It’s gonna really take off By far that has to be art of and Jason That fight is probably anyone down in history as the fight that made Baron or foe boxing what it is today They did sled everything here. I think there was about five or six knock downs in that fight. They continued to get up Continue to fight and then natives they fought their hearts out It was a great fight very fight to be a part of it a great fight to watch

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