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MMA, Boxing, BJJ Balance and Injury Rehab Training

MMA, Boxing, BJJ Balance and Injury Rehab Training

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC and June Caponpon
ATC take you through balance training and rehab exercises. As athletic trainers our
job is to keep athletes healthy. These are a few moves we would use to help a combat
sport athlete return from injury and get back in the ring. Using a Si Boards balance board helps accelerate
rehab progress by recruiting more muscle activation, increasing body awareness, better core control
and realistic training. We are using the Freestyle Original, 8.5″ half ball and 6.5″ balls. Check
us out at and our blog Using a center placed half ball creates an
equal weight distribution. This is a great general movement prep to get your balance.
Add squats to warm up through your entire range of motion. To improve your balance as you step forward
and punch, move the half ball to the front of the board to create weight distribution
on the front leg. Simulate a strong first step and punch with balance. To advance this
exercise, fine tune the coordination between both feet and keep the board off the ground. To improve your balance as you step backward
and your body weight moves backward, move the half ball to the back of the board. This
concentrates the weight distribution on the back leg. To advance these moves add bands to the board
and get shoulder stability and strength. Take it more complex using a centered half
ball and bands. Take your training partner’s leg and simulate pulling him through the ring.
I take June’s leg and control it as I punch at him. Keep your hands in front of you to
simulate protecting your face. In the reverse position stand on the board
and have a training partner hold your leg. Maintain your balance and prevent getting
pulled. Add a squat and duck from getting hit. Keep the bands in your hands to strengthen
your shoulders and spinal stability at the same time. Next, maintain your balance and postural control
as you take impact from being punched or kicked. Being on a balance board helps you coordinate
all muscles at once so when you are doing it in the ring it becomes naturally easy. Next we add more specific upper body and core
strengthening moves as you move around your opponent. Get into a push up position on the
balance board and move laterally. Move in a circle and simulate being on top of an opponent
quickly. Add push ups with each move. Stay in the push up position and rotate the
left leg under your body and to the right side of your body. This spinal rotation helps
strengthen your shoulders and spine stability. at the top of the board. This bucking bronco
coordinates full hip and shoulder stability when on your hands and knees. Use one ball for multi-direction balance training.
This is the most advanced exercise sequence you can do for full body. It’s dynamic, realistic
and functional training. Progress your exercises from balancing on half balls, then two balls
and finally to one ball. While on one ball simulate punching, complete
squats and duck under your training partner to avoid getting hit. This helps strengthen
your squat strength and stability. Grab your partners forearms and simulate pulling
and being pulled. Being able to stay upright will help in the ring when your opponent is
trying to knock you off balance.

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